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Le Tote: A fab fashion subscription service that keeps you in style, affordably | Sponsored Message

This is a sponsored message from Le Tote If you’ve got a love of fashion, but don’t necessarily have the budget to support your fabulous taste, check out Le Tote, a fashion subscription service that lets you borrow from hundreds of popular brands without the huge investment.   Sign up, then pick the clothes and accessories that best suit your style. Le Tote will curate your very own box of items, which you can even change before they ship it to you. No dressing rooms with screaming kids, no waiting in checkout lines, and definitely no laundry or dry cleaning. Just return your worn, unwashed items to...

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Maternity clothes you’ll want to wear even if you’re not pregnant.

Ever had that feeling of irritable jealousy when you caught your pregnant friend still rocking cute cotton dresses and jeans without expandable waists? Yep, me too. In a blink of an eye I was in clothes that made me look like I was due any moment. . . and let’s not even discuss how long I wore those saggy maternity clothes after my baby was born. I could have used some pieces from the new-to-the-US Mayarya: More than Maternity line, which has so many gorgeous outfits that are designed to work with a woman’s changing body, whether she’s expecting, nursing, or not expecting at all. Created by Japan’s Reika...

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Mitera maternity and nursing dresses: If you’ve got the dough, they’ve got the perfect LBDs.

Okay, I’m going to get one important thing out of the way first: The maternity and nursing clothing line I’m about to tell you about is a splurge. Like, a really big splurge. But if your best friend has the nerve to get married when you’re still nursing your baby; or say you’re pregnant and have a super-important work event for which you need a super-amazing dress that says I’m still in the game, oh colleague who’s eyeing my job; or even if you just want to gaze at the pictures of these amazing dresses and imagine yourself wearing them, then Mitera maternity and...

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Rental maternity clothes: the genius way to look good at holiday parties

Having three babies in the winter means I spent three Decembers struggling with whether or not I should invest in a maternity winter coat I would only wear for a month or two. Same with holiday party dresses. It was such a shame to buy clothing I knew would get such limited use. If only I’d had Borrow For Your Bump rental maternity clothes,  I’m pretty sure I would have been their best customer. Borrow for your Bump is like Rent the Runway for the pregnant set–genius for all the mamas who want to look amazing while pregnant without investing too heavily...

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To maternity and beyond: Fourth Love looks chic even after your 9 months are up.

The idea of a stylish maternity clothing line that still fits after your nine months are up is a relatively new thing. And a welcome one. While some creative (and super fit) moms can get away with buying their normal designer faves a few sizes up to compensate for their growing middle, it’s nice for the rest of us to find maternity clothes that actually grow–and un-grow–with your body. The new label Fourth Love enters this growing market (bad pun, I know) with a chic line that works on the way up and down. I’m skeptical at the thought of...

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A maternity dress you can really live in

It’s pretty well established at this point that we curvy girls are ever grateful for the wrap dress as a wardrobe staple. And now when those curves extend (and extend and extend) to your baby bump, there’s a cool maternity dress that will get you through months of pregnancy and back down again. I really like the Judy maternity wrap dress from Isabella Oliver. The shape is flattering, the blue color will look dazzling on any skin tone, the short sleeves take care of some of our (ahem) problem areas on the upper arms. It’s just the perfect day...

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Stylish maternity wear for working mamas who want to work it

If I were pregnant right about now (and I am so not–just to be clear) I would be all over the new spring maternity line at Hatch Collection. They make the kind of splurgy, sophisticated pieces for working mamas who need to invest in a few great items they can live in without feeling frumpy. I think my favorite is the slouch dress which comes in either a comfy jersey (my vote!) or a few washable silk-poly options in bright, fun colors. It’s the kind of versatile dress you can wear to work with great shoes; over leggings on...

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Isabella Oliver bumps up your fall style to major chicdom

Not too many women wish they were pregnant in the heat of August. But when I got a glimpse at Isabella Oliver’s new fall/winter maternity collection, I admit almost wish I had a baby bump. The just-launched autumn/winter 2012 collection from Isabella Oliver is jam packed with the chicest maternity essentials I’ve seen in a while. My favorites are the sleek and minimal ruched shirts, which are perfect for every day wear; and the adorable striped T-shirt dresses, plus a black wrap dress that would look great on pretty much anyone. These are the kind of building blocks every woman...

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Maternity loungewear for the first, third, and fifth trimesters

I admit that a few kids ago, I’d probably roll my eyes a bit at the idea of maternity loungewear. But after seeing the gorgeous dresses from one of our favorite brands, Belabumbum, I’m almost wishing I had a real excuse to wear them. They’re so amazing that whether you’re in your 1st, 3rd, or 5th trimester (or 15th? Ahem), they look and feel fabulous. [don’t miss a great giveaway after the jump!] To me, the standout in their newest line is the beautiful reversible maternity dress that’s incredibly soft and comfortable. The crossover neck gives you easy nursing access, and...

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Maternity couture with a due date

I had this dress when I was pregnant that made me feel like a goddess. I wore it to two weddings, several parties, and a couple of dates. And then I had the babies and passed it on to another mama like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Dress. “This is going to make you look and feel amazing,” I said, and then a tear slipped out. Since maternity clothes cost so much– especially high fashion dresses– wouldn’t it be better if you could just rent what you need and then ship it back? Yeah, we think so, too....

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