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5 of our favorite drugstore lip balms that work as well as the pricey stuff

December brings holiday cheer, festive fun, and hella chapped lips. And considering the nearest Ulta is 38 miles from my house, I don’t always have the most posh options for lip care here in the mountains. So I’ve put together some terrific drugstore lip balms out there I love that are affordable and actually work really well too. Plus, for all us last-minute shoppers, these lip balms make the perfect little stocking stuffers. CMP is an rstyle affiliate Related: 6 Sephora Collection products you need in your makeup bag, stat   Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in Ginger Spice ($3–5) If you’re a firm believer that Pumpkin...

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5 spellbinding Harry Potter cosmetic collections — for muggles and wizards alike.

By now you know we fell in love with the Harry Potter wand brush set from Storybook Cosmetics (currently sold out). So if you’re in dire need of more Harry Potter makeup goodness to tide you over until you can make it to Ollivander’s, here are some other great potions and powders (many of which we found on Etsy) that will make you feel like a million galleons.   The Marauders, Mugwumps, and Muggles Collection | Shiro Cosmetics These mineral eyeshadows named for Harry Potter-isms come in a wide range of neutrals and brights in all the lush colors you’d expect to...

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7 drugstore beauty products that are better than the expensive stuff

Recently I shared my top 7 beauty splurges that I think are worth the money. And I still do. but to be clear, I think there are tons of great drugstore beauty products out there, and I don’t think that everything in the world is worth a splurge. In fact, there are plenty of times that even after trying a pricier alternative, I return to a drugstore beauty product. Not just because it’s more affordable either, though that’s always a plus! So here’s a list of my picks for some of the best drugstore beauty products that I absolutely swear by....

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Go nuts for the new Yes to Coconut skincare collection

It’s safe to say that I’m a Yes to Carrots junkie, so I was excited to try the brand new tropical-inspired Yes to Coconut skin care line from this CMP favorite. It’s right on time with the recent buzz about the super-powers of coconut oil and coconut water from wellness gurus, and, well, everyone who wants to smell like suntan lotion. Like all Yes to Carrots products, Yes to Coconut has loads of healthy ingredients at a totally reasonable price point (nary a product is over $20). But know that all of that coconut oil and water means the coconut scent is very strong so you’d better be...

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The best lip balms for those cold weather chapped lips (darn them).

Chapped and cracked lips are no fun. First of all, ouch. Secondly? They make your lip gloss and lipstick look terrible. Third of all, they’re no fun to kiss. So in the hopes of a smooth-lipped winter, I’ve been slathering on some great lip balms. I found promising pout savers, and the good news is, one of them is already in your pantry. Ilia Balmy Nights Lip Exfoliator  This is a potent little stick of lip-sloughing goodness. It’s loaded with teeny granules of organic volcanic stone powder (sounds fancy, I know), shea butter, and sunflower seed oil. It only takes...

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The elixir for your lips

I’m skeptical of products that promise plumper lips–unless it’s chemical injections, which deliver, but which I’m not doing any time soon. I’m talking about products that contain irritants like cinnamon or pepper, which would drive me crazy. So I was intrigued to try out an organic one from Vapour Beauty to see just how it would do its thang without any of that. {After the jump, details about a sweet deal!}   Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss from Vapour Beauty is one of the best natural lip glosses I’ve tried. We’ll get to the plumping part later. The gloss goes on...

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Life’s an organic bowl of cherries

My girls have this ridiculous obsession with lip balm. Considering how it’s actually on their lips (and thus, entering their digestive system, let’s be honest) I tend to be more conscientious about lip balm ingredients than even things like kids’ nail polishes. The brand new line of organic kids’ lip balms from eco-beauty fave Shelissa Organics is handcrafted in the US from organic and local plants, including sunflower oil, beeswax, coconut oil, and Vitamin E oil. No petroleum, no icky chemicals, no animal testing. It gets a big thumbs up from my kids–and the EWG cosmetics database. They feel pretty slick and rich going...

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The ultimate beauty product for busy moms

One of my favorite times of the month is when my Birch Box subscription arrives on my doorstep. As much as I love beauty products, I’m hard-pressed to find the sans-kids time to casually peruse the aisles of Sephora to find a new lip color or facial cream.  I’ve been more than pleased with all the new products I’ve been introduced to thanks to Birch Box, but this month I found something so fabulous, I had to purchase it in a full size bottle.  Stainiac by theBalm is a fabulous two-in-one lip and cheek stain that I’ve used every...

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For those days that beauty’s a pain in the lip

I hate those winter days in which my lips are so chapped that wearing lipstick isn’t the best idea. So when I saw Burt’s Bees came out with a 100% natural tinted lip balm, I was like yep. Sign me up for some of that. [don’t miss a huge limited time discount after the jump] Those of us who love Burt’s Bees regular lip balm are a little culty about it (ask us about the secret handshake sometime) and the Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm is going to bring more devotees into the fray. They don’t impart a lot...

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This line of organic cosmetics is the balm. (Ha.)

I’m known around my house as a bit of a lip balm junkie. Every cupboard, pocket and purse has at least one tube or pot of the stuff stashed in it somewhere. So when it came time for volunteers to test the highly lauded RMS Beauty line for CMP, you can bet I raised my hand wildly. RMS Beauty was created by top NYC makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, after realizing she was developing health difficulties because of all the toxic chemicals and heavy metals in her system from being around so many cosmetics. Committed to the health of women,...

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