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A Kate Spade picnic blanket that comes complete with its own grass. Ants not included.

It’s finally the perfect weather for picnics, hooray! Eating al fresco of course isn’t complete without a picnic blanket, but this Kate Spade picnic blanket actually includes the grass too. Just in case that’s a little hard to find for you city dwellers. Related: 9 al fresco recipes for summer picnic perfection Okay, so it’s not real grass, but it looks pretty darn close, doesn’t it? The big difference is that it’s not itchy (sorry, grass) and it wipes clean, a helpful feature if you’re picnicking with children. Or heck, even adults, who might be a little clumsy with their wine sippy cup....

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Don’t throw out those cups!

As my NYC neighborhood catches spring fever big time this weekend, I’m suddenly digging all the picnic supplies out of hiding. One thing I could use but don’t have: reusable plastic cups. Since my kids have started using real glasses, I guess we just don’t have any. But I will, after grabbing a couple four-packs of these reusable plastic party cups from One Hundred 80 Degrees. They look so much like the disposable plastic ones from Solo, it’s almost disconcerting when you lift it up and feel the weight of melamine. But they’re such a smart alternative to disposable cups...

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ToGoKins: Little cloth napkins with a big impact

My kids’ backpacks are filled to bursting every morning as they leave for school, with books, lunch, snacks, and whatever else they can find to cram in there, it seems. Adding something else to that haul might seem ludicrous, but I love the environmental aspect of sending them off with cloth napkins like ToGoKins. Those of you who are crafty might be able to make them yourself,  but for me, it would be June before I pull out my sewing machine and actually do it. So this little Etsy shop is a great resource. Their adorable little cloth napkins are just that. Little. (And...

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3 cool new feeding utensils for babies that reinvent how they learn to eat

Baby food. Oh, baby food. Some parents love it, but me, I dreaded the mess. Still, your baby has to learn how to use a spoon sometime, and that can be harder than you might think, with all of that scooping, balancing, and mouth-eye coordination. So we’ve come across three new feeding utensils for babies that are making it so much easier for them to feed themselves. Yay for learning–and for no more pureed avocado on the curtains.   NumNum Dips are an innovative fork-spoon-spatula thing that’s like training wheels for your baby as he learns to feed himself. NumNum as designed them...

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10 of the best essential summer wine accessories to keep your vino fresh, cool and portable.

I love a good glass of wine any time of the year, but especially during the summer months. There’s something about sipping a good rosé on a picnic or starting dinner with an effervescent, chilled dry Lambrusco that brings out the wine lover in me. The weather makes wine feel casual and my favorite summer wine accessories make drinking it easy. Hope they help you too.   In the summer I nearly exclusively drink from my GoVino glasses, which we count among our picnic essentials here at Cool Mom Picks. These attractive cups made specifically for wine are made from a BPA-free...

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Picnic-perfect plastic tableware for toddlers

It’s picnic weather down South, and we’re spending most nights out on the back porch, sipping on some tea and eating dinner with the neighbors. It’s idyllic, until the kids start playing frisbee with their plates. I’m not big on plastic dinnerware inside, but when we’re dining al fresco you never know what can happen, so I stick with the non-breakable–and preferably non-toxic–variety of kids’ cups dishes tableware. If you’re looking for an option beyond melamine but with the same durability and convenience, our family’s new favorites are the cool kids’ dishes in Lollaland’s mealtime set. Made in the USA in...

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The portable picnic blanket

I love picnics, but I hate schlepping giant picnic blankets with me, especially because in New York, we don’t always have car trunks to shove everything into. I was so excited to find this Picnic Bag that converts to a blanket, at Yield Design Co. In five great colors, the duck canvas bags are made with zippers in lieu of seams, cleverly allowing the bag to unfold flat so you can plop right down without adding extra ground cover to your load. When you’re done, zip it up and sling the tote over your shoulder. It’s also great for...

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Gorgeous waterproof picnic blankets: if only they kept the rain away too.

Even though it’s not quite summer feeling everywhere just yet, it’s the official start of summer, which means picnics. Yay! We recently featured this post with our top picnic tips for parents with new babies, and number one: Use a waterproof blanket. Fortunately, we found a great Etsy shop selling a ton of them.   Sewn Natural makes lovely handmade blankets of all kinds, but it’s the thoughtfully-designed waterproof picnic blankets I’m really digging right now. In polka dots, chevrons (of course), traditional checks and even Marimekko fabrics, they all roll-up into a super convenient 14″ roll and button closed. They’re...

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A celebration of motherhood firsts: 7 smart tips for the first picnic with kids

This post is part of a monthly series with our Baby Shower Gift Guide sponsor, babyGap, on our tips for celebrating motherhood firsts. And there are lots! The official start of summer is just around the corner and that means time for playgrounds, parks, and that very first picnic, one of our very favorite rites of passage for new babies. (We’ve been through quite a few of those, so we know.) But before you pack up your entire kitchen in the trunk of the car and cram your basket full of goodies you might not need–or eat– here are...

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The genius idea for packing wine on your picnic

While there’s something to be said for sipping wine out of those big red keg cups in the summer, I admit I always feel a little fancy when my Albarino is an actual wine glass. Unfortunately, if you’re picnicking, glass isn’t going to cut it. So to speak. The Wine Sippy Cup may have a name that conjures up activites that can trigger a visit from child services, but they are definitely not for children. It’s really just a spill-resistant plastic tumbler that looks like a wine glass inside. You can drink it without the lid, or keep it on if...

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6 cool picnic essentials for a Mother’s Day in the park

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and not just because my boys spoil me silly with kisses. It hits at the best time of year when the weather turns warm, the flowers bloom and the farmer’s market begins showing signs of bounty. If your mama is a breakfast in bed kind of lady, check out our easy recipes for a make-ahead Mother’s Day brunch. Otherwise, so long as the sun is shining, why not celebrate Mother’s Day with a laid back picnic. Grab your mama, some bread and cheese, and these 7 picnic essentials to celebrate al...

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Picnic Week: Built NYC’s Neoprene Six-Pack Tote

My memories of picnicking as a child include my poor dad struggling to carry a giant plastic cooler weighing approximately 100 pounds to our picnic site.  He’d heave the monstrous beast onto a picnic table and then go sit down to mop the sweat off his brow. Fun start to the day! Now that I have children, I’m determined not to become their pack mule. Instead of using a huge cooler, we pack things in smaller, easy-to-carry containers and share the load. Built NYC makes the most amazing neoprene totes in different shapes, sizes and colors to keep cool drinks insulated stylishly and...

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