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Oh, please please tell us they’ll come out with one for adults.

Since unicorns show no sign of going away — nor would we want them to — I couldn’t wait to share the most adorable baby gift ever: The soft, cuddly new unicorn hooded bath towel from Pottery Barn Kids. I saw it at a recent press event for all the new goodies coming out in time for holidays and uh, yeah. No way I was waiting until the holidays. Related: The coolest unicorn gifts for kids or kids at heart It would be such a jaw-dropper of a baby shower gift, or fabulous for your favorite toddler, especially when...

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Shark Week is back! Here are 7 of our favorite shark picks for summer

Starting today, it won’t be safe to turn on the television without knowing Shark Week has come ashore, with an entire week of programming on the Discovery Channel dedicated to those creatures of the sea. And while we’re happy to keep the bitey kind of shark in its rightful place in the ocean, we’ve also netted some great summertime shark finds for your kids should they have a soft spot for those toothy fish — and maybe aren’t quite old enough to watch Jaws with you just yet. Related: 14 of the coolest Shark Week picks for kids (whether they’re old...

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How do hoodie bath towels for kids get better? It’s a snap.

Standard hoodie bath towels for kids seem to have one major drawback: they slip off. Once you let your damp toddler loose, there’s no way that towel’s staying on that newly clean little head. [don’t miss an exclusive limited time discount after the jump!] So the new Bella Bundles collection of hoodie towels is really nothing short of magic.   In addition to being soft, plush, and super-absorbent, the towels come with a key ingredient to stay-on-age: a snap a few inches under the chin. Brilliant. The towels stay on!  Plus, they’re available in some of the coolest prints...

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Warthogs need love too, ya know.

I’ve seen many a hooded towel in my parenting tenure, but none quite like the new ones from 3 sprouts, which always has a way of ensuring equal rights for all animals when it comes to toddler bathtime. Yep, that’s a warthog hooded towel. I’m completely smitten with his adorable nose and intimidating tusks. Made from 100% cotton, inside and out, I bet he’d make a welcome addition to any bathroom towel rack. And you moms will appreciate the smart little loop to making hanging up a cinch. And really, what a perfect way to feed into your little...

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Last minute Halloween costume for six-month-old baby? Reader Q&A

Help! I need last-minute ideas for a six-month-old baby’s Halloween costume and I don’t have the time to do anything crazy. The truth is, most little babies aren’t ready to wear full costumes, masks and complicated accessories, or even makeup which gets smudged easily. More or less, what you’re looking for is something that will stay on while the kid lies there in his Snugride or bassinet stroller. It’s easy to search the web for adorable ready-made pumpkin and peapod outfits for babes, but here are a few easy ways to get your kiddo costume-ready without much effort at...

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