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The Lugabug child travel chair: A brilliant alternative to the ride-on suitcase for children.

Traveling with kids to fun places is almost always worth the schlep it takes to get there. But trying to rush through a crowded airport with a child or two in tow can put a damper on our enthusiasm quicker than you can say They moved our gate where? For a while, there have been a few cool ride-on suitcase options for kids, like the trunki, but now there’s what may be the smartest one of all. Frequent flyer families need to check out Lugabug, which makes carting your kids through an airport as easy as rolling your luggage. Mainly...

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7 of our favorite Made in the USA gifts just in time for Labor Day

If you’ve read our site for any length of time, then you know that American-made products are our heart and soul; celebrating them (and the indie makers behind them) is actually one of the reasons we started Cool Mom Picks in the first place. It’s why we love having our own Cool Mom Picks indie shop at Great.ly, which allows us to support local, indie artisans in another way. So, in honor of Labor Day, we rounded up some of our favorite American-made goodies featured in our indie shop. Whether you’re looking for a special treat for yourself, someone close to you, or just want to get...

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5 of our favorite cool tech picks you don’t want to miss this week

In case you missed them, here are 5 of our most popular tech picks from Cool Mom Tech this past week. Enjoy!   1. Impressed at what this designer does to old luggage. 2. If you take lots of photos with your smartphones (isn’t that all of us?), this gadget is for you. 3. Go get your tablet! We rounded up the 10 best apps for new moms and dads. 4. Wondering which streaming device is right for your family? You’ll want to read this smackdown comparing Apple TV, Roku and the Amazon Fire TV. 5. We love this hilarious baby gift....

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Cool, colorful carry-on luggage – should you be able to tear yourself away from black.

I was never a colorful carry-on luggage gal; I’ve spent most of my life fairly satisfied with black, until recently when I was forced to check a bag–then watched at the carousel as about six people picked up my bag and put it back down before it got to me. Eep. Clearly a cool luggage tag or tying a ribbon around the handle won’t always cut it, so here are a few great options for chic, colorful carry-on luggage that gives you plenty of inspiration to pack light.     I discovered the Hideo Wakamatsuta Jellybean Carry-On several years...

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The luggage tag that says hands off. Pretty clearly.

Having recently spent oh, a good twenty minutes at a luggage carousel in a panic that my bag wasn’t out yet and that it happened to be the exact same shade of black as every other, with a black luggage tag that blended right in, it’s time for me to move beyond tying a red ribbon to the handle. Which is why I think I may be in love with this Jonathan Adler Luggage Tag.  The color, the type, the message…everything about it is perfect. And also the sale price: it’s currently 1/3 off at Nordstrom. It would also...

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The best bag for vacationing with baby…and baby’s 14 tons of stuff

I consider myself a pretty light packer, but traveling with kids can make an overpacker of the best of us. Especially if a baby is involved. Those tiny people sure don’t travel light. Luckily, the wise folks at Phil & Ted’s have found a way to make packing tons of stuff a total breeze.   Phil & Ted’s new Universal Travel Bag is designed to protect and carry all of the baby’s essentials (and then some). First and foremost, it’s a stroller bag. Because of its unique wrap design, this bag is adaptable to almost any stroller you want to pack. It’s...

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Are we freaking there yet?

Are we there yet? It’s one of those perpetual jokes paid forward by each generation. You’re going to torture your parents? That’s fine. One day, your kids will torture you in turn. And that day is now. And even your noise-canceling headphones and some yodeling Gotye can’t stop it. But at least you can enjoy the freaking ride in style, right? It’s kind of amazing, how much one pretty luggage tag can affect one’s mood while traveling. I know that when I see the little mod pear dangling off my blue rolling suitcase on the conveyor belt after a...

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The coolest luggage tags, just in time for travel season

It’s Memorial Day, which means the start of summer travel season, hooray! If upgrading your entire set of luggage isn’t in the budget at this particular moment, you can at least swankify it all with a super cool new luggage tag. Here are just a few I’ve found that might get us even more excited, that moment we see our bags make it out onto that airport conveyer belt. If you’d rather not put your name on the outside of your bag, how about a simple This Bag Is Mine stamped onto leather, and sold at Owen & Fred....

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A Petunia Pickle Bottom bag made for all women. No babies required.

We’re always fans of Petunia Pickle Bottom bags, thanks to smart design, elegant patterns, and a rugged refusal to succumb to ruination. But once you’re past the gigantic diaper bag phase and even the maybe-it’s-just-a-purse diaper bag phase, you might enjoy this lovely new option. The exterior of the Travel Train Case is made of the same easily cleaned, PVC-free, matte-glazed canvas we’ve come to love, and all the beautiful fabrics are available. However the inside is made just for you. And that means no bottles. The six interior pockets are great for dividing jewelry for travel, or maybe for...

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Vintage meets handmade meets gorgeous

I have a soft spot for stitch art and it’s not just because I live in the embroidery capital of the world (yes, there is such a place). As a gal who can’t even sew a button onto a pair of pants, I greatly admire those patient enough to create detailed designs out of those tedious little stitches. Designer Jamie Davis offers a fresh take on the use of embroidery with her line of vintage luggage pieces. Jamie refinishes her finds with sweet yarn stitching and updates the inner lining with retro inspired bold designs. One of my favorites is...

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