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The new jewelry designs from CMP fave Polli just went live this week and uh, hang onto your credit cards, mamas.

In praise of the mustache

The hipsters have spoken! From Williamsburg to Silverlake, the official motif of the 2011 hipster movement is… the mustache. Specifically, the curly handlebar moustache….

We heart real artists

We love seeing the amazing work of independent artisans recognized on big sites–except when they don’t actually give credit to the artist. That seems…

Bizarre love triangles

Usually, when I hear the words “geometry” or “polymer clay,” I start daydreaming about cupcakes until the conversation comes back around to something I…

Chunky is in.

This week, I popped into one of my favorite NYC department stores to leave my drool marks on the jewelry cases–kind of like a…