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9 of the best creative hot chocolate recipes for snowy days. Because calories don’t count over the holidays, right?

Hot chocolate goes with all winter activities at my house, whether we’re picking out a Christmas tree or going out to see the lights. Making homemade hot chocolate is so easy that I kind of feel guilty using the powered mix from the grocery. Even though there are some very very good ones. Besides, we’re making memories, mamas! So trying out some of these super creative hot chocolate recipes for ourselves is part of the fun.   First off, you must try the thick, spicy concoction that is the Aztec Hot Chocolate recipe (above) from A Beautiful Mess. It’s dark and a little bit bitter and...

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7 indulgent, easy homemade chocolate treats for your little Valentines (and the big ones, too).

What I want for Valentine’s Day: LOVE! What my kids want for Valentine’s Day: CHOCOLATE! Okay, I want chocolate, too, but I like fancy chocolate. For the kids, I’ll be whipping up one of these super easy, homemade chocolate treats for Valentine’s Day. The pricey stuff may be mine, but the stuff made from the heart is theirs. They always get the better deal. The Chocolate Cherry Candy Cups (above) from A Farmgirl’s Dabbles make me smile. These no-bake treats are festive on the outside, but when you take a bite and realize they are pink inside, your kids will swoon....

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Powdered stuff? Bah. How to make perfect homemade hot chocolate from scratch in 5 minutes.

Homemade hot chocolate is not only better for you than those just-add-water packets, but it’s also just as easy to make. Seriously. And it tastes way better, too. You’re about to learn how to make luscious, homemade hot chocolate in 5 minutes, without a recipe. And really, you just need whatever chocolate you have in the cupboard and some milk. Top image: Ginger Hot Chocolate | Minimalist Baker   Start by grabbing the milk. I use about 1 cup per serving.   Now grab some chocolate. Real chocolate of any variety: chocolate chips, that last bit of Hershey’s bar you’ve been...

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Gourmet hot chocolate you don’t want to share with the kids

The weather has taken a turn for the worse in New York this week, dropping suddenly into the 40s for no good reason except, apparently, to torment me. And like that, all thoughts have turned from ice cream to hot chocolate. Obviously there’s the store-bought hot chocolate packets with the petrified marshmallows, but for chocolate snob DIYers who like to melt down the good stuff and add it to heated milk, allow me to introduce you to the Dark Hot Chocolate from Fran’s Chocolates. While I haven’t tried it myself, I am a huge fan of their salted caramels...

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