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Rosy cheeks and everything

I wrestle with the idea of what to get my two-month old daughter for Christmas, because well, she’s two-months and what the heck does she care about what’s sitting under the tree for her, right? But then I have to wonder if it’ll come back to bite me in the butt down the road. So when I saw the completely handmade dolls from Poppy Seed Tree, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Artist Meredith Franz uses a variety of fabrics (some recycled, some not) to create adorable one-of-a-kind dolls that come with a name card, back story, and the...

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We need your help to save handmade toys in the US, Europe and Canada from the CPSIA

Update 12/13: We’ve created a Save Handmade Page to keep you posted on ways to help and latest news around this important issue. Stop by any time! Update 12/14: The act was in fact not passed by the CPSC which is a regulatory agency but by congress – apologies for any confusion. We interrupt the tidings of comfort and joy to bring you some heartbreaking news. Of course we’re all for strengthening the safety standards of mass-produced toys made in China, and banning toxins like phthalates and lead. But this year, Congress passed the ill-conceived Consumer Products Safety Improvement...

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Giving a whole new meaning to “clean up your toys”

I am going nuts for the handmade LEGO(ish) soaps we just discovered from the California-based etsy shop, Washable Art. They are adorable, they’re original, and hello? They are $5 a pack. No wonder she can’t keep them in stock. I can’t think of a better stocking stuffer, or impromptu gift for surprise holiday guests of all ages. Besides, they just might be the first ever toy pieces that you don’t end up finding under the couch for months to come. –Liz [via indie fixx] If the item is sold out, check here to see all the goodies available then...

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Now you’re cooking, kiddo

It doesn’t seem fair that kids can now have a nicer pretend kitchen than my real one. Then again, mine does run on more than just imagination. Our friends at Natural Pod has just debuted two heirloom quality wooden play kitchens that they designed themselves, and they seriously make me long to be a kid again. The gorgeous Chef’s Kitchen and Hutch (sold separately or together) includes a sliding chopping board and oven rack, fun twirly knobs, and a removable sink for easy clean-up. The Chef’s Portable Kitchen is better for smaller spaces, sporting the same great knobs/sink/play-top, minus...

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Flaunting my lack of greeting card-making talent

The most thoughtful cards are ones you make yourself, I suppose, if you have any sort of artistic ability. If you want a card with a smudged scribble and some glitter on it, I could probably manage that. But when I want to send the very best, I tend to look around for handmade cards made by someone with some actual talent. Hooray for designer Shannon Barnes’ Flaunt, where little pieces of mulberry paper are ripped up and rearranged and adorned to create fabulous animals and shapes on a beautiful range of greeting cards. These are perfect for sending...

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