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Tegu blocks, now customizable. And adorable. And possibly covered in pink dinosaurs.

Since their launch, we’ve been huge fans of Tegu, makers of the smart, high quality, sustainable wood and magnetic block sets that have just blown up over the years. While their collection of choices has gotten bigger, now Tegu has a wonderful new offering that’s going in the other direction. The adorably creative  Tegu MyBLOCKHEAD wooden block sets are little customizable block sets that let you add a whole lot of personality to an existing set of their blocks, or just create a fun little toy for a kid all on its own. Whether your child is a soccer star, likes everything to be pink, pink, pink, really digs Nyan...

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6 sets of cool wooden blocks for older kids that are anything but square

Just when I think it’s time to put the baby blocks away, my kids will surprise me by building some huge creative structure on the living room floor, enhanced by LEGO men and dollhouse furniture. Still, I can tell the basic square blocks we’ve had for ten years aren’t quite cutting it anymore. In my search for some cool wooden blocks for older kids like my own, I’ve found some incredible sets that look more like inspiring works of art than baby toys. These wooden block sets might even keep my kids from asking for more screen time, and I say that’s worth...

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11 of our very favorite travel toys and books for kids to help make those miles pass quickly

If Spring Break or Easter has you heading out by plane, train, or automobile, you may be wondering how to keep your kids happily occupied beyond the iPad, as you travel from Point A to Point B. And since we all know how hard it is to hear “are we there yet?” for the 200th time, I’ve pulled together 11 of the most portable, fun, and quiet travel toys for kids that we can all vouch help make the miles whiz by. CMP is an rstyle affiliate   Related: Road trip help for families: Tons of sanity savers, tips and our favorite essential products    Magnetic Toys I...

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12 truly cool back to school crafts that beat macaroni art

While yes, you can–and I have–let the kids go to town on that plain canvas pencil case with Sharpies, I’ve been on the lookout for cool back to school crafts that might be more fun and interesting. And I do mean cool ones; I spent ages really combing the web for craft ideas that look fantastic, they’re not ridiculously hard to do, and none of them suck up to the teacher with something with an apple painted on it. (Save that til holiday time, eh?) This is the kind of stuff we’d gladly buy, but if you have the inclination, some of the most brilliant crafters and...

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Clever photo gifts aren’t just for grandparents, you know. 5 great photo gift ideas that kids will love.

When you think of custom photo gifts, most people probably think of calendars for Grandma–sweet, but a bit predictable. So why not use photos to make gifts for the littlest members of your family too? Kids love to look at faces–especially familiar ones–so we think it’s a terrific idea to make custom photo gifts for our kiddos. For a few years, we’ve happened to love the quality of Pinhole Press holiday cards and photo products, so we’re thrilled to see some of the amazing new products they have out just in time for the holidays. Check out the collection...

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Tegu blocks go mobile. i.e. They like to move it, move it.

When we find something as smart and cool as the magnetic blocks by Tegu, we keep an eye out for whatever they come up with next, because we know it’s going to knock our socks off. This time, they’re knocking our blocks off by adding— drumroll– wheels! [don’t miss a chance to win your own set after the jump!] We, like pretty much every parent out there, fell for the fun, eco-friendly, magnetic blocks the first time we saw them. But now that they’ve added the new Tegu Mobility line, building takes on a whole new dimension. You can...

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Clothes that are easy to get baby in and out of–and now easy on the eyes, too.

I’m all about finding ways to make life easier, especially when there’s a newborn at home. To that end, we raved about the clever designs from Magnificent Baby when it first launched. The magnetic closure baby clothes make getting baby dressed a zillion times easier than snaps or buttons. And now they’ve teamed up with one of our favorite mom websites (no, not us!) for a brand new design that’s just too cute. Magnificent Baby and A-List Mom founder Elina Furman put their minds together and designed the adorable Elephants on Parade fall collection. It’s the same thoughtful sleepwear...

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Magnetic wall paint: Redefining the term babe magnet

Am I the only one running out of space on the fridge due to a cheesy collection of state capital and alphabet magnets? It seems like my attempt at uncluttered living is in constant jeopardy… so what’s an OCD mama to do? Thanks to the brilliant minds at Kling Magnetics there may hope for us yet. These folks have cleverly developed a simple magnetic paint primer that can actually transform any wall in your home into a giant magnet friendly space. If you were amazed by the genius of chalkboard paint then this will be right up your alley. I think...

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Something for those poor new babies who will always get the combined birthday/holiday gift the rest of their lives.

If you’re like me, your baby will be sitting up quite nicely by the time the birth announcements go out. In fact, you might think to yourself, I have to do holiday cards anyway, why not just wait? Why not, indeed? You can do it all this holiday season with magnetic combination birth announcements/holiday cards from Magnet Street Baby. The site is really fun to use, recommending other items with similar themes and sizes, and even offering up coordinated envelopes. Then just upload your favorite new-baby images into the the template that best suits your style, whether you like...

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