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New and cool: Personalized Moleskines. Notebooks, journals, you name it. (Get it?)

I never leave home without my Moleskine notebook, as I’ve recently shared — or really, I should say “notebooks” considering how many I have for lists, ideas, and… more lists. Now I’m so excited that you can finally order personalized Moleskine notebooks online, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Or really any day in my book. (I can’t stop the puns!) Related: Illustrated handmade Moleskine journals. Ooh. If you love this as much as I do, hit the site, then choose from a huge selection of personalizable notebooks and journals — there are tons! Next click Personalize  under Add to Shopping Cart. You...

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16 of the prettiest modern 2016 planners, to help start the new year with a little positivity.

Is it really almost 2016? And time to look for a brand new 2016 planner? Whoa. Every year it’s like the change in the calendar year blindsides us, as if it doesn’t happen every single year at this time. When will we learn? This year if you’re committed to getting more organized (cliche, we know, but still a good resolution) it can be easier when you start with the right tools, right off the bat. So we spent a whole lot of time tracking down some of the most stylish planners in every price range,  to keep you organized in all different...

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Passing notes, old school style

I’ve been known to blow it up with rapid-fire text messages, but I still adore handwritten letters sent by snail mail. I’m also a child of the 80’s who passed notes folded just like the ones pictured on these old school text note cards from laLa Grace on BRIKA. Kids, these are what text messages looked like in the olden days. Note proper spelling and apostrophe placement. Since they’re blank inside, I could use these notes for just about any reason, but I think it would be clever to write a note to my child’s teacher on one of these cards, since back in the day...

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A paper block city that’s ready to travel with your kids

If your kids like building blocks as much as mine, you’ll want to check out Paper Punk’s new Urban Fold paper blocks which allow kids 6 and up to build a sprawling metropolis without the bulk and weight of traditional blocks. This is such a great toy to toss in the car when you’re headed out for a few days at the beach, or to keep on hand for one of those hot summer days when just dragging out heavier wooden blocks is more work than anyone can imagine doing. Related: A creative activity book that could make your kid a future Duchamps or Dali Instead...

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Play tape road rolls that let kids bring imaginative play on the road

With three vehicle-loving children, there was a time when I feared my living room would be overrun with sections of train tracks and makeshift “roads” built out of blocks. I wish I had known about InRoad Toys; clever  play tape road rolls which turns any flat surface into a road or train track without creating an obstacles should you need to walk from one side of the room to another. Plus, it’s just fantastic for summer travel. The self-adhesive paper tape road rolls makes it so easy for kids to roll out and stick to a hardwood floor, coffee table, flat-pile carpet, bookshelf —  really...

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Because you can never have too many Moleskine journals. Especially cute handmade ones.

As a writer, I’m of the mind that you can never have too many journals or blank books on hand. I stockpile them like a zombie apocalypse conspiracy theorist, hoarding canned goods and ammo. But unlike gunshot, they also happen to make great impromptu gifts. So I love the made-to-order, illustrated, handmade Moleskine journals from Elena Mazzali of Etsy shop La Douceur du Miel (“The sweetness of honey”). This plain, unlined journal is just made for recipes, honey-based or otherwise. But the other journals–which the artist cleverly calls “Mieleskins”–are pretty great too. Like a bear rocking out to a Beatles cassette....

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Deck the halls with printable Christmas ornaments from Smallful

I’ve woken up a few times over the last couple weeks to the sound of ornaments falling from my tree and crashing to the floor. Not good. I’ve got a few gaps in my tree now, but with just a couple days until school is out and the kids are home, I don’t have time to make a run to the store for more ornaments. Our editor Liz forwarded me these cool printable Christmas ornaments from Smallful the other day, and now I don’t need to go anywhere. I love tradition and vintage and classic at Christmas, but these fresh, modern designs...

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15 of the most gorgeous printable holiday crafts for kids and families. Better get those printers warmed up!

Each year, I love rounding up the best printable holiday crafts that so many amazing designers, artists, and all-around crafty people develop so that people like me can create beautiful things with our kids. In fact, they make it so easy for me to print out not only holiday paper crafts, but also beautiful gift tags and vibrant wrapping paper, I never have to make a night-before-Christmas run for those things anymore. (If only I could print tape.) So I’ve put together 15 of my favorite printable holiday crafts to do with the kids this season. And with three kids, you...

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Give your memory some backup with The Birthday Poster from Sticky Bellies

All of my kids’ birthdays are milestone birthdays in my eyes, though I’m not always so good at remembering the details of each passing year other than maybe the cake we served at the party. Hey, I really like cake. But with Sticky Bellies’ new personalized birthday poster, I can capture that special moment in time a lot more effectively than my memory seems able to do. The Birthday Poster is a large 2’x3′ matte paper poster that you customize with markers, glitter, stickers, or anything else that helps personalize this special work of art. Even a black Sharpie and your best...

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Making your holiday card list: 21 people to be sure not to forget

As much as we’d like to say we always remember to send holiday cards to everyone we know and love, well, that’s a bit of a stretch. Mostly because we’re all swamped with holiday shopping and to-do lists and teacher gifts, and and and… so, we get it. Besides, who actually has every friend’s actual home address in a physical address book anymore? So, yes, sometimes people fall through the cracks. (Sorry!) But we’re trying to do better. Because if you’re like us, the holidays can be the one time of the year you have the chance to touch base with people in your life...

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