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Web Coolness: The most beautiful photos of Obama and children, inspiring advice from Betty White and more.

Here’s what we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.   President Obama still has a lot of letters from kids to answer. A look at some of the President’s sweetest photos with kids. Top photo via White House on Flickr. (And yeah, we’re kind of weepy looking at them all. Let’s hear it for cool dads.) The most beautiful letter from Barbara and Jenna Hager Bush to Sasha and Malia Obama. (Let’s hear it for girls supporting girls!) Octavia Spencer wins Amazing Person of the Week. How you can help send more girls to see Hidden...

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Web coolness: A healing Leonard Cohen playlist, the cutest Harry Potter baby, and a fun way to countdown to Gilmore Girls

Here are some links we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too You can’t not smile at this Harry Potter baby photo shoot. (via Kayla Layla Photography; also see her work on her Instagram feed!) Random acts of kindness as a Starbucks customer buys coffee for military personnel. A good mantra for today and every day. Thoughts on mending fences effectively after the election. How to talk to kids if they’re feeling scared about world events. Our picks for must-read graphic novels featuring cool, creative, strong heroines. The excellent We Need Diverse Books is hosting a fundraiser and Gayle Forman...

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9 great TV shows for tweens that you might not have considered

Ah, the tween years. That in-between stage when your kid is so not your baby anymore, but not yet your teenager. They start to think the sweet, educational shows they used to love are “for babies,” but you’re not ready to let them watch shows with teens who are often depicted as bratty or rude to their parents (cough), or are deep in the world of dating. Boy, do I miss the Sesame Street years… The good news is there really are cool TV shows for tweens that you might not know about. Since we already covered these favorite family-friendly TV shows for kids, I polled our editors and came up...

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11 family-friendly television shows that everyone can agree on. Seriously.

We’ve been moving away from solo gadget time in my house and exchanging it for family screen time, within reason, of course. That means we all gather around the television and watch something that we all enjoy. Really. With kids ages 5 to 12, you might think that it’s hard to find a television show that we can agree on, but that’s absolutely not the case. Here are 10 family-friendly television shows that are perfect for families to enjoy together, from little kids to tweens and teens, and most importantly, the grown-ups too. Related: Documentaries to watch with kids about other kids:...

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The 9 worst children’s TV shows that made my life a living hell: 2002–2009 Edition

We’re happy to welcome guest columnist, Wendi Aarons. She’s funny. When I was pregnant with my first son, way back in 2001, I had no intention of ever letting him watch television. Expose my precious baby’s developing brain to the mindless crap that spewed from the idiot box? Not I! Instead, I would spend all day, every day lovingly teaching him to calculate sums with the wood abacus I’d handcrafted out of the olive tree in our yard. The olive tree that was nourished by my buried placenta, of course. That grand notion didn’t last long. In fact, it...

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Sponsored Message: Never miss a game, season finale or live TV event with Slingbox

This is a sponsored message from Slingbox. Whether you travel for work or just need a diversion while you’re waiting for your kids at soccer practice, Slingbox lets you watch and control all the cable TV channels you already pay for when you’re on the go — on your tablet, phone, PC, or Mac. All with absolutely no monthly fees. – Don’t miss a special offer below! –  Getting set up with Slingbox is easy. Just connect it to your set-top box in seconds via WiFi or Ethernet cable, and the service will “sling” all of your cable channels right to your...

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Our favorite cool tech picks this week

Here are 5 of our favorite tech picks this week from Cool Mom Tech. Look what you might have missed!   1. Our Editor Kristen cut the cable cord and shares what she discovered when she did (Hint: so much money saved) 2. The coolest wearable fitness trackers from CES 2016. You have to see the smart bra. 3. Free, inspirational desktop wallpaper you can download right now. 4. Here’s what we think about this new smart baby changing pad. 5. A printer that’s eco-friendly and saves you money. Awesome!...

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11 of our favorite classic shows now streaming on Hulu. Got about 200 free hours?

This post is brought to you by Hulu. So by now, you all may know that we are pop culture junkies to varying degrees around here. We are also unabashedly nostalgic. Which is why our newest sponsor Hulu (yay, Hulu!) is pretty much making our days right now — or late nights, really — with their huge roster of classic TV shows available for streaming.  We’re not even kidding, you’re going to be so down the throwback TV rabbit hole after you see how many wonderful blasts from your past are available on demand, right now, this very second. (Aw, Les Nessman. We...

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House of Bricks: The hilarious Sesame Street House of Cards parody

If you are as obsessed with House of Cards as I am, please take a few minutes out of your day to watch House of Bricks, the hilarious Sesame Street House of Cards parody, because it is pure genius. I have barely come up for food or air–and oh right, my children–over the past week in an attempt to catch up on House of Cards Season 2 so I can then binge watch the newly-released House of Cards Season 3. But somehow this parody was worth taking my attention away from the real Frank Underwood for a few minutes. Because you guys,...

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The Sound of Music Live. Tonight. Without spending $450 on tickets.

As an avowed musical geek, I’m so thrilled about tonight’s daring production of the The Sound of Music Live on NBC.  Yes, live. I’ve got the inner track and the word is that Carrie Underwood is simply brilliant as Maria, if you can forgive her for not being Julie Andrews; Steven Moyer makes a big leap from True Blood’s Bill Compton to the decidedly un-bloodthirsty Captain Von Trapp; and the kids are all simply wonderful. Plus? Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess is an inspired choice. What I’m most excited about is the attempt to capture the same thrill of live theater–no do-overs, no...

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