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17 fun pencil cases for writers, book lovers and word nerds. Like us!

We love pencil cases! They’re where we put all our pencils! And pens, and earbuds, and erasers, and… pretty much anything that’ll fit. As our kids head back to school, we’re getting serious about corralling clutter, and if we can do it with flair, even better. So we’ve put together a ton of cool pencil cases especially geared toward lovers of books and writing. Or, as we like to call ourselves, word nerds. And we’re so pleased that this post is brought to you by our newest sponsor Pentel because, hello? What writer doesn’t adore premium quality pens that help you express your own writing style and creativity....

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7 fun handwriting practice printables for kids, from pre-k to teen. It’s not just worksheets!

We’ve always made it our mission to encourage kids to keep the art of handwriting alive, and to help parents looking to do the same. So we’ve put together some really terrific handwriting practice printables for kids of all ages. Yes, even teens. (We can tear them away from those keyboards sometimes, you know.) Essentially, it’s all about finding ways to get kids to write, whether it’s basic worksheets for preschoolers, or opportunities to write stories, comics, even create a typeface of their own. And we’re so happy to bring you this post on behalf of our partner BIC, who’s been our fantastic...

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Cool, colorful school supplies to make September a little more fun | Back to School Guide 2016

So once you’ve gotten the hand sanitizer, the tissue boxes, and everything else on that classroom shopping list, it’s time to have a little fun with some colorful school supplies! We always recommend getting a little goodie or two for the kids that gets them more excited about going back to school, whether it’s a cute backpack charm, a personalized notebook, a pencil case with their favorite character, or even a set of #2 pencils that are just that much cooler than your standard issue yellow pencils. With that, we had the best time putting together a rainbow of cool school...

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Pi Day pencils: Geekery at its most pointed

With today being Pi Day, I cannot advocate for scribbling the first 10 or so digits of Pi on one’s sneaker soles before a test in math class. (Not that I’d ever know of such things.) But I can certainly go for the transparency of the awesome set of Pi pencils found at the Columbus based Wacodis Etsy shop. I love the pretty pastels juxtaposed with the exquisite nerdery of 3.141592653589793238462… and so on. Nice bonus that they’re USA-made. Today, March 14, is of course a perfect day to order them. Mmm….Pi.  Find the of Pi pencils and other fun geeky pencil designs online at...

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The coolest school supplies to make the year a little more fun | Back to school shopping guide 2015

While there are certain must-haves for school, like backpacks and lunch boxes, we always love finding the coolest school supplies that just make things a little more fun this time of year. Whether you’re helping your kid express his or her individuality with a cool backpack charm, making reading time more special with personalized bookplates, or tracking down file folders in different styles —  so that there is no fighting among your kids about whose is whose — we love these little indulgences that make for big smiles. [click here for our 2016 back to school guide] And so we’re thrilled...

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Getting your kids to practice their handwriting: 16 fun tips, tricks and ideas

Call us the handwriting brigade. Seriously. From day one, even with the advent of technology and the slow decline of handwriting instruction (let alone cursive, gah!) in schools, we’ve always made it our mission to encourage kids not to lose the art of handwriting. And if it’s not asking too much, we’d like it to be as legible as possible, considering we all know at least one relative, co-worker, friend or yes, doctor,  whose handwriting is like some secret code requiring a decipher key. After a season of writing actual letters to our kids at sleepaway camp — and receiving them — it really...

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The coolest back to school shopping finds on Etsy, all with cash back. Thanks, Ebates!

Do you know how much the average parent spends on back to school shopping? Let’s just say, a lot. We love supporting smaller indie brands, and finding the cool school supplies out there that helps make this time of year a little more fun — but we also love a great bargain. Which is why we are beyond happy to be working with our sponsor Ebates, which is now helping us all do both. From July 21 to August 3, when you sign in with your Ebates account, you get double cash back from tons of online retailers you may be shopping anyway, like Old...

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I am Groot. Well, these cool, sprouting pencils are.

Thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, a sentient tree who can only say three–fine, four–words is this summer’s coolest superhero. And when I think of how cool these plantable, sprouting pencils will look once they bloom in a pot of soil, all I can think about is baby Groot, dancing. Which means your kids can do their homework with Groot. Sprout pencils are made of sustainably-grown cedar with a special, water-activated seed capsule where the eraser should go. Once your pencil is too short to write with, just follow the included directions to plant it. Soon you’ll have a pot...

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12 truly cool back to school crafts that beat macaroni art

While yes, you can–and I have–let the kids go to town on that plain canvas pencil case with Sharpies, I’ve been on the lookout for cool back to school crafts that might be more fun and interesting. And I do mean cool ones; I spent ages really combing the web for craft ideas that look fantastic, they’re not ridiculously hard to do, and none of them suck up to the teacher with something with an apple painted on it. (Save that til holiday time, eh?) This is the kind of stuff we’d gladly buy, but if you have the inclination, some of the most brilliant crafters and...

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The coolest school supplies to make school more fun: Back to School Guide 2014

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impression, and when it comes to back to school shopping, it may be the backpack we spend all our time stressing about, when it turns out to be the $1 hamster eraser or the personalized pencil case that our kids love and cherish like nothing else. So we’ve scoured the web for you to track down two dozen of the very coolest school supplies and fun accessories to make all this preparation a little more fun. For both of you.   Flying colors rainbow tape dispenser ($11.99, coming soon to Perpetual Kid) And...

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