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11 creative painting projects for kids. Get out the brushes! Or…bubble wrap?

We admit that sometimes we avoid the really fun painting and craft projects that include supplies other than the box of nice, neat, perfectly sharpened colored pencils we know will minimize cleanup time. (The glitter glue, that’s a whole other story.) But then we think, aw, the kids always have the best time painting.  Maybe it’s time to get out the brushes? That’s when we toss some newspaper or a drop cloth over the table, stick an apron or giant t-shirt over the kids, and let them get messy. And you know? We’re always glad we did. The truth is, cleanup is never as awful...

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Easy DIY ornaments for kids: 9 terrific ideas for turning those plain ornaments into something special

I have had such a great time this week looking for ideas for DIY ornaments for the kids. After all, one of my favorite parts about decorating for the holidays is seeing the Christmas tree ornaments my kids have made over the years and hey, we’re always open to new ideas. So here are 9 really easy, fun ways to turn those plain round ornaments into holiday keepsakes for anyone in your family, their favorite teachers, or even a BFF. I really like that these DIY ornament ideas make great group projects too, if you’re looking for a classroom or playdate project for a bunch of creative...

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17 super cool Easter egg decorating ideas that are all about the color.

Every year, my family looks for cool ways to decorate Easter eggs that doesn’t require crafting skills far beyond what I have myself — which is not much. That said, my kids adore the tradition and love experimenting with new ways to play around with decorating eggs. As for me, I like them to look pretty when we’re done. (I’ve never been one for all those stickers that come in the egg-dyeing kits.) So I’ve tracked down 17 really great tutorials that are all about color and pattern, but that the kids can still have fun with on Easter Sunday without getting too...

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Paint inspiration for 4 cool DIY home decor projects. Color nerds, we have you covered.

Where do you go for design inspiration now that the Pinterest feed changes have totally screwed up your experience? If you’re looking for paint inspiration to freshen up your home decor, you need to visit the blog of Colorhouse Paint, a brand that’s a favorite of designers, architects, and eco-conscious parents for its odor-free, low-VOC  paint colors, its eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and even a paint recycling program. I went to the blog to look for some home decor inspiration, then fell down the rabbit hole with so many DIYs and color trend blog posts that I immediately wanted to pin to my boards. What can I say, old habits die hard....

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More than 40 ideas for the coolest black and white nursery

What’s black and white and chic all over? Your baby’s future nursery, of course! If you’re looking for something other than the traditional blues, pinks and yellows, we’ve got you covered. I’m a huge fan of this gender-neutral nursery trend because it’s modern and sleek, but easily softened up with the comfy pillows, textured rugs, cozy blankets and other ideas we’ve rounded up for you. If you’re into not-too-cutesy gender-neutral nursery offerings, the new line from the British design duo at Olli + Lime has pretty much everything you might need for a very coordinated black and white nursery. From crib bedding to pillows, blankets...

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DIY brings all the birds to the yard

It hasn’t yet snowed here in Colorado, but it’s only a matter of time before the flurries fly and the birds are scrambling for food. Because I love to craft pretty things that are also useful, I’ve been looking for DIY bird feeders. I’m so excited about all of these ideas that I can hardly wait to get started. Don’t tell, but I might even make a few of them without my kids. These cookie cutter bird feeders (above) from eighteen25 use gelatin to make the birdseed stick together. Then kids can press it into cookie cutters to make fun...

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5 edible finger paint recipes for artists who find their work delicious

My nephew isn’t quite a year old yet, but his artistic parents sense that he is ready to express himself through finger paints–probably because of the messes he makes when left alone with a bowl of cereal. And while real paint isn’t a great idea for a child who wants to taste test everything, there are lots of fun and colorful finger paint recipes for edible finger paints that are just as much fun for sampling as they are for painting. At top, our own Stacie at One Hungry Mama shows how easy it is to use thick plain Greek yogurt to make...

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Custom peg dolls that become fun, modern family portraits. Bonus: you don’t have to pose on a chaise lounge.

Family portraits have come a long way since mom was draped across the chaise lounge, dad stood stoically behind, and the kids and cat were perched stiffly around them. I’m not sure when this was ever a good idea, but I’m thrilled that artists these days are taking a fun, interpretive play on the traditional family portrait, from the personalized embroidery hoops in our Mother’s Day gift guide, to custom embroidered portraits on pendants to the awesome custom LEGO family portrait we just found. One of my new favorites at the moment are the custom wooden Waldorf peg dolls by Bazar...

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Easy chalkboard paint DIY projects you can do this spring. Then erase, and do again.

Chalkboard paint is a big trend that we’re seeing everywhere lately. We love that it help you customize all kinds of things with a fun vintage flair. So I’ve been searching for the coolest easy chalkboard paint craft projects that I can DIY with my kids and came across some pretty great ones you could tackle this spring. Stock up on some chalk. You’re going to need it! Buntings fun for parties, and Delia Creates has this brilliant DIY tutorial for a chalkboard fabric bunting (at top) that can be reused for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Flag Day, or . ....

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Chalk on the walls? Go ahead, kids!

I really love the idea of chalkboard paint, but I’ll be honest that I’m not a fan of dark walls, particularly in my house that’s not well lit to begin with. But white chalkboard paint? I’m crushing hard. These days, Benjamin Moore is offering chalkboard paint in a rainbow of pretty colors, but white seems the most practical for me and my little kids. And wow, the possibilities are endless. Just paint the lower half of your walls and let your kids go wild, or create strategically placed shapes for calendars, menus, even inspirational quotes. Or if you’re like...

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