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Ooh la la! These ballet flats from Paris are my girls’ jam

My girls are ready to put away their furry boots and welcome in spring with prettier shoes in bright, sunshine-y colors. And I’ve found the cutest little fashion statements in Faux Pas Paris’ Opera ballet flats — new to the U.S. just in time for changing out the winter wardrobes. What I love most about Faux Pas Paris ballet flats is the bright “JAM” that affixes to the top of the shoe. These interchangeable adornments will make it so easy for girls to change up their look without changing their shoes — hooray for savings. All shoes come with the heart; additional JAMS include candy-colored lollis,...

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The Story of Diva and Flea: 2 of our favorite children’s authors/illustrators team up and the results are wonderful.

At very first glance, the cover of the upcoming The Story of Diva and Flea cues some sort of classic French picture book. And then I scanned down to the author credit: As told & shown by Mo Willems and Tony DiTerlizzi. That’s when I knew, whoa. This isn’t going to be your ordinary picture book. In fact, it’s not even a picture book at all; it’s a sweet, funny early-grade chapter book about a pampered little Parisian dog who comes to befriend a French alley cat and open one another’s worlds in surprising ways. And indeed it’s peppered with plenty of great illustrations: beaux...

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7 fantastique French gifts for kids in honor of Bastille Day

Even if our plans today don’t include a French military parade on the Champs-Elysées, in honor of Bastille day today, we’re giving a special nod to our fashionable friends on the other side of the pond by featuring some of our favorite French gifts for kids, or at least French inspired. Especially good for kids not old enough to watch Les Miserables on Netflix yet. Even if your kids don’t have one drop of French in them, we think they’ll love to receive some of the playthings here, that have us longing for Paris.     Each of the soft, squishy Paris-themed pillows from A...

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All things being equal, I’d rather be in Paris.

Yeah, I know the WC Fields line was about Philadelphia but with all due respect to my partner Kristen and other cool Philly mamas, I’d rather hit the Champs Elysee these days. That’s why these vintage style Paris wall clocks need a place in my home immediately. Even if they’re set to Eastern Standard Time. Spotted at Design Atelier Article, the same shop that featured the most fabulous bookends we found last year, I’m not surprised that these birchwood clocks are inspired in design. Plus, you can pick up to 12 colors, whether you have your mind on an authentic...

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Web Coolness: Brotherly love, Valentine pins, and how movies teach manhood

Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you like them too! Such a wonderful story about an older brother’s love for his younger sibling which made the duo the Sport Illustrated Kids 2012 SportsKids of the Year. Our own contributor Eva writes lovingly in the uplifting My Brother Used to Have Down Syndrome. Our Valentine’s Day Pinterest board is packed with much to adore. Check it out! How Movies Teach Manhood: Such an interesting TED Talk about what messages are out there, and how they could be improved for our boys. (via Shelly Kramer) This sweet...

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Saying I love you en citron

It’s been a long time since I checked in with the Paris Print Shop (formerly known as Little Brown Pen), and with Valentine’s Day coming up, it reminded me to stop by their Etsy Shop and see what they’re up to. I’m so glad I did. I think this yellow heart photograph is just so lovely. Taken from graffiti on a Paris wall–the fact it’s Paris just makes it more romantic, right?–it’s the kind of thing I could convince my sigOth to mayyyybe hang on the wall, when red or pink would never fly. If you really love it,...

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