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Peel-and-stick wallpaper = easiest weekend project ever. Parenting win.

My daughter’s ideas for how she wants to decorate her room change daily, sometimes by the hour, so I’m having a hard time keeping up. Does she want turquoise walls, a hand-painted mural, or are we going with that all-white walls and bright furniture look? Well, I’ve decided I’m going to vote to cover at least one wall in her bedroom with some of the fun, tween-friendly, peel-and-stick wallpaper designs from Chasing Paper. That’s right. Just peel. And stick. No trays of glue, no endless hours scraping it off the walls once your child decides they’re over it. Related: More of the world’s...

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Personalized growth charts for kids from Tinyme: Oh the cuteness.

Before you start making more pencil marks on the wall, remember this: Long after the crib is gone and the tiny toddler shoes are replaced by giant adult-size sneakers, that growth chart you started oh-so-many years ago may be something you want to keep. So choose wisely. We have shared many awesome-looking growth charts over the years that we love and now we’ve found one more resource: The personalized growth chart decals from Tinyme, the stylish gift company that just keeps on impressing us. The decals come in six adorable styles that are fun and playful but won’t look totally out of place in an older-kids’...

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10 modern growth charts to measure your kids inch by inch

I have really fond memories of my grandmother tracking the height of the grandkids on the wooden trim in her kitchen pantry, but when she sold her home, without actual growth charts, our childhood memories were left behind. So I love the new concept behind modern growth charts that are keepsakes you can move from home to home (or room to room) with you. It’s been a while since we looked for some really cool modern growth charts for our readers, so we’ve scoured the Internet for the coolest designs, from graphic to painterly, so you can spend your time monitoring...

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Reach for the stars: galactic growth charts track rocketing kiddos

When I was a kid, instead of a growth chart, my parents measured us old-school style on the doorframe between the kitchen and the dining room. Quaint they were, but old-school doorway measurements had their drawbacks. Before my folks eventually painted over our milestones, they transferred the data to a wooden stick, but who knows where that ended up in the Land of the Lost Basement.  This is one of the reasons I love the new trend of growth charts that you can hang up anywhere. A perfect example: this space-themed children’s growth chart at Milk Moon Kids is a total winner. First, it’s...

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Grow baby, grow.

Despite having found so many cool kids’ growth charts here on Cool Mom Picks, I confess I still use a pencil on the side of our kitchen wall. It’s not that I haven’t loved every single one of them, but they’re either too pretty or too big or just too…something for us. But that all ended with this Etsy find from Studio 1am. Sure, at a quick glance it looks like a gigantic yard stick, but upon closer examination the Measure Me Stick is a little bit of genius. Handmade in Chicago from solid wood that’s certified by the Forest Stewardship...

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A growth chart to be proud of

My kids favorite pastime is measuring themselves.  Everyday I hear, “Mom, have I grown? Am I taller than Eden?” All this on our handmade growth chart behind our closet door that includes pencil markings.  The Growing Like a Weed growth chart from Wee Gallery is the perfect solution for parents and children. Stylish enough for the parent to be proud to display it and practical enough for the child to understand how tall they really are.  Handwritten numbers mark birthdays on the stem, and make it easy for your little one to chart his progress. At least up to...

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Adorable growth charts from Creative Thursday, for adorably growing children

Growth charts are one of those things that I don’t think about until I realize that my kids look like they’ve added inches to their legs overnight. Get me a cute growth chart, stat! And when you’re in need (or in want), this chart is a gorgeous option. Created on artist’s canvas, the growth charts by Marisa at Creative Thursday are seriously cute works of art. My favorite is We All Fly Together at top right. Love those adorable painted characters! But all three have grommets in each corner and comes with decorative tacks and ribbons for hanging. You can even get yours hand monogrammed...

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Oh how fast they grow

I’m always looking for cool alternatives to our current growth chart – pencil markings on our kitchen doorway. Classy, huh?  I suppose anything would be a step up. But the amazingly cute personalized ones we just found are a huge, welcome leap.   Truth be told, we’ve long admired the work of the folks at Olliegraphic, and now they’ve opened their brand spankin’ new shop, complete with some of our past faves, and new ones – like these canvas personalized growth charts. Pick everything from hairstyle, skin tone, even eye shape and facial expression, and they’ll whip up a special,...

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Growth charts are growing cooler by the minute

Growth charts aren’t exactly one of those items that has overtaken the design world just yet. Mostly your options are semi-cheesy printed paper wallhangings, or what we use at my house — a pencil mark on a door frame. Klassy, I know! So I was blown away by the fabric growth charts from A E Wilder‘s Etsy shop. As much art as milestone marker, these hand embroidered linen charts are simply and lovely with found vintage button embellishments and pretty ribbon for hanging. They can be made all the more special if you have it personalized with your kiddo’s...

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The more dust bunnies, the better. For a change.

I love the idea of a growth chart, but I’d never found any that appealed to my decor sensibilities, which are admittedly a bit quirky. Then I got a peek at the Dust Bunnies height chart from UK graphic wall art shop Spin Collective, which is actually a wall decal. I laugh every time I see those wide-eyed, spindly-legged dust bunnies teetering on top of each other. The measurements are in meters, but I figure that will help my kids learn the metric system.  Unique, hilarious, and educational – plus measuring my kids’ growth in terms of dust bunnies...

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