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Our favorite summer sandals for women and kids from the massive new Target sale: Most under $12!

This post presented in partnership with Target If you’re not a total Target addict like I am (seriously, my daughter and I spent a good two hours in their Brooklyn store yesterday and I have the biceps to show for it), you may not be aware that they just kicked off their Deal Days of Summer Sale. Let’s just say…huge. Discounted items are even more discounted. And if you happen to have the Cartwheel app, which saved me a sweet 20% off the sheets I was buying anyway, then even better. Each day from now through July 4, you’ll find a different deal on home goods,...

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Why Bombas socks are the bomb

With summer slip-on shoe season finally here, it’s also officially stinky feet season, which is why I’ve been on the hunt for peds that don’t suck. You know, those no-show socks that keep your feet dry while you wear your favorite TOMS, Chuck Taylors, Vans (or if you’re like Liz, Superga sneakers). Well, since trying Bombas socks, I’m a happy girl and my feet are too. Related: The newest TOMS let you dip your toes into the political process  I actually purchased Bombas socks through a Facebook ad (yes apparently, they do work!) and I’m so glad I did. Their no-show socks...

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Vans shoes, even customizable for your budding fashion designer

I just so happened to be in a Vans store without children last weekend (dreamy, right?) and whoa, just when I thought some of my favorite shoes couldn’t get any cooler, they did. If you’re like me and are shopping for spring and summer shoes for your kids, take a peek at what I found. So, while the Late Night line isn’t super new, it’s definitely new to me. I snatched up the Donut slip-ons for my daughter, who’s completely, 100% obsessed with them. But I have to say the Pizza slip-ons cracked me up. Related: Fayvel shoes let...

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Andy Warhol Converse. What else needs to be said?

When saw the new Andy Warhol Converse collection, well, mic drop. Or whatever Andy would have said twenty years ago. Which is likely nothing at all; he’d just sit and stare at them and smile. After all, if any pop artist could totally get being the commercialism of his work it would be Warhol, especially when its executed in such an awesome way. Created in collab with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, you’ll find four ready-for-spring styles of Andy Warhol floral Cons for women and men in both hightop and low-top styles. I’m usually a hightop gal, but I’m drawn...

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Bucketfeet shoes bring real artwork to kids’ feet. Eh, walls have been done.

My son has doodled on the wall, the table, and an ottoman — by accident, of course — so we continue to remind him that markers are for paper. But what happens when he enters the inevitable drawing-on-shoes phase of childhood? If your child is looking to make a statement, I’d say BucketFeet artist-designed shoes are a more fashion-forward alternative to a black marker. And relatively affordable for such an international street-art style statement. Related: My Little Pony sneakers are here, and like friendship, they are magic It’s kind of like a Minted for footwear; artists around the world from Brooklyn to Bogota, who include illustrators, graffiti artists, and tattoo...

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14 romantic Valentine’s gifts for him under 50: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The truth is, if you want a romantic Valentine’s Day for him, it doesn’t have to be plane tickets to Paris. (Not that we’d discourage that.) In fact it can cost a whole lot less. So we took the time to track down some really fun Valentine’s gifts for the lucky man in your life, all under $50. Not including the card of course. Which can possibly be the most romantic of all. We’re so happy that our 2015 Valentine’s Day gift guide is sponsored by Kindle Love Stories, a vibrant Amazon community that chats about the best recommendations and deals for fun romance...

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Glerups: The perfect slippers for around the house. Or the chalet.

My kids have a slipper thing. I have no idea when or how it started, but they are obsessed, and very, very picky. This one is too slippery…that one is warm but scratchy... You can’t imagine how many we try and never bother to buy–or recommend here. But now, remarkably, they’ve found another pair that meets their high standards: Glerups. Made from 100% pure felted sheeps wool with calfskin soles, these traditional Danish kids slippers look as unfussy and cozy as they feel. Plus, it’s fun to say. Glerups. Glerups. Glerups.  They have that kind of Scandinavian styling that I’ve always liked — structured but not...

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Star Wars Vans: Coming in June, these limited-edition kicks are the Sith.

For Star Wars fans, every day is May the Fourth (Be With You). That’s why I have a LEGO Boba Fett riding shotgun in my cup holder. Heh. But if you like your Star Wars with high fashion and limited-edition bling, you’re going to dig the just-announced Vault by Vans x Star Wars, which combines the classic sneakers with Yoda, Vader, At-Ats, and a galaxy of star style. The line includes six Star Wars Vans in high and low styles–and they’re only making 300 of each.   Whether you’re into classic leather skate shoes, pirate-inspired prints with helmets with crossed lightsabers, or...

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The Year of the Snake: coming soon to a shoe near you

You’d have to know that the Chinese Year of the Snake, which starts on February 10, would be the perfect excuse for designers to get down with some snakeskin prints. Which is perhaps why we’re starting to see the print everywhere, including this one unexpected place: the Converse shop. The Chuck Taylor Year of the Snake line includes some really fabulous styles for both women and men in the Converse “Premium” category. In other words, $100 sneakers. But what awesome $100 sneakers they are. The pricey ones are real snakeskin on a leather upper (I’m crushing on the tawny...

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One-of-a-kind custom Vans. Be still our hearts. Or feet?

We are really into shoes around these parts. It’s a great way for kids to express themselves, both at school and around town (or the skatepark, because somehow we always end up there). Up until now, mine have been borrowing my Sharpie to give their shoes some individual flair. Thankfully, there’s a better way to accomplish this thanks to our friends at Vans. Look down at your shoes. Imagine if you could take each panel and rock a paint by numbers for your feet, right down to the lacing eyelets. Heck, you can forgo lacing altogether and choose the...

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Game of Thrones Converse! Pledge your royal allegiance with your feet

Calling all Game of Thrones addicts: Whether you took the Facebook quiz or already had a favorite character, chances are you feel an affinity for one of the seven Great Houses. Personally, I’m Team Khal. For those of you with official mottos and coats of arms, you’re going to be on these kicks like Jaimie Lannister on…ew. Never mind. Tannim on Etsy created these custom Game of Thrones Converse All-Stars in tones to suit even the most finicky royal. There’s no design to rub off or painting to crack–Converse actually embroiders the house name and builds the shoe, and...

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Comic Cons

Let’s face the facts: you might be Supermom to your kids, but you can’t drive a Batmobile. Most of us don’t want to be seen in Catwoman’s black leather suit. And, much to my personal dismay, Christan Bale has yet to show up at my door, caped or otherwise. Fortunately, you can now own your own, customized chunk of the Batman legacy. And you can wear it, too. The new custom DC Comics Converse sneakers just launched, and there’s an entire world of superhero (and supervillain) action waiting to happen– on your feet. Or your kids’ feet, if they’re...

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