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How to wear Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 color of the year: 3 glam accessories we love.

When Pantone announced their 2017 color of the year, I admit I wasn’t entirely sold on Greenery, a bright springy, yellowy green that seemed to come out of nowhere. But after reading the backstory, I get it: After a difficult year for so many people, both socially and politically, Greenery is Pantone’s effort to offer a symbol of growth, health, and new beginnings. That said, I don’t think Greenery is the kind of color that looks great on everyone, the way 2016’s Rose Quartz or 2015’s Mykonos Blue did. And that’s where accessories come in. Related: Glam holiday statement jewelry under $50...

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7 Pantone inspired rose quartz handbags to help you swing into spring.

By now, the fashion fans among us surely know about the Pantone colors of the year, a dreamy serenity blue and a pretty rose quartz. While the colors were announced during the winter, I know I’m not generally big on pastels until the weather warms up. Which means that now, I’m excited to check out some new rose quartz handbags in particular. New accessories can be a fast, affordable way to get your wardrobe on trend without swapping out every item you own. Or…a fast, not affordable way to get your wardrobe on trend. Totally depends on your budget. (Or the budget of a generous...

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Swing into spring with 7 non-toxic nail polishes for kids in the season’s prettiest pinks

If your kids love mani pedis as much as mine do, but you’re not a fan of the chemical-packed polishes in a lot of salons, I’ve put together 7 non-toxic nail polishes for kids from some of our favorite safer brands, all in adorable shades of pink — seeing as how Rose Quartz is one of Pantone’s two trendy colors of the year. (Not that our kids are following such trends, but hey, why not.) With the promise of spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to host a fun spa day at home, save a few bucks, and get...

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The best nail shades of the Pantone spring 2015 colors. Also the most affordable way to stay on trend.

We’re digging our way out of the snow yet again this weekend, and I, for one, am soooo ready for spring. For the moment, however, looking at Pantone’s cheery palette of spring 2015 colors will have to do. As much as we’d love designer handbags in all these shades, nail polishes is a far easier — and less expensive — way to stay on trend. Plus you won’t be paying off your credit card bills when the next seasons’s colors are released. I’ve compared all the Pantone 2015 colors from Aquamarine to Marsala from all of our favorite nail polish brands to track down the most perfect match for each...

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Hot nail polishes to match the hot Pantone fall 2014 colors

It may still be on the warm side outside for some of us, but fall fashion is officially in full swing. In my kid-free days the new season meant a shopping spree was in order, but today I’m more apt to update my look with a new nail polish shade. Checking out the Pantone fall 2014 Color Report, I’ve put together a guide to fantastic polishes that hit all the right color notes. Hey, is it so wrong to want my toes to match my bag?     Radiant Orchid Deborah Lippmann Good Vibrations, ($17, Deborah Lippmann Online) I love this color, and we all have since  radiant orchid was announced...

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Cheery, color coordinated desk accessories in colors to make you happy.

As soon as both of my kids got on the school bus for the first time, I couldn’t wait to get back to work in the delicious silence of an empty house. Reclaiming my home office is my first step in getting back in the zone, which means I have a little shopping to do. Forget gray staplers and black trays; it’s 2014, when Pantone rules and boring drools which is why we’ve loved Poppin since they launched last year. Poppin offers color coordinated office supplies and desk accessories in now 16 (!) vibrant colors from lime (which we love so...

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Web Coolness: Pantone skin colors, the case for handwritten lists, and the one-ingredient ice cream everyone is buzzing about.

Here’s what we’ve been reading around the Web this week. Hope you enjoy it too.   Pantone skin colors. [via DesignMom] Good news for pregnant women over 33. Our editor Liz’s beautiful love letter to her daughter on her birthday. Get the tissues. Oh Joy’s video series on how to dress your bump and still look great. The perfect earrings for active summer days   The one-ingredient ice cream that’s taken the Internet by storm. The exploding spices video: Show your kids, they’ll love it. How NOT to prepare your kids for a big move. Would you use this way to keep...

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Pantone Orchid: The hot spring 2014 color is all over kids’ fashion.

Since Pantone released their it colors for spring 2014, the stunning shade I’ve been most taken with is Pantone Orchid. This bold, not-quite-lavender purple is great for boys and girls, which is why we’re seeing it all over the spring collections for kids’ clothes right now. In order to avoid overhearing another toddler commenting that your child’s color choices are “sooo last year” (don’t you hate when that happens?) here are some of our favorite kids’ looks that come in Radiant Orchid. Or similar shades. Because really, you don’t have to walk around with a Pantone Swatch in your pocket when you shop for...

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The ultimate collection of 15 of the most lovely, printable 2014 calendars. Some of them free.

Tracking down the best printable 2014 calendars online for you was so much fun this year. Because right up there with the fall tradition of splurging on school supplies, picking out a new calendar has always been one of my favorite shopping moments of the year. The truth is, now instead of limiting yourself to a few picked-over selections at the stationery store, there are thousands of printable calendars online to fit every taste. If searching through all those possibilities is overwhelming, rest easy. I’ve curated a list of the best designs the web has to offer. Modern Printable...

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Pantone’s spring 2013 colors are announced and we’re not feeling blue about it at all

Pantone just announced their hot spring colors for 2013. While we’re barely into fall, I think those of us who care about such things (me!) have a few more reasons to think about the end of winter. While all the colors range from what they call “dynamic brights” and “novel neutrals,” I find them all really lovely and mostly very wearable. I love Lemon Zest, but personally, I have to limit it to handbags and shoes. Fortunately, the top two colors that are being used by more designers come spring, Monaco Blue and Dusk Blue, are going to give...

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3 cheers for the Pantone 186, Pantone 12-4302 and Pantone 286!

I’ve always been a sucker for the Pantone licensed products, which let you show your allegiance to lavender or mimosa through desktop goodies. Now, they’re available in folding chairs which are pretty darn great for outdoor lounging season or when you need to pull up a few extras to the picnic table for the kids. While I’ve got red and blue featured right now, on Fab.com today you’ll find 11 gorgeous colors from neutrals to a gorgeous turquoise my kids would beg for if I showed it to them. Though sadly? There is an orange, but no tangerine tango....

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