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One-of-a-kind, handmade wool slippers for baby that are beyond adorable.

As cute as those little baby fingers and toes are, winter is coming, and it’s time for all those digits to go under wraps. If you’re looking to keep your little ones snug and warm in something really special, you’ve got to check out the eco-friendly and adorable handmade wool slippers and mittens for babies from Cate and Levi. Related: Cool gifts for baby’s first Christmas: Holiday gift guide 2015 We’ve been gaga over Toronto-based Cate and Levi ever since we saw how the company took reclaimed wool, mainly from discarded sweaters that were destined for the landfill, and turned it into unique stuffed animals, incredible wall art,...

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The cutest new baby and toddler dishes happen to do good for the planet, too.

If your kitchen cabinet is anything like mine, the brightly colored kids cups, bowls and plates have likely taken over. If you’re going to give into the kid stuff (which you probably should, unless you like broken dishes), first check out this fantastic new find of ours: The eco-friendly and adorable My Natural line. – Check out our Instagram feed for more great finds from the NY NOW gift show this week! – This is no mere plastic! The critter themed bowls and dishes are in fact created from eco-safe, plant based starches, and from food-grade silicone for the bowl bases and grippy...

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You’ve got to know when to fold ’em. And by that, we mean awesome origami art prints.

Origami will always be cool, but some of us will never progress past making hats. Now you can display crisp, fancy origami creatures proudly, whether you actually possess intricate paper folding skill or not, thanks to these modern-style origami art prints. Our pals at Noodlehug–surely you remember the I Like Big Cups and I Cannot Lie print?–now have a quintet of prints featuring origami animals combined with typography and shadows that would look lovely in a nursery or office. They currently have a bear, a fox, an owl, a crane, and a jolly green dragon, each archival printed in a variety of sizes. And,...

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Chimeras mix-and-match plush toys: Lend me a hand. And an ear. And a bat wing.

If your kids are always drawing their own magical animals, these wacky and adorable Chimeras plush toys from Walrus Toys can bring their dreams to life in a way that doesn’t involve a trip to the Island of Dr. Moreau. When I was a kid, we had the Wuzzles, and we liked them–remember Ellaroo and Bumblelion? But now, kids get to mix and match all sorts of animal parts to make a Munny, a Batephant, or a Pog. Or a Munbatephanog, if you get the full set. These Chimeras come in sets of two creatures, each of which can be...

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Modern nursery decor to welcome babies, without a princess crown or a train in sight.

It’s been a while since I found handmade modern nursery decor and crib bedding that made me yearn (almost) for an opportunity to redecorate a nursery, and I’ve definitely found it with the Ivie Baby Etsy Shop. You can choose from tons of modern designs. I think what I like best is how they’re all gender-neutral and free from baby room clichés; no ballerinas, no airplanes, no bunny rabbits. Those graphic grey and white crib sheets or lime green pillows are perfect for any baby who gets to spend those early months amidst a modern nursery — and are...

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Mr. Sharky says lights out: switchplate covers with big personality

Light switches are boring. Mostly. But thanks to our clever friends at Graphic Spaces, we’ve now got these fun switchplate covers in shapes like owls, octopi, and a rocket ship. So it’s a little more fun to turn off the lights for bed. “Mr. Shark says it’s bedtime…or else!” also has a nice ring to it. You know how much we love it when a company we’re keen on surprises us with something new. Right now we’re digging the way Graphic Spaces’ knack for unique designs and heirloom quality wood translates into switchplate covers.  Each switchplate cover is handmade of...

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Bathtub toy storage that’s the cutest ever. (Ever!)

There’s a walrus in my bathtub. Luckily, he’s a very tidy walrus and will be glad to store all of our bath toys for us. Plus, he has friends that are just as cute and helpful for wet toy storage. We love pretty much everything from 3 Sprouts, and now they’ve moved from bedroom and changing table storage solutions into the bathroom with these adorable new bath storage caddies. Whether you’re into blue walruses, orange foxes, or purple owls, each mildew-resistant organizer has a stretchy mouth for NOMing your toys and a suction cup to hang securely from tile...

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Crazy adorable (and cuddly) baby rattles that will make you melt

My baby-having days are over, but lucky me, I’ve got lots of friends who are still pumping them out (ha), which gives me an excellent excuse to shower their babies with all sorts of baby gifts, like these adorable ones from CMP-fave Oots. These quirky rattles, like Peter the Fly (above), are part of their Esthex line that are made in a certified factory in Thailand from cotton and polyester, so your baby can chew to her heart’s delight and then you can toss it in the washing machine. Plus, you have to love that it’s a fly, a sorely neglected...

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It’s National Hat Day! Why not celebrate with a new hat?

Cover your noggins, people! It’s Hat Day, a tragically overlooked holiday, in my opinion. Here it is, January 15. And to my knowledge, there have been exactly zero fez parties planned, zero berets exchanged, and zero Viking helmet cards sent. A crying shame, particularly given how much we here at CMP like hats, hats, and more hats. And so in honor of National Hat Day, I’m going to let you in on two little hat secrets of mine. I’m talking hats so spectacular, you will get stopped in the streets daily by people wanting to know where you got...

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The full body baby bib, for full contact baby feeding

There were moments in my children’s earlier years that all I wanted to do was cover them in a full body raincoat.  It seemed like meal times turned into “let’s get as covered with food as we possibly can” times.  Thankfully, a brilliant mother out there has created a great solution with a full-sleeved, laminated baby bib from Baby Graybee. These bibs for babies 6-18 months keep even the most spirited eaters clean at meal time. The front of the bib is made of BPA-free laminated cotton, providing waterproof coverage for spills. The sleeves are a comfy soft jersey...

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