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Like a craft fair without the parking hassles

I just discovered the wonderful Poppytalk Handmade, and I am wondering where it’s been all my life. This online craft fair comes from the minds behind the wonderful Canadian design blog Poppytalk and each month there’s a new theme (right now it’s summer fun) that lends itself to a well-curated and vast showcase of etsy artists, crafters and indie designers. You’ll find artwork, photography, housewares, clothing and accessories, paper goods and a smattering of cool kid stuff. Hey, kind of like here! In fact we were happy to see some CMP faves represented like art from Tutti Studio,  Kiki...

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The joy of bins

With three kids running circles around me, I’ve made some concessions when it comes to cleaning up. And one of them is that I’m not going to be doing all of it. My philosophy has always been that if my kids can make a mess, then they can most certainly help pick it up afterwards. One way to make that happen more easily are bins – particularly cute ones, like the elephant storage bin from 3 Sprouts. We’re already huge fans of 3 Sprouts baby products (their adorable bath towels made our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide) and these...

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Nursery decor, Asian style

As someone with Asian heritage, I was immediately drawn to the lovely Asian nursery art by artist and mom Grace Hester. The prints feature original animal artwork, along with the English word and then simplified Chinese translation. What’s particularly nice is that if you’re looking for a different theme, Grace can create something custom for you other languages too so you can display a hummingbird, picaflor, or kolibri over the changing table. Of course I’m biased, but I’d go with the Kanji writing which really adds a beautiful touch. (Sorry Germans). Aside from being an affordable focal point in...

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Shower curtains, hold the PVC

Thanks to the lovely stench of PVC shower curtains, I absolutely dread buying new ones. I’ve always sworn those things have got to be at the top of the environmentally unfriendly list. Turns out, I was right. So here’s an awesome alternative – EVA plastic shower curtains at Lavish and Lime. At just over $20, these affordable shower curtains are made without PVC, so that means no stinky toxic plastic smell and better, no chlorine gases released into the atmosphere. I’m digging the patterned “Koko” curtain shown here, or they’ve also got plain clear shower curtains, aptly named “Hitchcock.” It would be easy to love...

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Repurposed frames that look as good as they make you feel

When I stumbled upon the Second Line Frames etsy shop, I went wow – those are cool. And that’s before I knew the backstory. Turns out this Tampa-based cooperative salvages wood siding from homes destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, and turns them into beautiful, artful, rustic picture frames. It’s their way of preserving New Orleans in more ways than one; 20% of profits now go to The Phoenix of New Orleans which continues to help out the residents who are still rebuilding. So you’ll have a beautiful frame that tells its own story, without ever detracting from the story of...

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Time to go bananas

I’ll grant you that — my son’s nickname being Monkey, after all — my fondness for all things primate-related may be a bit beyond that of the average person. Still, if you don’t think this little monkey clock by Tree by Kerri Lee is awesome, I’m tempted to believe you kick kittens in your spare time. What is there to say?  It’s a monkey. Made of wood. With numbers for eyes. It’s adorable, without being twee. Love. -Mir Get your Monkey Clock by Tree by Kerri Lee at The Pajama...

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Collages have just been elevated to a whole new level

As the veteran of countless “fancy collages” made for me by my children out of magazine pages and Elmer’s glue, I’ll confess that I never knew something as delicate and lovely as Linda Solovic‘s creations were possible under the “collage” moniker. Yet her Etsy shop is filled with high-quality prints of her paper collages, each one more darling than the next. Each series of prints is a limited edition, so don’t waste any time figuring out which ones are your must-haves. Of course you might want to display this collage art separately from the kids’ own work. You understand...

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Big dreams of tiny Décor

Let’s pretend I’m having another baby, and as long as we’re pretending, let’s pretend I had a budget transplant! Okay? So we’re pretending, and I’m heading over to tiny Décor for a couple of the notNeutral Tetra 2 changing table/dressers, plus a few goodies from CMP faves like Mod Mom toyboxes and Avalisa wall art so my baby will have the coolest nursery anywhere. And the Hi Mr. Oak Tree pillow is so sweet and contemporary, it’ll look right at home in my imaginary nursery. All the tiny Décor textiles are handmade here in the USA with organic and...

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Painting without fear. Or formaldehyde.

When I was pregnant, I painted three pieces of furniture out in the cold because I was so freaked out about what the paint fumes could do to the bébé. But when you’re pregnant is precisely when you decide you must paint right now. Fear not, panicked mamas, there’s a solution in Devine Color paint. These designer colors were created by artist Gretchen Schauffler to be eco-friendly, sustainable, low-odor and low- or no-VOC. No formaldehyde in the vapors! And they go on “like yogurt” – only, not actually like yogurt. More like smooth, premium, no-drip paint. Nest fearlessly, my...

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