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Maternity clothes you’ll want to wear even if you’re not pregnant.

Ever had that feeling of irritable jealousy when you caught your pregnant friend still rocking cute cotton dresses and jeans without expandable waists? Yep, me too. In a blink of an eye I was in clothes that made me look like I was due any moment. . . and let’s not even discuss how long I wore those saggy maternity clothes after my baby was born. I could have used some pieces from the new-to-the-US Mayarya: More than Maternity line, which has so many gorgeous outfits that are designed to work with a woman’s changing body, whether she’s expecting, nursing, or not expecting at all. Created by Japan’s Reika...

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Sex after pregnancy: 5 tips from Rosie Pope to help you get back in the saddle again

Sex after pregnancy isn’t exactly the hottest topic ever, because when you’ve just had a baby, well, it’s probably the last thing on your mind. But, it’s definitely important for a relationship, and one that a lot of parents have a lot of questions about. So, on this week’s episode of Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we welcomed our first guest, the amazing Rosie Pope, mom of four and the creative force behind the swanky Rosie Pope Maternity and Rosie Pope Baby. You probably recognize her from her Bravo show Pregnant in Heels, which made us all feel a little better...

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Cake Maternity’s new lingerie offerings. Just in time to help moms-to-be feel sexy on Valentine’s Day too.

Valentine’s Day is, of course, my free pass to splurge on sexy lingerie. But don’t underestimate the power of lacy cotton panties to keep you feeling flirty the other 364 days of the year. We’ve been big fans of Cake Lingerie‘s beautiful lingerie made specifically for moms-to-be, and now I’m excited about their new fashion knickers packs. It’s comfortable-yet-sexy everyday underwear that you can wear during those months when you need a little extra something to make you feel fabulous, and then, long after baby is born.       This set of four very soft, very pretty cotton panties are cut low in the...

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Hotmilk sexy nursing bras. Oh yes they are. And so are you.

So let’s talk sexy nursing bras. Because Mama, you’ve done an amazing job growing a beautiful, perfect little baby inside of you for the last nine months. Then you rocked that delivery, bringing him or her into this world. And now you’re spending your days snuggling and loving on that baby while you nurse. But I also know that feeding a baby all the time is no easy task, and can make some of us feel more like the chuck wagon than a gorgeous, confident woman. Which is why the new line of sexy nursing bras from  CMP favorite Hotmilk could be a fun...

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Sexy maternity lingerie for Valentine’s Day: Yes, you can go there. And you should.

Sexy maternity lingerie when you’re pregnant or nursing? I’m on board! When I was pregnant and nursing, I always felt a little bummed about Valentine’s Day; it was hard for me to feel really attractive when I ballooned up to the size of a Smart Car or was leaking breast milk. So I’m super excited for my new-mama friends who get to buy from lingerie designers who are making women feel sexy in beautiful, sweet and even a little racy maternity lingerie like the ones here. The maternity bra-and-panty sets from You! Lingerie (at top) are super hot — and affordable....

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Maternity lingerie ideas to help you make the holidays a little uh…more festive.

Why maternity lingerie? Well between the well-meaning but okay-enough-already belly touches of visiting relatives and feeling like your burgeoning bump is making you look a bit too much like Santa himself, holidays can be rough on a mama-to-be.  So we’re for anything that makes you feel a little more woman and a little less incubator. We’ve tracked down some of the softest, sexiest new holiday maternity lingerie collections around–pieces that’ll make you feel comfy, sexy, and festive all at once. Without looking like a Christmas tree ornament. -Lexi We’ve always dug the super soft maternity loungewear from Belabumbum and...

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Maternity loungewear for the first, third, and fifth trimesters

I admit that a few kids ago, I’d probably roll my eyes a bit at the idea of maternity loungewear. But after seeing the gorgeous dresses from one of our favorite brands, Belabumbum, I’m almost wishing I had a real excuse to wear them. They’re so amazing that whether you’re in your 1st, 3rd, or 5th trimester (or 15th? Ahem), they look and feel fabulous. [don’t miss a great giveaway after the jump!] To me, the standout in their newest line is the beautiful reversible maternity dress that’s incredibly soft and comfortable. The crossover neck gives you easy nursing access, and...

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Maternity and nursing lingerie you can live in

Having just had a baby three months ago, I know oh so well the need to be comfy during pregnancy–especially when you sleep. Forget about getting up to pee every 20 minutes, there’s also the issue of sleeping on your back or your side (I’m a tummy sleeper) and let’s not forget the muscle aches. So when I slipped into the ridiculously comfy–and yet stylish–maternity lingerie from Belabumbum, I yawned with excitement. I packed a set of Belabumbum’s lounge pants and a nursing camisole with me for my hospital stay and lived in the pants the entire time. I...

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Breastfeeding Week Pick: Bella Materna Nursing Bras

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, we’ve asked our contributors to share their favorite nursing picks. When it comes to nursing, I’m an anywhere, anytime kind of gal. In grocery stores, while talking on the phone, while walking with baby in a carrier (maybe even all of those at once if I’m feeling particularly crazy). I couldn’t do it without my very favorite nursing bras from Bella Materna. I love all of their styles, but the Anytime Bralet makes my life especially easy. The Italian microfiber (fancy!) is so great that I’m still using the same bras with baby...

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A comfy maternity top that holds it all in

Pregnancy presents some interesting sartorial challenges. Wearing a bra can feel torturous, but keeping the girls supported is a necessity. Covering the belly can feel oppressive, but not keeping it sheathed is out of the question. So what’s a mama-to-be to do? A multitasking bra/tank combo is one of the best options out there. Sure, there are many tank tops on the market with built-in bras, but the new Maternity Bra Tank from Glamourmom was designed especially for the wardrobe challenges every pregnant woman (including me!) face. The ruched detail on both sides of the belly area allows for...

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