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10 last-minute essentials to help you survive the Christmas holiday

As busy parent with Christmas right around the corner (ten days as of today, to be exact), I am thankful for places that make it easy to get all the last-minute stuff that I forgot to get but really, really need, in one handy place, like our sponsor CVS. Who you may know we’re kind of obsessed with around here. (Those ExtraCare Rewards receipts cannot be long enough for us.) Last month I shared my list of last-minute Thanksgiving essentials and now that I’ve blinked, and it’s time to get ready for Christmas, wow, they’ve got the place stocked with lots of stuff you need...

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11 last-minute essentials at CVS that help you survive Thanksgiving weekend

As a busy parent, I greatly appreciate the idea of a one-stop shop for, well…everything. But as a busy parent during the holidays, I really appreciate it. This is why we’ve all been huge CVS fans around here, and we’re so happy they’re our newest sponsor. And yes, we’re all also fans of the gihugic money-saving cashback receipts. Laugh if you will; that’s free money right there! So before my trip north for Thanksgiving this year, I made a quick stop with my girls to pick up a bunch of pre-Thanksgiving essentials that you might want to have on hand too, from the big brand stuff,...

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11 natural cold and flu remedies for kids that can help them feel better faster

Fall may be our favorite season — with its cooler temperatures, hot coffees, and the chance to laugh at pumpkin spice everything. But cold and flu season most definitely is not our favorite. A few of us have already been feeling the sniffles, so we’ve put together 11 great natural cold and flu remedies for kids, that we all tend to turn to before heading the medicine route. The other thing we tend to do that’s all natural? Get out our thermometers to make sure our kids aren’t just faking their symptoms to get out of school. (Ha.) Fans of Cool Mom Tech know that...

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It’s World Immunization Week. Here’s 3 ways you can help make sure more kids grow up healthy.

This year, April 24-30 is World Immunization Week, and based on the screams emanating from the pediatrician’s office on my last visit, I’m guessing this isn’t one my kids are thrilled about. But as they get older, they’ll know why they should be. Vaccines save lives—an estimated 3 million per year, in fact. As a mom, I want to do everything I can to make sure my kids aren’t at risk for contracting polio, measles, or any other disease once cut young lives short. Mothers in the developing world don’t always access to these immunizations though, and right now 20% of the world’s children aren’t getting the vaccines they...

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7 children’s cold and flu season must-haves. Also, for parents’ sanity

If your house is anything like ours, the childrens’  cold and flu season has arrived with a vengeance and you’ve got a revolving door of illness–or are miraculously staving it off. Somehow, it always catches us off guard, and we’re scrambling to stock our medicine cabinets, drawers, and kids’ rooms with everything they need to make it through another round of the coughs, the sniffles, or worse. We’re excited to be working with our newest sponsor Drip Drop, which is a cool new medical hydration solution–you know, like elecctrolytes for kids that they actually like drinking–and we’re especially intrigued...

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An all-natural, organic solution to those pesky summer itchies

When I was a little kid, I just scratched mosquito bites until they bled. Like a boss. But now that I like to shave my legs, wear breezy dresses, and not look totally grody, I’m super excited to have found an all-natural salve to help calm the itchies. And it’s great for kids and pregnant women, too. I’d been waiting to test Anti Itch Balm until I had, you know, an itch. A very helpful mosquito heard about my plight and proceeded to spend an entire night in my bed. I woke up clamoring for the little pot of...

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A creative approach to help kids coping with childhood asthma

I developed asthma as an adult. So I can only imagine how scary it is for a young child to have to deal with the coughing, wheezing, and breathlessness that comes with the disease. Not to mention the fear of being “different” from all your friends when you’re reaching for an inhaler in class or before soccer practice.  The good news? Kids can breathe easier now, thanks to one Australian company that’s taking a creative, colorful approach to helping kids with asthma to stay medicated–and healthy. Asthma Peeps’ unique line of asthma-management products were developed by one family who wanted...

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A cute talking elephant helps the medicine go down

In our household, dealing with kids’ flus and colds is a sticky process. I mean this literally: we are usually well-doused in prescribed medicine before any of it actually ends up inside the child. It’s not necessarily that the kids don’t want the medicine itself–the stuff tastes like Kool Aid these days–it’s more that the actual procedure is kind of scary for them.  To Tiffany Krumins, the solution was perfectly clear: make medicine-giving fun. She even went on ABC’s “Shark Tank” to debut her idea: AVA the Elephant, a cute, talking medicine dispenser. You just remove the dropper from AVA’s trunk...

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How to lick a kid’s cold

We can put a man on a moon, but we can’t beat that obnoxious collection of shifty viruses. So how cool that there’s now an all-natural cough drop for kids, in convenient lollipop form. When we received a bag of LILAPOPS, an all natural cough drop for kids, both of my children instantly began coughing and staggering around in the hopes that I would let them have a taste. I didn’t fall for it. But when the flu struck last week, I’m so glad we were prepared. My sick preschooler now thinks LILAPOPS are the best medicine ever. The...

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The really cool allergy action kit we hope you won’t have to use

Since my son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy two years ago, we’ve made several permanent adjustments to our family’s lifestyle. No more trips to the Chinese buffet down the street, or the ice cream parlour. No more visits to most restaurants, period without calling ahead. No more unidentified cupcakes at classmates’ birthday parties. No more (sigh) trick-or-treating at Halloween.  And most importantly, no going anywhere, ever, without my son’s EpiPen.  Which is why I’ll be buying him an allergy action kit from Medpax. The “why didn’t I think of that?” invention of a mom who also happens to be a doctor,...

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