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Web coolness: An empowering magazine for girls, cool iPhone 7 cases, and Kim took HOW many selfies?

Here are some links we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too!   The empowering Kazoo Magazine for girls is finally out with its first issue, yay! Laughing so hard at 11 times new parents thought, WTF how is this my life? Olivia Wilde takes down subway riders who won’t stand up for pregnant women. NSFW. Which is why it’s awesome. Comparing the two candidates’ policies on child care and paid family leave. Diapers for families in bipartisan households. Ha! The ultimate multi-tasking working mom? Yay for parents helping parents — especially on airplanes. Where fussy...

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A can-do magazine for girls who wanna run the world, featuring some impressive women who already do.

My five brilliant nieces are marching their way toward adolescence (well, one of them is technically crawling her way there at this time), and while I do my best to introduce them to the joys of science, Star Wars, sports, and all the possibilities for women in general, I recognize there are still a lot of forces working against them in those arenas. So I was thrilled when I learned about Erin Bried’s new Kickstarter project for KAZOO magazine, a publication for girls ages 5–10 that is designed, with the help of some very impressive names, to promote creativity, curiosity, exploration, and fun, across topics like science, technology, art, sports,...

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Gift a year of creativity with Curious Jane Magazine

If you have a curious, crafty, smart, and creative tween, we have a cool new gift idea that isn’t a craft kit or art supplies, but a brand new magazine that will fill her head with things to make, projects to do, and fun ways to spend her time in the upcoming year. Curious Jane Magazine is the newly-launched magazine from the creators of the Curious Jane summer camps and after-school programs for girls 6-11. Like the camps, which our editor Liz’s daughter has attended and loved, the magazine is designed to give young girls their own space to create, think, and imagine. We’ve...

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Domino Magazine is back!

If like me you shed a tear or two or sixty over the sad departure of Domino Magazine a few years back, you’ll be happy about this awesome news.    Yes, Domino Magazine is back as a print quarterly, so rejoice all ye shoppers and browsers! But what’s really great is how they embrace the digital age, with an all new website. It includes well curated products (but of course); posts about decor, home, travel, and entertaining; and plenty of tips and tricks for those of us always looking for them.  I mean, how to throw a cocktail party in under...

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Babesta Beat: Funky inspiration galore in a handy digital magazine for parents

Even as we still mourn the demise of Cookie Magazine (long live Cookie and their awesome $13,000 children’s outfit recommendations) it’s nice to see so many free online magazines for parents popping up like Lille Nord and Moomah. And now there’s one new one that’s even more convenient–because it’s shoppable. Click over to the Babesta Beat, from one of my favorite funky NYC kids shops, Babesta. You’ll find beautifully photographed info about their newest brands, an It List of cool trends for kids, interviews with designers and a great story about 10 year-old deejay Fulano Librizzi and some of his music recommendations. I...

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5 must-haves for chic summer travel

If you haven’t yet checked out the beautifully designed online style mag, CeciStyle, from the custom stationers of Ceci New York, we think you might like it. In fact, today is a pretty good day to do that very thing. Not coincidentally, we’ve even contributed a little piece about our 5 must-haves for chic summer travel. If you’re looking for the links to the items, find them here: 1. Longchamps Le Pliage Bag2. TKees Leather flip-flops3. An ereader + a great case4. A Sony Cybershot or other camera that didn’t come as part of your smartphone5. Sunscreen Swipes by...

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Web Coolness – Can you unplug? Also gifts for geeky girls, cheers for Seventeen Magazine, and new life for an old sandbox

Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you like them too. Do you have trouble unplugging? Liz shares her thoughts in her new column at the Katie Couric website. (And psst…Katie’s new show debuts September 10. We’re excited!) Kristen’s list of cool gifts for geeky girls includes great picks for brainy boys too. They Might Be Giants needs your help to get their Alphabet of Nations video finished!  Turn that old sandbox into a planter box and get your kids gardening before the weekend is through. (h/t Modern Parents Messy Kids)...

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Cool Mom Picks in Martha Stewart Living!

Well of course you all know we already love Martha Stewart Living, but we now have an extra- special thing for the February issue, since you’ll find Cool Mom Picks in it. What a huge, huge thrill for us! Check page 30 for our tips from us on putting together a theater in the box to keep the kids entertained on foul weather weekends. We’ve included a lot of Etsy favorites, plus some who might be new to you and they’ve photographed it and art directed it all so beautifully. Of course.     It’s a fabulous issue, so we’d...

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A simple Mother’s Day brunch idea. (Would Martha Stewart steer us wrong?)

Ironically, even though I’m the one who’s supposed to being “honored” for Mother’s Day I end up being the one working my butt off putting together a brunch for everyone else. But, before I hang streamers for my pity party I must say that I am actually looking forward to it this year, thanks to a bunch of simple recipes I picked up in this month’s issue of Everyday Food. I got to visit one of Martha’s actual test kitchens this week (and have bruises from pinching myself) while a team of remarkably talented food editors served up some...

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The new super cool Disney celebrity ads – Princesses, queens, and octopi, O my

Mirror, mirror, on the wall: What does the Evil Queen look like after all? For the third time, Disney has commissioned photographer Annie Leibovitz to turn beloved animated characters into spectacular dreamscape images for their ad campaign. While we don’t tend to cover ad campaigns, we kind of love this one.  Especially now that we’re finally seeing Disney villains! [see the cool celebs as Disney character images after the jump] The model choices might surprise you. Belle is played by Penelope Cruz, and her transformed Beast is Jeff Bridges, looking a whole lot better than he did in True...

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