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A colorful toy mail bag for kids that’s ready to deliver fun

Since most of the mail I get in my own mailbox is junk or bills, I’d love to see my kids playing mail carrier and delivering me something really special using Miss Pretty Pretty’s colorful felt mail bag. Perhaps delivered to this cute printable mailbox we shared a while back? Coming from Julie the same Etsy artist that has given us the most creative and well-made handmade playhouses we may have seen, ever, Miss Pretty Pretty’s child-sized mail bag is ready to go to work. Or play. Through rain, sleet, snow, or just across a messy playroom. She can even customize it in whatever color combination your...

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You’ve got very cute mail

If your kids get as excited as mine when they get something in the mailbox, then check out this adorable and free printable mailbox from TinyMe that will let you send and receive notes from your kids anytime, no stamp required. This printable craft looks like it could be completed while kids are at preschool, or maybe even during naptime if your kids’ nap longer than mine ever did. If you have two kids, they can each have their own mailbox as there is an all-red version and a red-and-blue version to assemble. And siblings can even write to each other that...

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Plant Stamps: Seeded stickers that do more than ruin your car windows (says this mom)

Stickers can be the bane of a parent’s existence, especially when they’re plastered to the car windows or gumming up the vacuum cleaner. Ask me how I know. But a mom-and-pop company from Massachusetts caught our attention among the Martha Stewart American Made finalists for turning boring old stickers into a craft project for kids, a nifty wedding gift, a way to make the world a prettier place, and a great business employing people with disabilities. Sweet… basil! Plant Stamps are made in the USA and come in a variety of styles to suit any occasion from a wedding to a baby...

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The DIY teeny tiny letter writing kit that’s filled with great big awesomeness

Letter writing isn’t a hobby I would have imagined my almost-seven-year-old daughter would become obsessed with, especially with our love for Rainbow Loom still strong. The Tiny Mail Activity Kit from Leafcutter Designs has caught on fast, though, and turned her and her friends into letter-writing maniacs. Five years ago, we discovered the company that has offered the clever World’s Smallest Post to send tiny cards, letters and packages through US mail on behalf of …oh, say, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. Now they’ve launched a DIY letter-writing kit, and we’re hooked.   When my daughter first opened one up,...

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Baby is here -STOP- telegrams are back in style -STOP-

I love a beautiful birth announcement as much as the next person, but they are starting to seem redundant these days. Now nothing’s faster than a quick tweet or Facebook post letting everyone you’ve ever known since you were 4 that the baby arrived….like, two minutes ago. And that’s exactly why I like the classic old-school idea of sending out a telegram instead.   Telegram Stop lets friends and family know the newest family member has arrived, with cool retro style and no-rush charm. (After all, that baby took her grand old time getting here too, right?) It’s not just for...

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This past Valentine’s Day, love was spread!

We had the best time this week in New York, spreading a little love at our Valentine-making party in collaboration with our partner the U.S. Postal Service. In keeping with the theme, turns out either sleet nor snow nor Snowpocalypse Nemo could keep all these intrepid families from coming out on a wintry Saturday, eating some treats, getting creative with glitter glue and sparkles, and addressing all their gorgeous creations so we could send them out to their loved ones with the Sealed with Love stamp. Don’t miss a great giveaway for 5 readers below! Enjoy some of our...

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DIY Valentine’s Day craft video: Embroidered heart handmade card

Last up in our DIY Valentine’s Day craft video series, here’s an embroidered heart handmade card that your kids can easily sew and send, created by Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte and brought to you by the U.S. Postal Service and its new limited-edition Sealed with Love stamp. If you’re like us and get a little nervous when you see the word “sew,” you won’t believe how easy this card is to make and how truly wonderful it looks. You’ll just need a few craft supplies plus the free, printable heart card or XOXO card. For more Valentine’s Day...

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DIY Valentine’s Day craft video: Secret code Braille handmade card

We love Valentine’s Day cards you can make yourself, and up next in our DIY Valentine’s Day craft video series that’s brought to you by the U.S. Postal Service and its new limited-edition Sealed with Love stamp, here’s a DIY secret code braille card that your kids will love making and sending to their friends and family created by the amazing Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte. All you’ll need is a few simple supplies that you’ve probably got in your craft drawer, plus this free, printable Braille alphabet download. For more Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can make yourself, check out our...

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Making mail magical again. Real mail. Remember that?

No more pretending the Anthropologie catalog is a special delivery–kids deserve their own mailbox surprises. So I’m happy to have found a fun new service that combines original art and stories with good, old-fashioned stamps. Abe’s Peanut is an original venture by two sisters who loved sending postcards as kids. Bringing together professional artists and storytellers, they create a different story each month told through four postcards. It’s not cheap, but it is a super birthday gift, considering your child will receive a hand-addressed, gorgeously designed postcard about once a week.  And there are no batteries, no disks, no...

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