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The SodaStream Power sparkling water maker: Is it really worth it?

I admit I have always coveted a SodaStream ever since I tried an earlier model at my parents’ house. However theirs seemed pretty big to me, and I live in a small apartment, where we’re supposed to subscribe to the rule about not owning single-purpose appliances (bread makers, panini presses) to cut back on clutter. But since becoming addicted to a different company’s fizzy water maker — until it fizzled out and was entirely discontinued — I leapt at the chance to try out the new SodaStream Power. Oh, was it worth the wait. The SodaStream Power is way sleeker than I was expecting, with a slim...

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Our favorite cool tech picks this week

Here are 5 of our favorite tech picks this week from Cool Mom Tech. Look what you might have missed!   1. Fancy fitness trackers that actually make us want to work out. 2. Manage the madness and crush productivity with these simple tips for work-at-home parents. 3. Awesome new smart phone cases that are like a work of art. 4. This cool gadget keep homes connected and safe and will look pretty stunning in your home. 5. Wake up to a virtual French dude with this new morning app. Now, if he could only get us our coffee....

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Fire safety for families: 10 amazing fire safety products that provide peace of mind

October (eek, it’s October!) is Fire Safety and Prevention month, and we are totally amazed at the advances in fire safety products for families. From appliances of all kinds with auto shut-off to smoke detectors that go beyond anything we ever grew up with, we’re blown away by the technology. So we’re really pleased to put together this fantastic list that we truly will hope keep more of you safe should a fire emergency ever break out in your own home. And we’re especially delighted to be teaming up with a very important sponsor, The National Fire Protection Association, and bringing you these ideas on their...

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The coolest affordable small appliances for college | Back to school guide

It’s like you blink and you’ve gone from back to school shopping for toddler backpacks to those annoying extra-long twin sheets for dorm room beds. So whether you’re sending your own kid off to college this year (sniff!), or maybe your niece, nephew, or even grandchild, we’ve got a ton of ideas that will help make their dorm room feel more like home. Or maybe even better in some ways. [click here for our 2016 back to school guide] That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with Best Buy, which is more than just tech. In fact, it’s more like a one-stop...

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The freedom clip for Keurig 2.0 gives you java freedom of choice. Power to the people!

Last summer, Keurig Green Mountain released the latest version of their K-Cup brewer, the Keurig 2.0, with a new feature that only allows brewing of authorized K-Cup pods. Convenience coffee drinkers across the nation were understandably up in arms, but they can rest now (or be more alert?) thanks to the Freedom Clip for Keurig 2.0 from Rogers Family Company. This small plastic device essentially overrides the lockout technology and allows the new Keurig machine owners to brew coffee of their choice from most non-approved K-Cup type pods. Oh yeah, and it’s free. How’s that for sticking it to a monopoly? Of course this isn’t all about benevolence;...

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3 homemade skin care recipes good enough to eat (though we wouldn’t recommend it.)

After recently trying a new skin care serum and mask made from kale, I began to wonder just how hard it would be to whip up some skin care recipes homemade in my own kitchen. I’m a natural beauty junkie, so half of my products already contain fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and it wouldn’t be such a stretch to try to make my own. After a little experimenting, I learned that making exfoliating, moisturizing and cleansing products in  my kitchen isn’t really such a big deal. The only drawback is that there is some clean-up involved. But hey, I’m a mom....

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The Mastrad Purefizz Soda Maker: The ultimate soda maker, as in, get one.

UPDATE AUGUST 20, 2015: So, it’s been a year now that I’ve been using Mastrad’s Purefizz Soda Maker and suddenly…it just wasn’t working. Ugh. Like, the cap wasn’t fitting correctly and required (i.e. wasted) sometimes 4-5 CO2 chargers to get one bottle that worked. I contacted the company and they have indeed discontinued the product because of some manufacturing problems. However customer service is extremely responsive, and if you own a Purefizz Soda Maker and are experiencing issues, I suggest you contact them too. Sorry for any inconvenience. Looks like it’s time to finally break down and get a Soda Stream.  -Liz  ...

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What do I need to make homemade baby food? Our favorite tools and appliances.

It’s no surprise that more and more readers write to us to ask what they need to make homemade baby food. More parents than ever are making baby food from scratch, with a report out this week that baby food sales are down by 10%. Hey, no judgements–however you feed your baby is great by us. But since I’m  fan of home cooking myself, I’m happy to help those families committing to homemade baby food by recommending some of my favorite tools and appliances. It does take work, so it’s great knowing that these tools can all help make steaming, mashing, and storing...

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Foodini 3D food printer: A most magical kitchen appliance

You know that we cool moms are way into both food and technology. And we know that you cool readers are, too, which is why we’re excited to share the Foodini 3D Food Printer, one of the coolest and geekiest kitchen appliances we’ve encountered, ever. When I first heard about Foodini, I couldn’t quite imagine what a 3D food printer was or how it might work. Allow me to explain the magic: The Foodini comes with capsules that you fill with all-natural, whole food purees (think baby food) that the printer treats like ink. Pop the filled capsules into the...

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5 of our favorite cool tech picks you don’t want to miss this week

In case you missed them, here are 5 of our most popular posts from Cool Mom Tech this past week. Enjoy!   1. Owls and foxes, out. Adorable sloths, in! Consider us obsessed. 2. Cool videos for kids that aren’t actually made for kids. We’re in love. 3. A simply brilliant app for parents. 4. A must-have summer gadget just got a whole lot smarter. 5. This will make Star Wars fans very...

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