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A night light that says it all

The second I saw this Love You night light on Etsy, I thought it was the most perfect thing for about a zillion parents. For every child who wakes up in the middle of the night, trying to will themselves back to sleep, could anything be more comforting than both the soft glow of a night light, plus a little reminder that they are loved? Even if we’re not right there in bed with them? Even if we don’t want them to come into our room every hour on the hour and cuddle right up to us which is cute...

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Presenting the most adorable night light ever.

I’ve learned that when kids are afraid of the dark, a nightlight can be their best friend. And have you ever seen a friendlier, cuter lamp than this Little Cloud Lamp? This adorable night light might be just what I need to get my scared-of-the-dark, light sleeper daughter to quit waking me up at 2 AM. Every. Single. Night.   The Little Cloud Lamp was designed by an art duo out of NYC called FriendsWithUs, who have worked with Pharrell, and I think this piece has the same infectious happy vibe as his hit song. Even though it’s adorable and perfect for kids, it...

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Looking for a great bed rail with night light built right in? We’ve found a great one.

My kids are rollers. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to check on them while they sleep, only to find them on the floor. I’ve considered getting a bed rail but they think they’re so babyish. And when you’re a big four-year-old, is there a worse fate?  But then I discovered the new new Side Light bed rail from Babyhome which even my older kids think looks pretty cool. If you recognize the name Babyhome it’s because they’re the amazing modern children’s design company responsible for the modern So-Ro cradle that we’ve all been coveting for the babies in our...

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The popular Cloud B night light embraces the octopus and the fox. No narwhals just yet.

I may in fact be the very last parent to come around on the Twilight Turtle from Cloud B, and its myriad night light variations. But after seeing a few children absolutely go from panicked to peaceful at night with this thing by their bedside, I’m converted. Even more so now that I’ve gotten to check out some of Cloud B’s new offerings at Toy Fair 2014, starting with a plush adaptation of the Twinkles to Go Octo (above) called the Cloud B Octo Softeez Nightlight. CMP is an rstyle affiliate   I love this soon-to-be-released night light which is far more compact...

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Trip the nightlight fantastic

I have a small house. Which seems like an irrelevant thing to mention when I’m about to tell you about a beautiful nightlight. But a small house equals much shared space. And when you share space and want to light it for your kids in the middle of the night, maybe a garish superhero nightlight isn’t the way to go.   Which is why I’m mightily in love with The Night Light by Six Point Un, a super-cool Canadian design team. Its simple lines and natural wood finish would blend in with any modern design. Plus the LED light...

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Not just a nightlight, a magic nightlight. Magic, I tell you!

My kids are in that nightlight phase right now. (They’re also in a Silly Bandz phase, a make me a sandwich and then I won’t eat it phase, and a fighting about who gets to drink out of which princess cup phase. But that’s besides the point.) So when I see something that calls itself a magic nightlight, how can I not check it out? The magic nightlight spotted at Chloe in Style is not one for the eco-istas out there, but it is one for those who covet quirky little Japanese bits of random coolness. It’s like your...

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The night light gets a soft, cuddly makeover

The night light is an essential component of the bedtime routine around my place, but no matter what method we employ, which lately has been our hallway light, it never seems to satisfy the kids’ need for light right next to them. That’s why I’m intrigued by the Chuchi from Banana Design Lab, a soft plush toy that reminds of that cute glow worm toy from back in the day. (Remember those?) With the squeeze of Chuchi’s soft hand, it sends off a light glow that’s perfect for reassuring those monster-averse kiddos after the lights go out, or for gently...

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Nightlight out, k?telight in

I can’t believe how far the world of nursery and kids’ room decor has come even since I was first  waddling through the baby mega-store, wondering if there were really that many people interested in decorating their nurseries with Winnie the Pooh. There was certainly nothing like k?elight from Brooklyn’s Acme World Zoo, which wowed me at a trade show earlier this spring. Think of the k?telight as an illuminated wall sculpture; the compact fluorescent bulb behind the powder-coated metal box lights up the cute bunny or kitty or Scottie dog on the front, and the effect is both...

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