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Celebrating Movember when you’re too young to grow a ‘stache

I look forward to Movember every year because my Viking husband looks deliciously scruffy while supporting men’s health awareness with a beard. But if you’ve got a mustache-loving kid in your life who can’t even sprout a few chin hairs, here are some adorable ways to get more ‘stache in your November. Ah, so many mustache choices. The handmade shirts (above) by Pirates and Cupcakes on Etsy come in a variety of Movember-y favorites: The Villain, The Cowboy, The Ringmaster, and soon, The Santa. Just pick your mustache poison and tell the shop owner the color shirt and size you want,...

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Rounding up the best mustaches for kids in honor of Movember

For the past few years, my husband has kicked off November cleanly shaven and ended it in full mustache-mode. I don’t even complain because he’s doing it for Movember, an annual worldwide mustache-growing fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for male cancer charities. So in support of all those men who are smack in the fuzzy middle of growing a mustache this month (and with empathy for us women who have to get used to kissing them in various prickly phases), we’ve rounded up some fun mustache-themed items for kids that will stick around long after the facial hair...

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