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Web coolness: 2017 Oscar party help, postcards for politics, the world’s creepiest invention ever.

Here are some links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.   Lots of 2017 Oscar Party ideas including the requisite free printable ballot for the 2017 nominees from Studio DIY (above). 11 more fun Oscar party ideas, from printables to decor and snack ideas to the world’s coolest celeb paper dolls. Mmm…Oscar party food ideas. A list of all the Oscars presenters this year. Where to stream all the 2017 Oscar Best Picture Nominees since you know. We’re parents and we’ve seen nothing. Praise for the diversity of Oscar nominees this year from...

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11 fun Oscar party ideas that razzle-dazzle in all the right ways

Whether you’ve seen every film nominated for an Academy Award this year or you’re still trying to figure out what this La La Land is that everyone’s so gaga about, having friends over for an Oscars party is always a winning idea. An excuse to obsess over all the glitz, glamour, and gossip — with champagne? Count us in! And with all the food, decorations, and party games taken care of, you can contemplate the things that truly matter: Will Kate McKinnon present in character (and if so, who)? Exactly how many actors will be sporting bushy beards (and why is that so trendy right now)? Will Viola Davis’ two-decade film...

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Where to see all the 2016 Oscar best-picture nominees (especially for parents who have only seen Moana).

Do you know how many of the 2016 Oscars best picture nominees I’ve seen this year? Zero. Not a single one. Because, kids. But, I have one last chance to see them all before the big awards ceremony. And at a discount too. See, sometimes it pays to procrastinate. Top: Hidden Figures | 20th Century Fox Related: 12 easy Oscars party ideas to make watching the awards even more fun This month, AMC theaters Best Pictures Showcase will show every best-picture nominee over the course of two days — four movies on February 18 and five on the 25th — for way less...

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Web coolness: Oscar party ideas, Oscar nights alternatives, Quidditch in the Himalayas, and one very important birthday.

Here are some of the things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too. (There are so many this week!)     Cool Mom Picks turns ten this week! Today’s the last day to enter to win 10 really amazing giveaway gifts — and it’s easy. Good luck! A magical Quidditch match in the Himalayas (above). These photos by Anshu Agarwal are a fun way to start the day. Get ready for the Oscars with 12 easy Oscar party ideas and a feast of easy Oscar party food recipes . Funny cheat sheet to the Oscar-nominated movies. Timely: What it’s like to...

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12 easy Oscars party ideas to make watching the awards even more fun

This post has been updated for 2017 Even if the only movies you’ve seen this year are the animated kind (no judgment, parents!), it’s always fun to have an excuse to get together with friends and ogle all the Hollywood glamour over a glass of bubbly. If nothing else, then to see just how Jimmy Kimmel takes on this year’s Academy controversy. We have high expectations. For those of you so out of it you’re like, “the Oscars are coming up?” we’re here to help. The 89th Academy Awards show is airing this Sunday, February 26 and to make watching the Oscars even more fun, we’ve pulled together some...

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Web coolness: The dress that ate the Internet, worst children’s party games, and Star Wars awesomeness

Here’s some of our favorite links we’re reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.   #FashionbyMayhem, starring the cutest little girl ever, is back, this time modeling dresses from the Oscars that she helped make. The hot fashion trend we can actually afford. The worst children’s party games. Cute straight men like cats too, you know. Why moms get nothing done: Hilarious video. (Though maybe if her husband helped it would be easier? Just a thought.) Really liking Dove’s #speakbeautiful campaign about changing women’s body image.   The science behind the black and blue / white and gold dress debate that...

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Oscars jewelry: Steal these celeb necklaces for a steal.

Well, we can’t all be 6-foot tall without heels, look ravishing in our zillion-dollar size zero custom designer gown, and play dress-up with some borrowed jewels that we could hock to put our kids through 35 semesters of college. At least not every day. So I love looking at the fancy designer jewelry worn on the Oscars red carpet each year–and then figuring out how to get the looks for less. This year it was all about necklaces. Big, fun, statement necklaces. And hey, I like big fun statement necklaces. Coincidence? I think not. CMP is an rstyle affiliate   ...

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52 of the Oscar nominees, in their own words

On Cool Mom Tech today, we covered the big honkin’ official Oscars site, which has, among other things, a really cool feature worth browsing should you want to kill a few minutes today: 52 Oscar nominees sharing their stories, briefly, through questionnaires. From Robert Duvall to Julianne Moore, Patricia Arquette, Keira Knightly, and lots of the creators, writers, and technical masters behind other top flicks, you can find out their first movie memories, the artists that inspire them, the motivation for doing what they do, and (a little goofy but) the song that best sums up their feelings about the nomination. It’s kind of...

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Tips and tricks for throwing the best Oscar party, serving the best food and drinks, and making off with the Oscars pool.

Sunday night is Oscar Night! Or as so many of us think of it, Oscar party night. So I’ve scoured the web for some easy Oscars party tips and printables, because it’s the perfect excuse to get together with friends, dish on the dresses, talk through the technical categories, and tweet your favorite snarky comments. And of course, set up your Netflix and Amazon lists for the next few months. Because like so many parents, I’ve only seen a couple of the movies nominated. Except the animated category, of course. We’ve seen all those. Twice.. Related Post: Where to to see all...

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The 2015 Oscar nominees, now funnier than ever

This year was a pretty serious year for the Oscar nominating committee, if you consider the likes of Selma, Gone Girl, Birdman…you get the picture. Or pictures.  But of course, there are always clever artists out there willing to take the gravity down a notch–including taking Gravity down a notch. Related: The Oscar nominated posters all remade in LEGOs At Ript Apparel, you’ll find a whole selection of Oscar parody posters, admittedly some better than others. As one of the loud advocates of a recount for The LEGO Movie which should totally be included in the best animated picture, I have to give...

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