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24 wonderful DIY Father’s Day gifts, crafts + printables to fill him with love

DIY Father’s Day gifts are always so special, especially from the youngest kids. (Once we hit voting age or so, those handprint mugs just don’t really cut it in the same way, huh.) So for our next installment of our 2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide, we’ve put together two dozen of the most creative, sweet DIY Father’s Day gifts including crafts, cards, and printables — some new and some favorites from years past. We hope these become treasured keepsakes in your family. Except maybe the food ideas. Those we’d suggest you don’t treasure or keep for too long.   More Father’s Day...

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6 amazingly sweet keepsake Father’s Day photo gifts and how to make them even more special

So many dads in our lives are awesome, plain and simple. So we are always looking for meaningful Father’s Day gifts that say thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Of course, our very favorite gifts tend to be those personalized ones that really show Dad just how much he’s loved and appreciated. While finger paintings and poems from the kids do the trick, there’s always something special about custom photo gifts for Father’s Day, whether for his desk, bedside table, or the living room wall. That’s why we’re excited to welcome back one of our very favorite partners, Artifact Uprising. If you don’t...

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Tweed wolf: Gorgeous custom photo books with someone else taking care of the customizing.

Have you ever wished someone else would just take your camera roll and turn it into a gorgeous custom photo album? Me too. And, we’re in luck. The relatively new service, Tweed Wolf does it all and beautifully — and just in time for Mother’s Day gifts, too. Related: A comparison of our 11 favorite custom photo book services. Even though I have developed a pretty good habit of going through my camera roll every week or so to delete all those whoops-wrong-angle, child-scowling-not-smiling photos, I still have nearly a thousand keepers just from the last year alone. I presume I’m not the only one who gets...

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7 of the coolest affordable photo gifts for Mother’s Day, all under $50

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you may be like us, thinking hm, I have 8 bazillion amazing photos on my computer and my smart phone — maybe I can finally do something with them? Like say turning them into some really cool but affordable photo gifts for Mom or Grandma. That’s where Pinhole Press comes in, a family-run photo gift company we’ve loved and supported for many years now. Which is why we’re so happy to welcome back them back as a sponsor. They’ve got no shortage of wonderfully spectacular but still affordable keepsake photo gift ideas for Mother’s Day, all...

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5 gorgeous photo gifts for Mother’s Day that are worthy of the photos

We’ve always said that some of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts are personalized, and well, you can’t get more personalized than photos of your own kids and family. Of course, not all photo gifts are created equal. (Sorry, badly printed photo mugs.) That’s where Artifact Uprising comes in, a wonderful small company that we — and our readers! — have truly loved even before they became our newest sponsor. And we are so thrilled to continue to support them. These are folks who are driven by the belief that everyone has a story to tell, and we couldn’t agree...

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5 of the hottest tech posts from the past week

Here are 5 of our favorite tech picks this week from Cool Mom Tech, in case you missed them. Well, now you won’t!   1. Who said LEGOs were just for kids? 2. Gorgeous photo books in a couple of clicks. So smart. 3. Clever tips for freeing up storage space on your gadgets. 4. Calling all busy parents (isn’t that all parents?): Learn a new skill or just get some creativity back in your life with this awesome website. 5. We can’t believe everything this smart mattress cover does. Whoa. The future is here....

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5 creative photo gifts for baby showers. All guaranteed to last longer than a bottle warmer.

Photo gifts for baby showers can be a win even before the little one arrives. It’s just so personal and thoughtful, and hey, if you’re going to go off the registry, might as well really go off the registry. So we’ve looked around to find some of the most creative photo gift ideas out there. You know, the ones so sweet they’re destined to bring tears to the eyes of the guest of honor (with a little help of those pregnancy hormones). Of course, as with any photo gift, these require a little bit of lead time to get ready before...

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Rag and Bone Bindery’s sweet handcrafted photo albums make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day

We all love to give photos as gifts here at Cool Mom Picks, and they’re especially wonderful when you have really nice photo albums to put them in. I feel like the only way I see pictures anymore is through Instagram or custom photo books, which I love, but there’s something special about holding real, printed photos in an actual album. My favorite right now: the handcrafted photo albums from CMP fave, Rag & Bone Bindery which is out with some terrific new designs. If there’s anyone in the world who’s going to want to get pictures of your kids for...

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A new spin on photo books

Scrapbooks as gifts are super sweet, even if they are a ton of work. It’s the kind of present that really makes the receiver feel special. That is why I’m really interested in a new company that’s putting a cool spin on a familiar concept. Sure, you can make photo books on lots of different websites. You can even add text to personalize it. But at Twig Tale they have created a series of books complete with text and layout that gives you a great storyboard to work with–smart for those stretched for time (and maybe creativity). Is your...

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A beautiful excuse to get those photos off the computer

I’m always on the lookout for ways to actually use the 15,640 baby and kid photos stored on my laptop. And after Mother’s Day last week, you probably added a few more. I mean, I make sure to email them on to the respective grandparents and so on, but it would be a dream to do something a bit… well, cooler with them. CMP was thrilled to discover Pinhole Press late last year–and we weren’t the only ones. To be honest, the gorgeous personalized photo cards, books, framed prints and notepads were so popular during the holiday season that the new...

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