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A new monthly gourmet subscription box with lots of reasons to love it.

While monthly subscription boxes are all the rage now, from beauty products to craft kits, I have to say I still have a thing for the gourmet boxes. With a culinary school grad in the house, we tend to have more kinds of salt than most people have shoes, and I’m always open to finding more. So I’m thrilled to introduce the wonderful new service, Love With Food, which not only serves up some tasty monthly goodness at a truly fantastic price, it also does plenty of good for others. For just $10 a month–that’s super cheap in subscription...

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Made with love: 6 easy DIY food gifts for Mother’s Day

Food gifts for Mother’s Day can be absolutely amazing, especially when they’re handmade with love. Add a heartfelt note, and a scribbly piece of art, and you’ve got a gift that’ll make at least this mama even more excited than a pair of Jimmy Choos. Check out these six easy homemade food gifts that will surely make any mama swoon. Skip the bouquet and use rosewater and even dried roses to infuse into Dark Chocolate Rose Truffles (above). These elegant treats by Najwa at Delicious Shots may sounds fancy, but they couldn’t be easier to make. Once you get...

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7 Great Mothers Day brunch recipes–even for those too busy to make Mothers Day brunch

Mothers Day brunch is one of my favorite traditions. However ever since having kids, Mother’s Day poses a conundrum. I want it to be my day, which means not doing anything for anybody, but I also want to treat my own mama, and that requires some effort.The solution? Host a make-ahead brunch, then steal away with my husband while Grandma spends QT with her adoring grandsons. It’s the perfect plan. Here are seven great brunch recipes that can be prepped in no time–some even the night before–so that you can kick up your heels on Mother’s Day and still...

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Chews wisely with Good Karmal.

“Creativity takes courage.” You know who said that? The wrapper around the piece of caramel I just ate. (And, yeah, Henri Matisse.) There’s something super sweet about candy that talks back, spreading a positive and uplifting message. And believe me when I say these caramels blow Bazooka Joe right out of the water. Good Karmal is a brilliant concept combining all-natural, handcrafted caramels with positive quotations that are uplifting and not cloying. I’ve been steadily devouring samples for two days, and I can assure you that I haven’t yet found a duplicate quote or one that made me roll...

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Screaming even louder for ice cream

Our household has yet to meet our summer’s quota of ice cream consumption (hint: it’s a lot). Happily, eCreamery, makers of that awesome custom ice cream we love, is supporting our earnest attempt to wear out our home ice cream maker this summer with their new special flavor additions for you DIY-ers. Each one comes with a pretty fail-proof recipe. We made Buttered Caramel–the adults loved it, the kids felt it was too strong–and Vanilla Bean, which of course the kids loved. Kids always love vanilla, but this was the rich, subtle kind of good vanilla that grown-ups really like, too. There’s also flavors like 3 Cocoa...

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Gilt Taste is a Virtual Feast

If you have yet to visit, there’s a deliciously gorgeous, high-end new site for the foodies mamas among us: Gilt Taste. It’s like everything that’s great about Gilt plus everything that was great about Gourmet. Gilt Taste in fact is helmed by former Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl. So not surprisingly, you’ll find tips on cooking and introductions to new foods, dishes and ideas written by the in-the-knows of the foodie world, like Gourmet‘s Barry Estabrook and Orangette‘s Molly Wizenberg. The free membership site includes an online market, giving you direct access to artisan products often only available to elite urban foodies...

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Talk about a sweet Mother’s Day card

What mom doesn’t love getting cards on the most important holiday of the year? Of course I’m talking about May 8th, (that’s Mother’s Day honey, in case you forgot). And while I’ve loved every glitter-laden handmade card I’ve ever received, I must say that this one might take the cake. Or chocolate. The chocolate postcards, by CMP Fave, Rogue Confections, would be a most welcome addition this year. Not only are they decorated with swoon-worthy Victorian themes, but they’re made of pure Belgian chocolate. Semisweet for the purists, milk chocolate for the masses, and white chocolate for…well, I’m not...

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Damn Fine Tea – My haven from the squalls of motherhood

For over 2000 years at least, civilizations rose and fell, wars were won and lost– all for tea. And now, it’s a just another rack of brightly colored, shrink-wrapped boxes at the supermarket. That’s a damn shame. But Damn Fine Tea is trying to bring tea back where it belongs: to the realm of obsession. Instead of buying tea in impersonal little bags and gulping it down before the kids need us and it goes cold, the makers of Damn Fine Tea want us to savor every step of the tea ritual. Their packaging is clever and beautiful. The directions are...

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Fine & Raw ruins me for regular chocolate

I thought I knew good chocolate. I rather pride myself on favoring the high cacao content and richer taste of the more expensive brands. But I had never even heard of raw chocolate when one of my readers was kind enough to ask if she could send me a “little something” she thought I would enjoy. Raw chocolate? Wouldn’t that be… a cacao pod? Well, yes and no. According to Fine & Raw, the difference between their methods and conventional chocolate-making is that their end product is much closer to the source than most–they use low temperatures which preserve...

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The make-your-own chocolate bar I made especially for you. And you. And you.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what gifts to buy each person on my Christmas list. Some gifts may say, I know you love nice things, or You have a great sense of humor, and even Maybe next year you’ll do a wish list so you don’t get another one of these.  But I’ve now found the perfect one-size-fits-all gift with just enough personalization to make it special to each one receiving it. In fact I think this gift says, I like you enough to buy you chocolate. Is there anything better? This isn’t any old chocolate: Chocri’s...

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Art meets chocolate. I meet them both and swoon.

It’s soooo haaaaard to open my inbox and find an email inviting me to sample a new artisanal chocolate bar. Really, it’s right up there with letters from Nigerian Princes and notices about my “Paypol Account,” but you know. I am so devoted to the readers here, that I am willing to take on such intrusions and put my tastebuds on the line for you. As it turns out, I’m glad I answered the email from Sulpice Chocolate because their handcrafted Belgian chocolate bars are so beyond fantastic, I now have my adult stocking stuffers covered for the holidays....

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Attention cookie lovers: My heart belongs to Elsylee

I’m in heaven. Floating above the clouds, birds tweeting around me, angels singing sweet melodies heaven, all because I’ve discovered the sweet caloric glory of Elsylee cookies. Let’s just say these handmade-to-order artisanal cookies from a Manhattan patisserie make those “Milan” and “Bordeaux” cookies (which are pretty darn good) seem like Eurotrash wannabes. Inspired by her European grandmothers, master baker Elsylee has absolutely blown me away with these all-natural, bite-sized treats that I forced myself to sample this week. (I know, get out your tiny violins.) The Sevilla snowball style cookies are to die for — I could seriously...

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Holiday chocolates designed by your kid

Every year it becomes a challenge as to how to make my daughter’s artistic talent into an awesome holiday gift. This holiday season’s winner is the design your own chocolates from Rogue Confections which I had the chance to taste test at the One of a Kind Show in NYC this past weekend. The process is simple – download and print their template and let your kiddos decorate the six circles, and the folks at Rogue will turn their masterpieces into your choice of six white, milk, or dark chocolates. Then you get to wow your kid’s teacher, grandparents, or whoever...

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Because there’s never fresh ground organic cloves on the table when you need them.

I think I just knocked a couple of gifts of my list with the Mobile Foodie Survival Kit spotted at Uncommon Goods. This purse-sized tin of organic herbs, spices and condiments will help the finicky eaters of the world better endure the indignity of rest stop fast food and and other culinary circles of hell. (What? No wasabi powder, Mickey D?) There’s even a photographic key of all the spices along with their names – not that you can’t tell your curry from your cayenne. I only wish it came with an emergency little packet of real maple syrup,...

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A truffle only a mother could love. Actually, nah. Everyone will love them.

The only thing actually ugly about Ugly Truffles is the way they have forced me to behave since they arrived at my door; I am suspicious of anyone entering the kitchen  and laying a single pinkie within six inches of my Ugly Truffles. The accusations! The lies! The paranoia! Really, it has been ugly. Mea culpa. Unpretentious cardboard boxes with kitschy stamps on the inside box top identify each cheeky, inventive flavor, from Homely Hazelnut to Oozy Boozy Caramel, to You Suck Lemon and Morning After Merlot. That way you have no excuse to bite one and put it...

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John & Kira’s ladybug chocolates are ready to fly

No matter how early I start my Christmas shopping, I’m always left with a couple of gifts to buy at the last minute. This year, instead of braving the crowds at the malls (shudder), I’m going to let CMP fave John & Kira chocolates save the day. We’ve featured John & Kira’s delectable chocolate ladybugs before, and these gift chocolates are all dressed up for the holidays.  Sporting a red or green dark chocolate shell, the inside of these little treats are filled with either scrumptious red raspberry or cool green mint ganache. Not only are they adorable, I’m...

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