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Super cool boys’ accessories, because why should girls have all the fun?

Clothes might make the (little) man, but there’s something about cool hats, sunglasses and other accessories that can dial up the wardrobe a notch. Who says girls get to have all the fun? Browsing around at one of my favorite cool-kid indie clothing labels, Appaman, I was so happy to see another great brand that hasn’t forgotten the stylish little dudes in our lives. The future’s so bright…yeah, you know the rest.  Appaman’s sunglasses for kids are better made and longer lasting than thost $5 drugstore ones they’ll break in two seconds. There are some smart black glasses (at...

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Cool kids’ belts crafted from fire hoses (plus proceeds help firefighters)

When I first discovered the cool gifts at Gallo en Fuego, I was definitely intrigued. And not just because there were hot firefighters all over their website. HOT. As it turns out, Gallo en Fuego offers more than just eye candy. Their kids’ belts are made from decommissioned fire hoses, most of which are from New York. They are just plain awesome: bright, sturdy, and perfect for any little kid, boy or girl, especially if he (or she) is a firefighter fan. Each belt (the belts come in adult sizes too, by the way) is made in Gallo en Fuego’s custom...

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Baby accessories that aren’t just for girls

I still remember falling in love with Bugalug accessories three years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. The adorable non-slip clips and headbands were the cutest I’d ever seen, made with trendy ribbon designs that were markedly cooler than all the pink frilly things that seemed to be in abundance at most baby stores. But I didn’t know then if my baby would be a boy or a girl. So they were a faraway dream. Until she was born. With about a hundred times less hair than her brother had when he was born. Figures. With...

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Keeping her pants up while getting down

My daughter’s going through a growth spurt, and any jeans without those little adjustable waist button-and-elastic dojobbies tend to sag to her rear’s danger zone without an actual belt. I’ve spent the past several weeks plying her with all the pleather monstrosities that came with her jeans. “But Mommy!” she cries. “I hate belts!” Well. She used to. Then I showed her the rock themed children’s leather belts and belt buckles that Cutie and Patootie sent my way that, like, totally rocked her world. The belt buckles are Joan Jett big, and see that record over there? It actually...

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Invisibelt goes girly

We totally dug the Invisibelt when it first came out (seriously – half of our writers bought one and they all rave about it) because it lies flat and gets rid of that lumpy bumpy crazy stuff that goes on under your untucked shirt. And now, behold! For there is a an Invisibelt Girl Collection made just for our daughters. There’s a chic pink or purple solid belt, or find cute patterns like peace signs and the ubiquitous and trendy skulls sporting hair bows. You basically adjust them the way you do goggles then snap the ends together (no...

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Easy peace-y

I think somewhere in my heart I’m a damn dirty hippie with all this suppressed nostalgia for the Woodstock era. Of course that would be the Pepsi commercial version of Woodstock, where all the guys are hot and shirtless, the tie-dyes are cute and clean, and the port-o-johns are yet unused. In any case, it’s probably why I got a kick out of the new children’s peace belt from CMP fave Myself Belts. The khaki ribbon is a nice neutral (way less pink than it looks in the photo) alternating with little pink peace signs, the word “peace,” and...

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Rick rack is back

Even with the adjustable waistband pants, my skinny-minnie still needs some help to prevent the little plumber’s bottom, and Holly Stewart of Jane Edward makes belts that do just that. I admit that the sight of rick rack reminds me of the little pinafore dresses of my youth – in a not so great way- but Holly’s ribbon belts changed my mind. The small or large rick rack adorns an adjustable ribbon ring belt, and makes the perfect functional accessory for any little girl in your life. And if you’re coveting them in your size, you’re in luck. Her...

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