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An airy, all-natural perfume that smells nothing like the perfume counter. Thank goodness.

I love finding new fragrances, but I never want to smell like anyone else. For me, the pleasure in perfume is in leaning close to someone and picking up a faint whiff that’s distinctly them — and I hope the fragrances I wear have the same signature feel. This new perfume, called SAOR (which is Gaelic for free), combines bergamot, white tea, and musk and the result is something that smells light, fresh, and like nothing else I’ve ever worn. Related: This perfume smells fantastic and helps repel mosquitoes. Unlike perfume counter perfumes, it contains no alcohol or carrier oils and is...

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It’s a perfume. It’s a bug spray. It’s my new best friend.

A delicious-smelling perfume that’s also a bug spray? That actually works? Shut the front door. It’s true. As a mosquito magnet and a fan of artisan fragrances, I’ve found my new best friend. It’s called Aromaflage, and I would wear it even if it didn’t protect me from mosquitoes. That’s how good it smells. Aromaflage currently comes in three different formulas: Original, Wild, and Sleep. I tried Original and Wild, and they are both lovely. Original hinges on vanilla and orange for a light, fun, tropical fragrance with a little grounding woodiness to keep it from being candylike or...

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A fragrance for Father’s Day, for Dude No. 1 in your life

I may have attacked my husband the first time I dabbed some Dude No. 1 from MCMC Fragrances on his neck. It’s that good. And when I dabbed their Hunter eau de parfum on my neck, I was attacked in return. The best Father’s Day gifts, in my opinion, involve that kind of selfless dedication. Oh, wait. I mean selfish. I first discovered MCMC Fragrances as a sample in a Bergamot box. When I realized that two of my favorite fragrance samples this year were from MCMC, I had to contact them for more information on Father’s Day fragrances. Turns out they recently...

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Bergamot: The best perfume you’ve never heard of delivered to your door. And it’s amazing.

My love of perfume is equaled only by my hatred for perfume counters. How is a busy mom supposed to find interesting new boutique fragrances that don’t smell like your grandmother’s purse? Easy. Try this new monthly subscription and have them delivered to your door. A Bergamot subscription is, in a word, brilliant. Much like all the monthly subscription boxes we love, this company, headed by three friends, sifts through the thousands of products out there to bring you carefully curated fragrances that you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise. Each month’s affordable box includes three 2mL spray bottles and is...

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Mother’s Day gifts that give back from AHA Life

When we first discovered AHA Life a while back, it was a bit like a high end flash sale site with a new, extremely well-curated item popping up every 24 hours. Unfortunately, the prices were a bit in the “well, a girl can dream, right?” category. Now the site has evolved with more items that are available for longer, and many at prices more of us can afford. Of course this makes it more fun to browse around for great gift picks, and I was happy to find quite a few gifts that give back for a caring mama...

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Springtime in a bottle

I can tell you the story of my life through scent, from that first, huge bottle of Beautiful in high school to CK Truth at my first job to my recent addiction to BPAL. Right now, as my second child rounds the corner of two and I start to feel like a real person again, I want to smell fresh and new and filled with hope and energy. For me, for now, that scent is Leila Lou. The light, sparkly Leila Lou was created using 100% essential oils by LA makeup-artist-to-the-stars Rosie Jane to evoke notes of pear, gardenia,...

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Eat me. Drink me. Smell me?

Today, I positively reek of Alice. You know, Alice in Wonderland? Hottest movie of the week?  And it’s all thanks to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. BPAL, as we fans call it, is a cheeky, artsy, Tim Burton-esque perfumerie offering hundreds of unique, artisan-crafted perfume oils prompted by everything from the Renaissance to Shakespeare, astrology to Neil Gaiman–including over three dozen Alice-inspired scents in their Mad Tea Party section. And these are not your typical perfumes; they’re ideas captured as scents, amazing symphonies of smell. Although the inspirations are often a bit dark, the oils aren’t. Scents range from light...

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Go crazy for solid perfume

I’m always on the lookout for great holiday gifts for my babysitters and sisters-in-law and girlfriends; just some small, fun treat to remind them how much they mean to me. This year, I’m in love with CrazyLibellule’s Crazy Sticks — solid perfume in quirky scents for every personality. UK-based CrazyLibellule’s Crazy Sticks are lipstick-sized, which makes them perfect for travel or for tossing in your handbag. Each stick is a creative combination of scents — my favorite fragrance is Vanilla Lemon Pie, which really smells like vanilla and lemon, but in a grown up, totally non-cloying way. Check the...

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