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10 creative Zombie party ideas that are more creepy-fun than outright disgusting.

If cackling witches and spiders that drop from doorways aren’t quite creepy enough for you for Halloween, perhaps a zombie-themed party is more your speed. I started looking for some fun zombie party ideas now that my kids are getting older, but I realized so many of them are absolutely gross. As in brain cakes, that look so realistic I couldn’t even eat one. So I pared it down to the party ideas that are more fun and creative; hey, we don’t want your guests to lose their appetites for all the delicious food you’re serving at your party. Before you invite the undead to your...

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21 of the coolest free Halloween printables for kids. Because we’re all for fun that costs zero dollars.

As we start to get excited for Halloween around here — as in, endless costume discussions considering my girls have a new idea every 17 minutes or so — I’ve been distracting them with Halloween crafts projects, front door decor request, and coloring pages. In other words, I’ve spent a whole lot of time scouring the web lately for free Halloween printables that can keep them busy. While we’ve covered plenty over the years, there’s so much great new stuff I’m coming across that I figured I’d put together some of my favorite new Halloween printables, all thanks to some generous...

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Monster Defense Brave Spray is good news for you, bad news for monsters.

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? I am, but it’s not from ghosts or even monsters–just a kid in my house who firmly believes in them. Instead of calling Ghostbusters, I’ve discovered this yummy-smelling Monster Defense Brave Spray. It’s a lot less messy than ectoplasm, and probably way less expensive too. The coolest thing about this handy, 4 oz. spray besides that it’s a smart way to put your kids’ very real fears at ease, is that it smells utterly amazing–like French toast. Whether you’re answering a late night call to banish glowing...

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The coolest kids’ toys: Editors’ Best of 2013

There are always so many of the coolest kids’ toys from small companies for us to discover each year and 2013 was no exception. In our Editors’ Best of 2013 series, we offer you our very favorites of the year, each of which was chosen for its originality, craftsmanship, great design, and low wear-out factor. They’re not all the toys you’ll find in the big stores, and that’s in part what we love about them.       The Rainbow Loom As our editor Liz said on CNN this year, 2013 was the year of the Rainbow Loom! Girls...

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Create Your Own Monster for Christmas

When my kids saw the Create Your Own Monster Kit, they couldn’t wait to open the lid to unleash more than a dozen creatures into our living room. Fortunately, these colorful, snarling, lurching creatures don’t leave a mess and are actually pretty good houseguests. These aren’t your average monsters with blue fur and big teeth. All 12 of them are very snazzily designed, each by a different illustrator, like the Berlin art collective Klub7 and Swedish artist Camilla Engman, whose gift tags we’ve featured on CMP. And then three of them come “naked” as a blank canvas for your...

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Build your own monster, no lightning storm necessary

It’s alive! And it’s adorable. And you don’t need any pesky lightning to bring it to life. In fact, all you need are a few eye stalks, some munchy teeth, and possibly some adorable chevrons and stripes, because of course monsters come in chevrons and stripes. It’s 2013, after all. If you love eco-conscious, kid-safe blocks as much as we do, you won’t want to miss this collection of adorable monster body parts that can be stuck together in creative ways. We’ve covered Mad Scientist Blocks before, but these Stack N Scare wooden blocks from My Sweet Muffin really take...

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Monsters: way better on the wall than under the bed

The coast is clear. We checked under the bed, in the closet, and behind the curtains. The only monsters we found are these utterly adorable ones framed on the wall. And they look friendly. Well, except maybe for the chupacabra. If you have kids who dig monsters or adventures, here’s a cheap and stylish way to decorate their walls (or entice them to write those overdue thank-you notes). This four-pack of Monster Postcards from Quill and Fox on Etsy are only $7 for the set and carry a lot of design punch. You get Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster,...

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Monster tees for your monster dude

Lots of mamas to boys have a common complaint: not enough awesome boy clothing in the world. But you know what? Around here, we see more and more evidence that boy clothes are starting to rock. Like these, for example, from a most unexpected place. The boy clothing from Hanna Andersson is just too rad. I mean, look at these Go Monsters thermal tees: soft, washed cotton with graphics of monsters that are neither cutesy nor scary. The perfect blend of innocent mischief and mayhem, blended into a super-comfy shirt. And I would be lying if I said I...

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NOM NOM NOM your kid’s nightmares

Four is a magical age. And for us, it includes a daily account of closet gremlins and nightmares that involve an epic battle between Scooby Doo and armored Transformer/My Little Pony hybrids. I love the imagination. The fear of bedtime, not so much. That’s why I love the idea of this Nightmare Nibbler. After all, if you can’t beat the monsters, you might as well get an even scarier monster to chase them away and eat the nightmares, right? This handsome stuffed monster just happens to be named Norbert, and he’s part of the Nightmare Nibbler Nation, sent from...

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Make your own adorable monster army

We’re installing a hook-and-eye on my daughter’s closet today because she’s desperately convinced that the Gremlins live in there and come out to mess up her room each night. I don’t buy it. But here’s a book of monsters that I’m pretty sure she’ll welcome into our home, even if they cause paper cuts. The Papertoy Monsters book from Workman Press and edgy graphic designer Brian Castleforte brings together the world’s best designers and illustrators to deliver an adorable collection of make-it-yourself monsters. From Yucky Chuck to Zumbie the Zombie, there are fifty unique, die-cut monsters for you to...

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Here Be Monsters – And Birds And Robots And Squids – For Your Little Monster

You’d think that with all those businesses out there designing hip/cool/adorable/clever tees for kids, a mother would be able to find at least one sweet monster design that was exactly to her taste. I mean, robots are everywhere. So are space aliens and bug-like creatures and Che Guevara. And those are great and all, but I’ve really been wanting some monsters for my little monster. Because I love monsters, and, also, because he is a monster. In toddler form, but still. So I was really excited when I came across Luv My Lolly, an online kidswear shop that has...

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