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Rainbow housewares to brighten up winter. Or any season.

January is tough on my but by February I tend to hit the doldrums. Yes, it’s actually light until (nearly) 5:20 so that’s in the plus column, but I start to feel like everything around me is gray, including the remaining snow piles on the sidewalks in New York. So I checked out the members sale at the MoMA store right now and the thing that struck me most were the increasing collection of beautiful rainbow housewares. The best part is that if you’re a member like I am, everything is 20% off right now. And if you’re not...

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The coolest lunch box accessories, water bottles, and other goodies to make school lunch more fun | Back to school guide 2015

When it comes to our back to school guide, we always love tracking down those cool lunch box accessories, water bottles, bentos, and other fun goodies that help make opening that same old lunch box every day a little more special. Some of our picks are little affordable treats, some are slightly more expensive products that we adore and stand by. The way we see it, we’d rather buy one great water bottle that lasts a lot of years, than a cheap new one every year. But hey, there’s so many cool things to choose from these days! From fun ice...

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Beating the winter blahs with a shot of color to your table

Lately, I love the idea of my dinner table feeling coordinated but not entirely matchy-matchy. And then I saw these gorgeous handmade cloth napkins at the Shapes Colors Etsy shop and thought, yes! Just like that! The artist, San Francisco mom Samantha Cisneros, screenprints them each by hand with bright, colorful, eco-friendly ink in colors like fuchsia, milt, and cobalt. And while you can buy them each individually–or a set that matches–I kind of like the idea of having all six that are different. It’s a nice way to brighten the table during the winter blahs (that’s an actual...

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Cool hostess gifts: Handmade tea towels you’ll want to keep for yourself

You know what’s awesome? When a favorite artisan or etsy shop of mine decides to brand out a little beyond their regular spate of offerings. That’s exactly what happened with Foxy and Winston, whom I loved for their cool letterpress and now for their kitchen textiles, which is fancy for cotton tea towels, napkins, and tablecloths. (Sorry, we’ve been on a Fancy Nancy kick around my place lately). Whether your own kitchen needs a little refreshing or you’ve got another lucky someone in mind, these handmade tea towels are some of the prettiest I’ve seen, with bright colors and fun patterns (and organic cotton,...

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ToGoKins: Little cloth napkins with a big impact

My kids’ backpacks are filled to bursting every morning as they leave for school, with books, lunch, snacks, and whatever else they can find to cram in there, it seems. Adding something else to that haul might seem ludicrous, but I love the environmental aspect of sending them off with cloth napkins like ToGoKins. Those of you who are crafty might be able to make them yourself,  but for me, it would be June before I pull out my sewing machine and actually do it. So this little Etsy shop is a great resource. Their adorable little cloth napkins are just that. Little. (And...

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The coolest lunch box accessories: Back to School Guide 2014

In the next installment of our Back to School Guide, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest lunch box accessories–always one of our favorite categories. We’re not miracle workers or anything, but here’s hoping they’ll make you look forward to school lunch packing. Or at least, encourage your kids to gobble up everything you’ve so thoughtfully prepared. And what would our guide be without a killer giveaway? We’ve got over $1000 worth of prizes up for grabs, including goodies for your kid and goodies for you. Just scroll down to the bottom of this post for the details. We promise, it’s super easy...

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Cool cloth napkins bring ombre to your kitchen

I weaned my family off of paper napkins awhile ago, and we’ve never gone back. This is mostly thanks to my ever-growing supply of cool cloth napkins, like these ombre napkins at Nine Space. I love that the ombre trend is hitting kitchen accessories, and these napkins are the perfect way to introduce it into your home. They’re a fun pop of color for your dinner table, outdoor BBQ or picnic basket, and a nice change from the often simple, subdued napkins I’ve seen and own. And considering how much time you spend at the table–or if you’re me, in...

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Gorgeous modern holiday table settings for some festive inspiration. And uh, hold the Waterford.

When I’ve spent hours working on the perfect Christmas meal, a great holiday table setting is important to me. Serving it on plastic Santa Claus plates with paper napkins is not really my thing, since I want to show my friends and family how much love went into the meal. Still, I want it to be simple enough that kids feel welcome, and I’m not ignoring my family all day to make the table look like something out of a too-perfect magazine spread. I’ve been inspired by these beautiful holiday table settings and the creative details, and I hope...

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Obsessed with tea towels? Oh, you will be

So I’ve been told I have a tea towel addiction. I prefer to think of it as a healthy obsession. Tea towels, after all, are awesome. They’re there for you whether you’re drying dishes, produce, or your hands. They can also be used in a pinch as aprons and table runners–or as a delivery system, serving up a little old-school charm for your kitchen. Tea towels for the win! Poketo, a long time favorite of ours, has just released a new selection of tea towels. Poketo plus tea towel equals pure bliss. There’s a reason for that, of course.  ...

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It’s map time

My 5-year-old showed almost zero percent interest in maps until we went on vacation to a beach town. Suddenly, it was very important that she be the holder of the map at all times. It was ultimately a good thing, even if said map ended up covered in melted chocolate ice cream and ripped in random places. Her newfound awareness about the world around her made me appreciate the genius behind Soft Cities even more. Soft Cities are exactly what they sound like: maps of your favorite places printed onto soft blankets and napkins (“mapkins”!). You simply write in the...

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7 of the prettiest paper napkins

As it turns out, a stash of pretty paper napkins are always good to have around for unexpected company or impromptu picnics. This is a lesson I learned last week when we had to pull out the polka dot “happy birthday!” napkins over cocktails. Oy. Here are a few luncheon-sized napkins I would love to have stashed away because they can double as cocktail napkins in a pinch. They’re not too cutesie, nor do they look like they’re leftover from Grandma’s house. Or (eep) from Halloween. Best, almost all of them are on sale right now. –Liz This set...

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Holiday cocktail napkins that say it all

This year I’ll be on crutches trying to pull together the perfect holiday meal, which I’ve already realized is going to have to be super “good enough.” So, I’ve decided I should focus on cocktails, and lots of them. These fun cocktail napkins sum up in five words what the holiday is truly about–Family, Turkey, Nap…Good times. The Thanksgiving cocktail napkins make a perfect small hostess gift at $4.95 for a package of 20. Or, just keep them for yourself like I would. While my turkey may not be Food Network ready and the cranberry sauce may come from...

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