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4 free kawaii Halloween printable craft projects make super cute happy girl!

We love when our own readers share cool things with us, and in the case of Nicola Pravato of Next to Nicx, I’m so happy she brought to our attention her squee-cute kawaii Halloween printables that are awesome for upcoming Halloween parties. She is one talented designer — we fell in love with her Stormtrooper easter eggs earlier this year — and I absolutely adore her style. Check out the free downloadable templates and comprehensive instructions on her blog; they’re not your basic crafting 101 stuff, and you will need an X-Acto knife and some good quality paper to print on, but...

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Japanese anime-inspired diaper bags? We say Tokidoki!

Diaper bags are kind of like minivans. They are super practical, but don’t exactly scream funky fresh. But this new Tokidoki and Ju Ju Be diaper bag collaboration is like taking your Honda Odyssey and making it a low rider. We’re talking blinged out, and we’re talking awesome. Tokidoki always gets me with their great designs and Japanese anime-inspired looks. (I’m partial to the milk carton on a skateboard, and the cactus kid.) Pair that graphic style with Ju Ju Be, a popular diaper bag, and you have a Tokidoki diaper bag that will stop traffic. (Of course, they’re really stopping because your...

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Well Helloooo, Kitty

I have a thing for Hello Kitty (as you may well know) and I also have a thing for Vans. [see more awesome kicks after the jump!] The collection of Hello Kitty Vans Sneakers for kids is adorable, as you’d expect, but I think what I like more is that they’re available in women’s sizes too–provided you’re amply ironic enough to pull them off. (Hint: not with mom jeans.) I’m not sure that I fit that description, so I’ll just be happy watching my girls skip down the street wearing these classic low-top lace-ups. It makes me very happy...

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Two adorable Kokeshi dolls that are made to be read

As much as my kids and I love Japanese Kokeshi dolls, I can’t bring myself to let another collection into the house, what with all the stuffed animals and favorite rocks already displayed around my girls’ room.  But, I’ve found a way to combine Kokeshi cute with another collection I can totally get behind: Books! And, trust me, these adorable stories are just as sweet as a shelf full of dolls. Chronicle Books’ two new stories, Yumi and Aoki, follow the “day in the life” of two Kokeshi–little Japanese wooden dolls. What I love about the titles is that...

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Little Red Writing Hood

There’s a fine line between too cute and too dark, a special gray area where only the hippest fear to tread. Artist Emily Martin of TheBlackApple is there, jitterbugging in her tiny red slippers. There’s something for everyone in this fabulous hodgepodge of creative legerdemain. Original paintings and affordable prints. Paper dolls and notecards. This adorable set of notebooks featuring Little Red and her Wolfboy. And the hedgehog bookplates are too kawaii to quit. From strange and gothy girls to pirates, the Loch Ness monster, and dancing bears, the artwork has appeal for a wide range of ages from...

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There’s way more to Japanese pop art than Hello Kitty

When I was in Japan a few years ago, I tried desperately to pack my suitcase full with as much adorableness as possible. But lucky for me (and you), I don’t have to endure the super long plane ride to stock up on imported Japanese goodies thanks to new find Japanistic. Take the Shinzi Katoh cotton tote bags, which feature the illustrator’s signature whimsical artwork that we’ve already completely fallen in love with (Remember these bento lunch boxes?) And I’m thinking that we might have to forgo the candy hearts for my oldest next week and stuff one of those totes with the adorable Elph +...

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Loloko is Japanese for oh-so-cute

I confessed my serious addiction to Japanese cute when I told you about Momiji dolls, so please cut me some slack if I seem a little gushy when talking about Loloko Shop. This little Northern California shop does cute right with little trinkets, home items and office supplies. And the frugalista in me loves that nothing in the shop costs more than $12, meaning things are priced right for kids–and for adults who could do without a credit card hangover. Opened back in 2006, owner Laura (“Lolo”) fell in love with Japanese kawaii during her two years spent living...

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Momiji dolls make passing notes cuter than ever

I’m a little unbalanced when it comes to “Japanese cute” (kawaii!) like Momiji Friendship Dolls, the uber-trendy little resin dolls from London’s Artforum, which are a modern and more affordable spin on the traditional Japanese wooden Kokeshi dolls. Like the Kokeshi, Momiji dolls display an amazing attention to detail and expression that have both me and my eight-year-old daughter unable to decide which one is our favorite. At under $20, these heavyweight dolls are meant to be handled, not displayed–a good thing since I know my girls would have one in their pocket to take on their adventures. Before...

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