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Let them eat corn! 4 easy ways to cook corn on the cob.

Labor Day does not mean labor intensive, so keep your eats fresh and easy this holiday weekend. With late summer produce at its peak, nothing needs a heavy touch. Sip on a Blackberry Smash cocktail, grill up one of these amazing burger recipes or hot dog recipes, if you prefer, and make some sweet corn to top it all off. Here are 4 easy ways to cook corn on the cob this weekend—or any time of the year—to get it just right without much effort. Then just top it off your meal with a gorgeous summer pie recipe, if you feel...

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Web Coolness: The best apps for new parents, hilarious tips for dads, and should you let your daughter wear princess dresses?

Here are our favorite links that we’ve been reading around the Web this week. Hope you like them too.   Words of wisdom to start any day. 10 of the very best apps for new parents – and some of us BTDT parents too. Bumni Laditan on missing the village she never had. Baby gift alert: Check out the new exclusives in the Cool Mom Picks indie shop. 6 tips for new dads. Must watch. And laugh. Who really created Batman? Geek out on this article. Old washers + nail polish = trendy DIY necklaces your kids will love making. Thanks to the Guardian UK for...

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The best cookbooks for summer, way beyond grilling.

Summer is whizzing by and before you know it, the peaches, tomatoes and corn will be gone. Before summer produce makes its sad exit, you’ll want to be sure to get in all the great summer cooking you can. The good news is that summer cooking is all about a light touch. It doesn’t get all that intense, except maybe when making homemade pie dough. (Though pssst, every single one of these summer pie recipes can be made with store bought dough). The even better news is that I’ve got five awesome cookbooks for summer that aren’t your typical summer cookbooks–no grilling books,...

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6 killer hot dog recipes to spice up summer: Move over, yellow mustard.

Hot dogs are a simple pleasure, I know, but even the classics can use a little jazzing up sometimes. Not that there’s anything wrong with yellow mustard (okay, there kind of is, but still…) but I suggest you ditch it for a moment and kick the grilling up a notch. You may never go back again. Hope you enjoy these six creative hot dog recipes, all the perfect kind of fun for your summer dinner table.   I’ve been seeing a lot of Asian-fusion hot dogs on menus lately and, having tried a few, I can tell you that this trend is a...

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10 camping recipes so good you may never go back to an oven again.

It probably comes as no surprise that my favorite part of camping is campfire cooking. There’s something satisfyingly primal about giving up my stove and cooking over an open fire in the great outdoors. And with the right camping recipes—like these 10 for every meal of the day—the results are incredibly tasty. Impressive, even. Too bad I can’t say the same about giving up my hairdryer.   A CAMPING BREAKFAST IDEA THAT’S NOT PANCAKES Pancakes breakfasts are easy enough to whip up while camping if you have a large griddle. However if you don’t, flipping flapjacks to order in a small cast...

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6 delicious, easy spring recipes to celebrate the season

Winter is officially over,  and we’re celebrating with easy spring recipes that feature fresh produce. Kick the tubers and squash to the curb; these spring dishes highlight peas, asparagus, avocado, and other green veggie delights. And don’t worry, I’m not going soft. We won’t skip the cheese, bacon, or even dessert. After all, this is a celebration of a brand new season. The Roasted Asparagus with Crispy Prosciutto and Poached Egg recipe (above) from Framed Cooks has all the elements of a perfect dish: fresh, seasonal produce, crispy pork, and a poached egg. Honestly, this alone can be dinner for me....

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Can’t stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen with 8 of the best summer BBQ recipes, beyond burgers

My first reaction to the wicked hot summer heat was to turn off the oven in favor of these no-bake desserts. Now, midway through the season, I’m turning away from my stove all together and opting instead for some of the very best, simply grilled, summer BBQ recipes. These eight dishes are great for grilling in the park or on the beach, at a BBQ with friends, or when you just need to whip up a quick summer dinner (and dessert!) away from the heat of the kitchen. Whew. This Honey Chipotle BBQ Chicken (above) from Feasting at Home? I want...

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7 sizzling summer burger recipes

Fire up the grill! Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and that means burgers. And grilling. And yum. To kick off hamburger season, we’ve rounded up a collection of 7 sensational, mouthwatering burger recipes. There’s something for everyone: griller or broiler, carnivore or vegetarian. Sizzle on. Let’s start big and bold: Blue Cheese Burger with Bacon Onion Marmalade from Serving Seconds (above). I honestly don’t know what to say about this burger except that it must get in my belly. Now.   I’ve been looking for a great Tex-Mex inspired burger recipe for a while. Mission accomplished! Introducing the Green...

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Grilling on the go

This week we found ourselves unexpectedly in need of a grill at a summer rental. We didn’t want to invest a fortune–we apartment dwellers can’t quite throw a few steaks on the grill in the middle of our living rooms. So I just love the idea of this compact grill on sale, that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet. The attractive little BBQ Grill at West Elm is now on sale for–get this–$19.99. Nice price cut considering it was originally $49. The pretty blue powder-coated steel grill is just under one-foot in diameter, so...

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Boys Get the Grills in the Back

Feminism and other gender equality issues aside, I’m more than happy to relegate the grilling to the sigOth. Men just have some primal need to play with fire, and I’m more than happy to let them. My guy would totally love Grill Charms, which is a smart little thingamabobby for chefs serious about their bbq. Invented by mom (and breast cancer survivor) Leslie Haywood, Grill Charms basically look like little thumbtacks to help differentiate the meat on the grill or on the buffet table- same concept as a wine glass charm. Use the steak collection to indicate cooking temperature...

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