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Cartoons for the thinking mama

When I was in high school, an artist friend of mine and I wrote a graphic novel during biology class featuring the adventures of our teacher’s prominent nose, thus beginning my love affair with random and edgy hilarity. If you adore the absurd, you are going to love Nicole Chaison’s graphic memoir, The Passion of the Hausfrau: Motherhood, Iluminated which is one part memoir, one part modern illuminated manuscript, and all parts brilliant. The narrative from cartoonist, writer and mom-of-two Chaison is funny enough, but the cartoons that illustrate every page take it to another level. From Chaison’s adventures...

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Let’s panic about babies! (You know you want to)

The funniest thing I’ve seen in a good long time is the satirical new website, Let’s Panic About Babies! which just launched today. Think of it as a cross between What to Expect When You’re Expecting and The Onion. It might even be funnier than the Onion. It might even be funnier  than What to Expect, which was pretty darn funny. (And you know what I’m talking about if you read that passage that cautions you against receiving oral sex when pregnant because it could cause an embolism.) Let’s Panic! hails from the hilarious if twisted minds of popular...

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