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The Architectural Digest Home Design Show: Visit us!

This coming Friday March 20, we’re so excited to be representing at the Great.ly booth at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show NYC, showing some of our favorite makers from our Indie Shop. If you’re into design, and in the NY area, stop by on Friday and behold the gorgeousness. Update: Regretfully, the great.ly shop is no longer in operation. We hope you’ll find other cool stuff you love throughout our site. The show features the best in home decor, furnishings, art, accessories, textiles and more. Basically, the stuff that makes you realize you immediately need to redecorate every room in...

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Gorgeous modern home accessories that give you an excuse to redecorate

In a galaxy far far away before I was foremost a wife and mother, I managed a gallery of handmade artisan crafts and I adored it.  I still miss being surrounded by beautiful handcrafted pieces every day, but sometimes I come across an artist who takes me right back. Right now it’s the stunning handmade plywood home accessories at the Ciseal shop on Etsy. If you’re thinking it’s time to stash the summery linen pillows and throws back in the closet and get serious for fall, this might be the justification you’re looking for. Ciseal features hand crafted bent plywood furniture and home accessories created in Nicole Hodsdon’s Detroit studio. The wavy tablet stands,...

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More than 40 ideas for the coolest black and white nursery

What’s black and white and chic all over? Your baby’s future nursery, of course! If you’re looking for something other than the traditional blues, pinks and yellows, we’ve got you covered. I’m a huge fan of this gender-neutral nursery trend because it’s modern and sleek, but easily softened up with the comfy pillows, textured rugs, cozy blankets and other ideas we’ve rounded up for you. If you’re into not-too-cutesy gender-neutral nursery offerings, the new line from the British design duo at Olli + Lime has pretty much everything you might need for a very coordinated black and white nursery. From crib bedding to pillows, blankets...

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Presenting the most adorable night light ever.

I’ve learned that when kids are afraid of the dark, a nightlight can be their best friend. And have you ever seen a friendlier, cuter lamp than this Little Cloud Lamp? This adorable night light might be just what I need to get my scared-of-the-dark, light sleeper daughter to quit waking me up at 2 AM. Every. Single. Night.   The Little Cloud Lamp was designed by an art duo out of NYC called FriendsWithUs, who have worked with Pharrell, and I think this piece has the same infectious happy vibe as his hit song. Even though it’s adorable and perfect for kids, it...

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Oh Joy for Land of Nod: A new line of baby gifts and decor bursting with fun.

When we heard that one of our favorite design bloggers, Joy Cho, was launching the Oh Joy for Land of Nod baby collection, we seriously couldn’t wait to get a look at it. All of her design collaborations have been terrific and we figured this one would be both terrific–and affordable. And so it is. Well, not like thrift shop affordable, but definitely in the realm of baby gifts that people outside the 90210 can afford. Starting today, you’ll find cute, colorful, playful baby gifts with modern touches from artwork to bedding and decor. Even three fun patterns of an elephant...

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Future’s so bright, I need posh origami shades

There comes a time in every parent’s life when the cat knocks over the cheapo 10-year-old lamp in the nursery and it’s time to make a tough decision. You want something sophisticated, but still soft. You could pick something like the last lamp, or you could see a shade this gorgeous and splurge on a very bright future. This stunner collection of Moth origami lampshades from Studio Snowpuppe is handmade in the Netherlands. They’re attracting us like, well, moths to light. Available in a range of solids, color blocks, and delicate gradations, each piece is hand-folded from special Butterfly...

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