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Stitch the coolest big city gifts with these DIY embroidery patterns

My vacation fund tends to get used for school tuition, so it looks like Italy, Sydney, or San Francisco will stay on my travel bucket list for a bit longer. In the meantime, I can dream about them while I make Christmas gifts, using these stunning DIY embroidery patterns from Satsuma Street featuring skylines of the world’s greatest cities. Artist Jody Rice (out of sunny LA) fits the landmarks of cities from Tokyo to Amsterdam to our own favorite, New York City, into one pattern. Love these names–Pretty Little Barcelona, Pretty Little London, and so on, all around the world–and their modern, bright color scheme that gives...

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DIY cross-stitch patterns meet pop culture? Inconceivable.

Of course we love Westley, even in tiny yarn form. But it doesn’t stop with the crew from The Princess Bride. Whatever your favorite iconic movie is, chances are, the adorable Wee Little Stitches shop on Etsy has a DIY cross-stitch pattern and instructions ready for instant download. In fact there are more than 100, from the geeky to the 80s to a custom design of your family. So grab your needle, you’re going to need it. Does anybody want a peanut? Check out patterns from Star Wars and Doctor Who, to Labyrinth and the Goonies with a quirky shot of The...

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What does the fox say? Make these masks for Halloween and find out.

Even with the magic of Etsy and overnight shipping, we love knowing that with the right PDF file, anything is possible in the costume department. Whether you’re into weird Nordic videos about foxes or need a superhero costume in a pinch, here’s a great shop with unique masks that you can make by hand after a quick trip to the craft store. Does your kid change his mind about Halloween every day? I’m pretty sure my son is going to be either a flying pig, a hippo mole, or Batman. Luckily, OxeyeDaisey on Etsy offers a wide range of...

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Making your own Easter bunny

I am not a crochet master (or even a crochet apprentice), but if I were, I would totally be buying the PDF so I could make an adorable amigurumi bunny like this one. So for all you crafty mamas, check out the amigurumi bunny crochet pattern from Etsy’s LuvlyGurumi. You pay $6 for the pattern and support a small artist, then the rest is up to you. I can’t think of a sweeter Easter gift than something made from the heart. And that includes red jellybeans. –Liz Download the amigurumi bunny crochet pattern from LuvlyGurumi – plus monkeys, birds,...

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A stitch in time makes a great Valentine’s Day gift

My husband and I do Valentine’s Day Lite, meaning that we will not be forking out $200 for a fancy meal, or buying each other expensive jewelry or electronics as a sign of our devotion.  But that doesn’t mean I am totally comfortable with handing him a greeting-store card and calling it a day. Which is why I love this little token of my affection that is personalized, handmade, and won’t break the bank. Cozy Blue’s “I Love Us” cross-stitch pattern reminds me of initials carved in a tree, but this version is a lot easier to hang on...

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This is one of those times when I find myself wishing I owned a sewing machine. And that I had a single crafty bone in my body. Check it out: Gulf Coast Cottage, a wonderful shop filled with soft toys, has an entire category filled with nothing but PDF patterns for felt toys you can make yourself. Many of the patterns are food–like the PB&J lunch set or the toaster set shown here (ah, so kids can play with the toaster!), but there’s also a doctor’s kit, tools, a child’s tea set, and even a retro robot plushie. If...

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