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Editors Best of 2008: The coolest jewelry and handbags

We’re very pleased once again to present our editors’ top picks for 2008. It’s a tough thing we must say – with literally hundreds to choose from (and trust us, we love them all) narrowing down is no small feat. But narrow we did. Each day we’ll present a new category right through to New Year’s, starting with today: Our favorite jewelry and bags Kristen: I truly covet every one of Jeanine Payer’s lovely pieces of jewelry which combine artistry and storytelling. Liz: I am constantly inspired by the jewelry from Amy Tavern, from her affordable signature pieces to her collectible...

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Words that won’t make your tween roll her eyes

Sometimes when I talk to my ten year-old daughter, she’s so busy sighing and trying to stay awake despite my obvious stupidity that she doesn’t exactly hear me. But when she pulls her new necklace from Pickled Tink out of her stocking, this year, she’ll be too smitten with how pretty it is to remember to scoff at the positive messages on it. It’s like pop art meets typewriter keys, in a rainbow of colors and patterns. So go ahead and pick loved and joy and any of their other words (or ones of your own) while building a...

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Picky tweens: No longer a holiday shopping nightmare

My mom used to try and convince me that it was actually cool to have jewelry that no one else had, rather than sport the same brand name baubles as everyone else in my class. Of course, she wasn’t trying to get me to wear these adorable heart earrings from Anne Kiel. These thread-thru earrings feature sweet silver hearts hanging from a silver chain that allow your daughter to decide how she wants to wear them. And we love that they’re still completely hip without dripping in bling.  I’m pretty sure if you’ve got a young jewelry lover on...

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Editors’ Best of 2007: Jewelry and Handbags

Bags Kristen and Liz: We agree! The gorgeous handcrafted faux leather bags from Crystalyn Kae are original, stylish, practical and way more appealing than some purse with big corporate logos all over it. Jewelry Kristen: I’m definitely hoping for a necklace from Blend Creations’ new round line. The foliage pieces makes me believe that spring really isn’t that far away Liz: Jacqueline Sanchez’s whimsical, inventive LEGO and diamond line make you want to be a kid again, but with an adult budget. Diaper bags Kristen: I’m loving the Haiku To-Go bags. They’re a little bit sporty and a lot functional–perfect for everyday...

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