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Tude natural apple juices: A more delicious way to keep the doctor away

One of the best things about the northeast this time of year is the abundance of crisp, ripe apples–and the fresh, natural apple juice we can grab at the farmer’s market. My kids are becoming such connoisseurs, they actually know the difference between a Fuji and a Macintosh, are so-so on Red Delicious, and beg for Honeycrisp at the store–at which point I have to explain that they cost twice as much as the others. So I was really psyched to get to try ‘Tude Natural Apple Juice and put my kids and their know-it-all apple attitudes to the test. Oh and I...

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7 keep-you-healthy, karate-chop-those-sniffles super foods for cold and flu season

Am I the only one with a kid who has a runny nose already? From the state of my little one’s classroom, the answer is no, I am not. Cold and flu season has arrived, but is hasn’t yet taken hold. It’s time to take preventative measures and keep those sniffles from turning into full-blown sickness. These seven foods for cold and flu season are natural preventative and cold remedies that can help keep you and your family healthy all winter long. The obvious place to start: Chicken Noodle Soup (above). The restorative power of chicken soup is not just an...

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Bundle Organics: Prenatal juice for pregnant moms and those babies-to-be

I’m big into fresh pressed juice and even love whipping up fresh juice recipes for kids. It’s too bad, though, that fresh juice is off limits during pregnancy when extra nutrients are always welcome, especially in a convenient sip that goes down easily. Bundle Organics, a new prenatal juice made for pregnant moms, is changing that with three packaged juices that are safe, delicious, and full of essential vitamins. Though never a replacement for fresh fruits and veggies, it’s hard to argue with a vitamin and mineral packed drink. The problem with fresh juice for pregnant women is that...

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5 delicious new tea products: Move over coffee

Back when I shared new trends for back to school snacks I promised to only pass along food and drink trends that stand the test of some time. I have watched new tea drinks and tea-flavored foods hit the market nearly every week since I started spotting them several months ago, each more delicious than the next. These tea goods are the real deal, worth sharing, and tasty enough that you just might ditch java–or at least let it share the spotlight. Tea-riffic! Ice Cream Tea-riffic! ice cream is a brand new, amazingly delicious tea-infused ice cream made from only all-natural...

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5 delicious juice recipes for busy school mornings. (Psst, they’ve got veggies in them too.)

Now that we’re heading back to school, even with hectic mornings, I’d still like some healthy fruits and veggies to keep my kids alert, focused and energized while they’re in class. One of my favorite ways to sneak those dark leafy greens into their diet is in these homemade juice recipes with veggies in them. (Just don’t tell my kids about the veggie part.) Here are five of my favorites which are especially helpful if we end up running out the door with granola bars in our hands. Because let’s be honest, it happens. These recipes should be made with a juicer, not a...

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3 healthier drink boxes for kids: half the sugar, none of the guilt

I admit it, I’m a bit of a loudmouth about the benefits of skipping juice for kids. Most options are packed with sugar–like 20 grams per single-serving box, nearly the same amount of sugar in a full-sized Hershey’s bar. Whoa! I know, I know. An occasional sugary drink never hurt anyone (hello, homemade lemonade!). Thanks to these 3 new delicious juice boxes, though, I can get down off my sugar soapbox. Fewer than 10 grams of sugar each, and the kids love the taste. Score. –Stacie   We’ve always been fans of Honest Kids by HonestTea (above), but when the...

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Juice boxes filled with juice, not sugar. Imagine that.

I’m already a big fan of the Honest Tea drink pouches for kids, which are a special treat around my house. But now they’ve made a big adjustment to the ingredients which means these already healthy drinks for kids now have even less sugar than they did before.  Along with the pretty package redesign, there’s a great change on the inside. The folks at Honest Tea Kids ditched the organic cane sugar for juice, which dropped the drink’s already low sugar count even lower. Try 9g per pouch–by far the lowest out there when it comes to juice boxes for...

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