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Clean up takes on a whole new meaning with Cleanup Soap

The first thing that struck me when I saw Cleanup Soap was how cool the shape was – graphic, and symmetrical and…wait a minute. Is that a…land mine? Indeed, these naturally scented, paraben-free soaps were created by Parsons design student Hideaki Matsui both to raise awareness of land mine clean up, and to support it directly, since 25% of the purchase price (or what’s probably 50% of the profits) go right towards landmine removal and survivor assistance in Cambodia.  While this isn’t the charitable effort that gets the most press or seems the sexiest, I know first-hand what it’s...

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Bathtime products that take care of the worrying and the styling

It seems like every week there is a new list of chemicals that I should make sure are not in my family’s bath products, and frankly it gets hard for me to keep track. But Original Sprout has got worried moms covered. They have a fabulous line of organic styling products, haircare, and bath products that are free of pretty much everything you want them to be free of. Plus they have great kits to nip eczema in the bud, and offer a worry-free lice shampoo. Their website has tons of information about what chemicals are missing from their...

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I can’t believe it’s not shea butter

Let me start off with the disclaimer: Shea butter scares me. I have tried out any number of shea butter moisturizers for review because I hear of its miraculous benefits, and yet one leaves me feeling slimier and smellier than the next. So when I hear about a product with _____ butter in it, I’m a little hesitant. Well yay for Hellomellow and its founder, massage therapist Tracy Feldstein, for giving me a delicious alternative with 100% natural skin care products that make use of avocado and mango butter instead. They make a body butter (paraben-free!) that’s just the...

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Protecting kids from sunburn, petrochemicals, and shoddy package design

We’ve gotten our fair share of baby lotions and bath products from Little Twig as gifts and I must say, they’re often the ones I reach for first. I love the adorable packaging, but even more so I love the pthalate-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free products inside which are consistently excellent across the line.  So of course I had high expectations for their new SPF 30+ Mineral Sunscreen for children. The first sign that I was going to like this sunscreen was the scent, which is light and not chemical-y, probably because it’s actually not chemical-y. It goes on really nicely...

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