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Mittyz totally reinvents mittens for kids. Starting with the fact that kids will actually want to wear them.

Wintery white snowy days are coming whether we are ready for them or not. This year I am going to try to be prepared with updated snow gear for the kids that fits and is comfortable, encouraging longer outdoor playtime. So lucky us, we just discovered Mittyz mittens, a really different new kind of mittens for kids with some smart features designed to keep them on. Not that your kids will want to take them off. Mittyz (also available at Amazon right now at a good discount) are made to slip on hands easily — even over those bulky Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man coat sleeves — and to stay...

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One-of-a-kind, handmade wool slippers for baby that are beyond adorable.

As cute as those little baby fingers and toes are, winter is coming, and it’s time for all those digits to go under wraps. If you’re looking to keep your little ones snug and warm in something really special, you’ve got to check out the eco-friendly and adorable handmade wool slippers and mittens for babies from Cate and Levi. Related: Cool gifts for baby’s first Christmas: Holiday gift guide 2015 We’ve been gaga over Toronto-based Cate and Levi ever since we saw how the company took reclaimed wool, mainly from discarded sweaters that were destined for the landfill, and turned it into unique stuffed animals, incredible wall art,...

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Beautiful holiday party clothes your kids can wear all winter long

We love dressing our kids up for the holidays, but there’s something satisfying about picking clothes that they can wear beyond the parties and special events already crowding the calendar. That’s why we’re so happy to be working with our sponsor eden + zoe again. We’ve been huge fans of the lovely cashmere knitwear brand created by mom and designer Melissa Wang for so many years. This season, she’s added a gorgeous baby and toddler line, so you lucky parents of little ones get a chance to experience these truly amazing pieces. We’ve seen them in person and wow, they’re super soft...

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10 of the cutest pirate gifts for kids because, argggg it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Avast, me hearties, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. And since this esteemed annual holiday falls on a Saturday this year, our kids can plunder the living room and giggle about the “poop deck” all day long without getting in trouble in the classroom. To get you and your little buccaneers in the mood, we’ve rounded up ten great pirate gifts for kids that we love.   Flatout Frankie’s Stack Up Pirates come together to make a fun plaything or bit of room decor for your pirate lover. Made of 100% recyclable cardboard, these two pirates are also a bit of a...

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WarmMuffs: The first sleeping bags for the person pushing the stroller, not riding in it.

When I first saw a pair of WarmMuffs from our friends at 7AM Enfant earlier this winter, my brain instantly filed them under Things You Totally Don’t Need In Life. One arctic freeze of a winter later, I admit I’ve come back to thinking about them. Now I firmly place them in the Things You Totally Don’t Need In Life But Will Probably Be Really Glad You Have During an Arctic Freeze file. Essentially these are super warm, cozy, sleeping bag style stroller mittens, that are designed specifically to grip a stroller handle. The Velcro closure lets you wrap your fingers around the bar for a tighter grip than you’d get with...

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Don’t hate the cold. Love Winter.

The hardest person to keep warm in winter always seems to be the baby–they’re just too small to layer too much, and I hate trying to wrangle them into a coat. So other than layers of baby blankets, I turn to hats, booties, and mittens. This year I’m already obsessing about the Love Winter line of warm winter accessories for toddlers I just discovered from Elks & Angels.     The Love Winter hats, booties, and mittens are each available in almond, pink, or grey Australian sheepskin leather, accented with shearling wool, and they are sooooo soft. Seriously, this is pure luxury for your smallest family members....

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Mighty mittens that stay put so kids stay warm

In my neck of the woods, it seems the snow is now here to stay. And with the cold, snowy weather comes the whining. And the complaining. And the putting-a-pair-of-mittens-on-your-toddler-sixteen-times because you know, he keeps pulling them off. So I’m happy to see that CMP-fave mimiTENS has now created a new line just for babies and littler kids. MimiTENS stay on and the kids keep warm because these Canadian-made mittens have a long, stretchy cuff that goes over a child’s arm, keeping their mittens right where you want them. We Canadians know a thing or two about keeping warm, after...

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7 am enfant mittens

Yes, so I ‘m having a winter gloves thing this week. That’s what happens when the weather drops to freezing in the Northeast and my kids, who normally hate bundling up, start complaining about cold fingers. If you’ve got littler ones, and are tired of lost mitten syndrome–either because they don’t stay on well, or because, well, kid lose mittens–7 A.M. Enfant has some wonderful solutions. Mostly known for their fashionable Arctic weight stroller bags for babies, this French company also makes some wonderful accessories. The classic mittens have an elasticized wrist to keep snow and wind out (and baby...

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Kid mittens that war with each other instead of you

I sometimes feel like my son’s mittens are at war with me. I’m either always searching for one or trying to battle against my son’s hands to put them on. Finally, an adorable pair of mittens that appreciate the hand to hand combat we moms have to face every winter. The new handmade Vs Mittens Juniors are a genius way to get your kid to actually look forward to wearing mittens. Each pair comes with one animal predator…and one prey. You can choose from dog vs cat, frog vs fly or bird vs bee. My personal fave is the...

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Smitten with mittens

I know what you’re thinking– Why is the Georgia girl recommending mittens? Because I’m the biggest sissy about cold, that’s why. But I’m proud to say that we have three whole inches of snow right now, and I sent my kids straight outside to investigate the mysterious, white substance. It’s thirty-one degrees out there, people!  And that’s where mimiTENS comes in.These cute and clever mittens are made in Canada from eco-friendly water-repellent nylon, Thinsulate, and bamboo fleece, and they go all the way up over the elbow.  That means they stay on, no strings attached, even if  your kid’s...

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What’s better than a scarf? A Snood.

When I was in Spain last month, I was introduced to Snoods from Kid Cashmere, these beautiful handmade cashmere sleeves from mom Jolie Sutton. Over the head they’re like ear-warming hats, but down around the neck they replace scarves – maybe even better, after hearing all those scary stories about little kids who get their scarves caught in bad places. (Eek.) All the items in the shop are handmade from Italian and Scottish spun cashmere, and silk yarns, making them really smooth and not the fuzzy kind of cashmere that ends up in your mouth. And now that I...

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