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Vines for your ears

There’s a reason why we keep coming back to raven+ lily.¬†Between their gorgeous baubles and the wonderful cause they support, you just can’t go wrong. And that’s still the case with these new earrings for spring. We’ve featured their affordable leather earrings before, but now the shop has added a few cool new designs to the mix, in particular the Zia Gold Vine earrings, which are made with locally sourced leather by marginalized women in North India. And we love that proceeds from this collection help fund literacy programs for women and children in this community. All the more...

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The perfect pop of color: vibrant voile scarves for almost spring

It’s almost spring. Almost. That’s what I tell myself as I pull on knee-high socks, boots, and a coat. I’m not ready for full-on pastels, but these gorgeous, block-printed scarves are a great way to dip a toe into the bright, carefree colors of spring.  The founder of Rikshaw Designs, which we introduced to our readers years ago, has traveled the globe to bring traditionally block-printed textiles into the design world. We love the luscious bedding and clothing for women and children, but I’m especially digging the 100% cotton voile scarves. Especially for spring. Because some of us can’t...

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Party-perfect earrings with a big purpose

Metallic feather-look earrings crafted from leather? Yes, please. The style is super cool and party-perfect. Even better, these earrings look ridiculously expensive, but only cost 24 bucks. But wait, there’s something more amazing about them. Raven + Lily is a longtime favorite of ours, for their beautiful items and their goal to empower women through design In keeping with that, these earrings are each handcrafted by marginalized women in India, using locally sourced leather. The proceeds go straight back to these women, in the form of literacy programs for them, their children, and their community.This holiday season, I can’t...

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The Little Book of Hindu Deities: a beautifully illustrated guide

These days, there’s so much intolerance in the world, it’s dismaying. As a mom, I try to counteract the negative messages out there by teaching my kids to celebrate diversity, and by taking time as a family to learn about cultures and religions different from ours. So I’m smitten with this beautiful, gentle, and respectful introduction to Hindu beliefs. The Little Book of Hindu Deities is a labor of love by Pixar illustrator Sanjay Patel, who was inspired by the art of Japanese animation and the rich tales of Hindu gods and goddesses. Each lively illustration is accompanied by a...

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Baby blankets and silk shawls to make you dream of India

One of my favorite things about having a newborn was swaddling. My babies both loved to be swaddled and I must say, while I did a lot of things badly, I was kind of a swaddling master (please hold the applause). However I did learn that it took the right blanket to calm my kids. So I’m loving these gorgeous Indian blankets that also do double duty as soft, breathable cotton swaddlers. Textile company Mela & Roam has some of the prettiest baby blankets to choose from.  They are actually called dohars, or traditional Indian summer blankets, and are made from...

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Indian Summer

With summer here, we are seeing a lot of bright colors, fun patterns and soft textures in baby and children’s clothes. Perfect–because even kids dressed like little fashion models want to be comfortable. One awesome shop that has stylish options for your children is Masala Baby. They’ve grown a lot since Cool Mom Picks first found them a few years ago! Their current line caters to ages 3 months to 10 years which is great for those hard-to-shop-for tweens. And now they’ve expanded to dresses, tunics, skirts, and hoodies, and while they’re stronger for girls, they have more wearable...

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Join the Culture club for good karma

Love bright prints, colorful toys, and cottons that will really breathe this summer, since they were crafted to withstand the sweltering heat of Africa? Love knowing that your purchase helps babies all over the world?  Us, too. That’s why we’re digging Culture Baby.[don’t miss a terrific offer after the jump–for both you, and others in need] Culture Baby is a global fair-trade emporium bringing international goods to you, right from the artisans. And we can’t help but loving a lot of their finds, like the Ghanaian Baby Shoes and Dresses, which are handcrafted from batik-printed 100% cotton.   I...

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Elegant, exotic blankets for baby? How bazaar!

We love the new elegance in nurseries, and we especially love when beautiful design goes hand in hand with comfort and eco-consciousness. And we really, really love when peacocks are involved. [don’t miss a truly great giveaway after the jump!] Baby Bazaar is a breath of fresh air in nursery textiles, and not only because the artisan-made quilts and blankets are handmade of 100% cotton with azo-free dyes. The refreshingly vibrant quilts have an Indian flair that perfectly marries adult sensibility with cozy softness. Let me put it this way: if this peacock quilt were queen-sized, my editors would...

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Indian Prints

Indian patterns are totally (and beautifully) on-trend right now– we wrote about Ikats and other beautiful prints a few months ago, and our allegiance has yet to waver. Especially since we saw these lovely designs. Hammocks & High Tea‘s new “Dreamweaver” collection is as gorgeous and global as can be. It’s a whole line of accessories made up entirely of handcrafted and eco-friendly fabrics, printed with water-based, solvent-free inks: tea towels, napkins, pillows, totes, and scarves. I’m especially taken with the dopp kits. All the prints are produced to evoke the beautiful texture of traditional ikat weaving, and depending...

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I dream of India

The chevron just might be the new hot motif of the season. I’m seeing it everywhere these days, from the new line of bedding at West Elm, to tea towels on Etsy, to the gorgeous little girls’ dresses I just discovered from Ode Kids. This family-run shop that makes girls’ dresses out of the most beautiful Indian fabrics and I’m so happy to have found them. The A-line Amparo chevron patterned dress is gorgeously constructed from hand-loomed Ikat fabric, then lined with cotton so it has a nice heft to it. Perfect for summer, but it will be fantastic...

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