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Adorable silicone teethers that look just like donuts and other treats. Sweet!

Every good baby deserves donuts and ice cream and Oreos… at least in the form of adorable silicone teethers. Not only are they so delicious, you just want to gobble them up (the teethers, not the babies), they’re also super safe and carefully constructed. That’s one less thing to worry about. Oh, and the donuts contain no trans fats. Heh. Related: Teething toys so beautiful, they’re like your baby’s first accessory.     The teethers, which we found at Spearmint Love, are made of 100% food grade silicone and can be chilled for added relief while teething. The ones that come with...

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A fashionable pacifier clip? Who knew.

Teething babies have been sinking their chompers into colorful, fashionable and safe Chewbeads ever since their bracelets and necklaces started appearing on the coolest new mamas. And now, along with their toddler-friendly teethers and playful older-kid Juniorbeads, they’ve come up with their own line of pacifier clips to keep many babies’ favorite mouth accessory right where they want it. Chewbeads’ “Where’s the Pacifier?” Pacifier Clip keeps those pesky binkies attached with a cute silicone clip tethered to their trademark soft beads that are safe to chew on, and bright enough to find should they become lost in a pile of stuffed animals. Even better, some of those...

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The ultimate cute self closing pacifiers for germaphobe parents

None of my kids had any interest in baby pacifiers, which was not for lack of trying on my part, let me tell you. If they had, I know that my germaphobic tendencies mean that I would have carried around lots of extra clean binkies and pacifier wipes, and  tried to heed the urging of my Cool Mom compadres to never invest in a useless pacifier sterilizer. But here’s something up my alley without a big investment: the Keep-it-Kleen baby pacifiers from RaZbaby. We first discovered these self closing pacifiers years ago, and since then they’ve added a ton of new adorable designs–I totally love how retro the...

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Happy birthday Prince George! Today, our babies suck British binkies in solidarity with you.

I am not a big royal watcher but I can’t help but peek at all the adorable photos circulating of Prince George this week as he reaches his first birthday today. I can’t even imagine what he’s going to to be getting for gifts: A new pony? An original Banksy of his likeness?  One of these outrageous children’s playhouses perhaps? (And here we all are wondering whether we should get our own one-year-olds a new outfit or a small toy.) In honor of the royal milestone, we thought we’d send a shoutout to British baby company Tommee Tippee which hit American shores about four years ago, and  now...

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A bandana baby bib with a pacifier clip. So simple, it’s genius.

There have been no shortage of clever products made since my kids have emerged from babyhood and the handmade bandana baby bib with a pacifier clip from SevenWhiteRabbits ranks high on that list. It’s quite a simple concept but one that’s so smart if you’ve got a baby who loves a pacifier. Take an adorable bandana bib (the most subtle of all the bib styles, by the way), then attach ribbon pacifier clip. Voila! A drool catcher and a binky catcher altogether. Oh, and a little hint: If you see a specific bib you like in the shop, just ask to have the pacifier clip...

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5 of our favorite cool tech picks you don’t want to miss this week

In case you missed them, here are 5 of our most popular cool tech picks from Cool Mom Tech this past week. Enjoy!   1. We found the ultimate geeky baby gift, and it’s cracking us up. 2. This handy gadget lets you charge up to 9 devices at once. So awesome. 3. No need for wearable fitness tech devices if you’ve got this smart (and very accurate) app. 4. Just what we needed: Another reason to shop at Target. 5. We take a closer look at Sprint’s new cell phone for kids. Is it worth...

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Lil’ Sidekick toy strap for babies: The alternative to picking up that doll that your kid flings out of the stroller 100 billion times.

It’s been a while since we found a cool toy strap for babies and their strollers–as in, so long, that item isn’t even available anymore. So it’s nice to discover  Lil’ Sidekick, which keeps any item tethered to wherever your baby is sitting, and keep it from falling (or uh, “falling”) onto the ground. My baby is at the age where she is very grabby and will put anything in her mouth. But her coordination isn’t quite there, so whatever she grabs and gums, she inevitably drops. Over and over again. You with me mamas? If so, you’ll love Lil’ Sidekick, s a...

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Cleaning dirty pacifiers on the go with Dapple SurfaceWipes

My 8 month-old is going through the slobber-filled teething stage. That means a lot of wiping his drooly chin and giving him plenty of teething toys to alleviate some of the pain. One thing that I find incredibly frustrating is when he drops those teethers on the dirty sidewalk or restaurant floor and wondering how to clean them. Yes, I know that the more kids you have, the more you’re probably comfortable just wiping it off on your jeans. But for those of you clean freaks (like me), allow me to present the food grade wipes from Dapple. All of the cleaning products from Dapple use...

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A green pacifier that doesn’t suck

Pacifiers, I had always thought, were for other people’s babies. My toddler never needed one when he was little. But then we had number two, a fussy little guy who needs some help in the soothing department. Luckily there’s a brand of rubber pacifiers that’s as good for the environment as they are for the little sprouts who suck on them. Made from 100% pure natural rubber from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, Hevea pacifiers are free of PVC, phthalates, BPA and artificial colors. Not only are the pacis worry-free, they also look very cool, with cut-outs resembling stars, cars,...

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A pacifier case to keep you feeling groovy

Here’s one for you combination germaphobes-70s nostalgia buffs: A vented neoprene pacifier case that will keep two binkies close at hand, and deliver twice the smiles of the leading pacifier case. The Keep on Suckin’ pacifier case might be my favorite of all the styles from our friends at Wry Baby. And a smart, simple design means you just  clip it to your diaper bag or right to your stroller. It’s definitely better than “If this stroller is a-knocking…” Yeah. You know the rest. –Liz Find 10 clever styles of pacifier cases online at Wry Baby For more awesome...

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Pacifier clips so cute you’ll kind of hope your baby takes a pacifier

If you’ve got a pacifier fiend in the family, then you understand the importance of binky clips. And if you’ve got a shutterbug in the family, then you understand the importance of cute binky clips. The handmade pacifier clips from CuckooBoo are just adorable — a cute fabric-covered clip secured (very well) to a coordinated ribbon with a snap at the end to hold the pacifier or a toy. You’ll find designs from retro vintage woodland creatures and cars to a funky little skull and crossbones sporting a pink bow. These are the kinds of things that do get...

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You’re never to young to say “Argh”

I am about the biggest binkie clip evangelist on the planet. What can I say, I’m not a fan of picking up my daughter’s dirty pacifiers off the ground every 4.2 seconds. One of the cutest ones I’ve seen is the new pirate-themed pacifier clip spotted at Kangarooboo. While sticking something with a skull and crossbones on it in your baby’s mouth may seem counter-intuitive, it’s comes from the very respected German brand, Selecta. I wouldn’t hesitate. Now all you need is a parrot to stick on your kid’s shoulder. –LizCongratulations to Deborah B, winner of the pirate-themed pacifier...

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BornFree pacifiers go BPA free. Which is a pretty good trait in a pacifier if you ask us.

BornFree is already the go-to source for plenty of moms looking for products safe enough to go into baby’s mouth. They’ve got glass baby bottles, bottles made of BPA-free plastic, and cups free of harmful chemicals — and yesterday they’ve just unveiled their Day and Night Pacifier Duo. These orthodontic suckers are guaranteed to be 100% free of Bisphenol-A, Phthalates and PVC. They come in pretty colors, too. Just in case, you know, the whole “safest for baby” thing isn’t enough to win you over....

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The Anti-Bling Pacifier

With all the scary news lately (toxins and plastics and pthalates, oh my) I’m starting to look at everything that goes into my baby’s mouth in a whole new way. Starting with her pacifier. Well hooray for Zoë B organic, a shop stocked with all kinds of organic (duh) goodies. Although the one that gets me most excited is the new Natursutten pacifier. It’s made from soft, all-natural rubber and conforms to E.U. safety requirements which, forgive me, I’m starting to trust more than the U.S. ones these days. There’s no latex, no plastic, no artificial colors, and none...

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A Very Merry Binky To You

Neither of my kids took a binky, which was frustrating until now that I see friends trying to coax their toddlers’ pacifiers out of their mouths to give to Santa or The Binky Elf. (Who knew?)  I also might have been the last to learn that binky clips are apparently the new hip baby accessory, like the handmade ones from Ericalyn Designs. This adorable handpainted wooden clip is attached to a shiny snowflake ribbon, both of which are pleasantly festive, and will secure that binky from falling into the yellow snow. Or cold dry ground if you’re in my...

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The Fashionable Binkie

I’m a little weird when it comes to my baby’s pacifier. While of course I’ll pop in the closest one at hand at bedtime (or during meltdowns), it makes me a little wonky to give her say, the purple one when she’s wearing green and orange. Her dad thinks I’m nuts. But my feeling is, as long as we have one that matches the outfit, why not use it?

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Leave the Diving to Greg Louganis

Moms of binky users know this scenario well: You give her the pacifier. She sticks it in her mouth, then spikes it on the floor. You dive to pick it up, wipe it off on the nearest sleeve, and pop it back in her mouth, all within the 5-second grace period you have before the wailing begins.

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Keep That Binky on a Short Leash

Sure, bunnies and teddy bears are cute and all, but just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you have to look like one. That’s the problem with a lot of baby gear. It’s made for them but YOU still have to carry it around. Well…we know you ain’t no baby, baby, and this sparkly, stylin’ binky leash is ALL grown up. It hooks baby’s pacifier right on to your diaper bag so it’s there when you need it with nary a ducky in sight. No digging or fumbling while your little one is fussing. Being prepared never looked...

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