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10 fantastic, fun block party ideas to make it the hit of the summer.

We are so excited for summer, if you haven’t been able to tell from our posts lately. Swimming all day. Staying up late to play outside way past bedtime. Kids sleeping in late. (Ha, we wish.) It’s a laid-back schedule that’s so perfect for getting together with neighbors and catching up on all we miss during the busy school year. So if you’re thinking about planning a block party, or already have one on the schedule, we’ve got you covered with some awesome block party ideas to guarantee an amazing event. And we’re so excited to be working with a perfect sponsor for summer...

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A Kate Spade picnic blanket that comes complete with its own grass. Ants not included.

It’s finally the perfect weather for picnics, hooray! Eating al fresco of course isn’t complete without a picnic blanket, but this Kate Spade picnic blanket actually includes the grass too. Just in case that’s a little hard to find for you city dwellers. Related: 9 al fresco recipes for summer picnic perfection Okay, so it’s not real grass, but it looks pretty darn close, doesn’t it? The big difference is that it’s not itchy (sorry, grass) and it wipes clean, a helpful feature if you’re picnicking with children. Or heck, even adults, who might be a little clumsy with their wine sippy cup....

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Don’t throw out those cups!

As my NYC neighborhood catches spring fever big time this weekend, I’m suddenly digging all the picnic supplies out of hiding. One thing I could use but don’t have: reusable plastic cups. Since my kids have started using real glasses, I guess we just don’t have any. But I will, after grabbing a couple four-packs of these reusable plastic party cups from One Hundred 80 Degrees. They look so much like the disposable plastic ones from Solo, it’s almost disconcerting when you lift it up and feel the weight of melamine. But they’re such a smart alternative to disposable cups...

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ToGoKins: Little cloth napkins with a big impact

My kids’ backpacks are filled to bursting every morning as they leave for school, with books, lunch, snacks, and whatever else they can find to cram in there, it seems. Adding something else to that haul might seem ludicrous, but I love the environmental aspect of sending them off with cloth napkins like ToGoKins. Those of you who are crafty might be able to make them yourself,  but for me, it would be June before I pull out my sewing machine and actually do it. So this little Etsy shop is a great resource. Their adorable little cloth napkins are just that. Little. (And...

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Labor Day recipe ideas: Make your holiday barbecue extra tasty and delicious

If you’re like us and celebrating the unofficial end of summer and the start of school (whoo!) with some food and fun today, we rounded up a bunch of our favorite recipes that you can still whip up in time for your party or barbecue. Here’s to one last day of summer awesome before the craziness of back to school officially begins. Happy Labor Day, cool moms! DRINKS It’s the end of summer, so not just any margarita will do. Try one of these sophisticated margarita recipes and toast the end of August. Beat the heat with these delicious boozy slushie recipes. You...

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6 killer hot dog recipes to spice up summer: Move over, yellow mustard.

Hot dogs are a simple pleasure, I know, but even the classics can use a little jazzing up sometimes. Not that there’s anything wrong with yellow mustard (okay, there kind of is, but still…) but I suggest you ditch it for a moment and kick the grilling up a notch. You may never go back again. Hope you enjoy these six creative hot dog recipes, all the perfect kind of fun for your summer dinner table.   I’ve been seeing a lot of Asian-fusion hot dogs on menus lately and, having tried a few, I can tell you that this trend is a...

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10 of the best essential summer wine accessories to keep your vino fresh, cool and portable.

I love a good glass of wine any time of the year, but especially during the summer months. There’s something about sipping a good rosé on a picnic or starting dinner with an effervescent, chilled dry Lambrusco that brings out the wine lover in me. The weather makes wine feel casual and my favorite summer wine accessories make drinking it easy. Hope they help you too.   In the summer I nearly exclusively drink from my GoVino glasses, which we count among our picnic essentials here at Cool Mom Picks. These attractive cups made specifically for wine are made from a BPA-free...

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The portable picnic blanket

I love picnics, but I hate schlepping giant picnic blankets with me, especially because in New York, we don’t always have car trunks to shove everything into. I was so excited to find this Picnic Bag that converts to a blanket, at Yield Design Co. In five great colors, the duck canvas bags are made with zippers in lieu of seams, cleverly allowing the bag to unfold flat so you can plop right down without adding extra ground cover to your load. When you’re done, zip it up and sling the tote over your shoulder. It’s also great for...

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9 al fresco recipes for summer picnic perfection

One of my favorite things about summer is dining al fresco. Backyard meals, beachside bakes, picnics in the park: you name it, I’m in. If you’re grilling your eats, try one of these delectable 8 summer BBQ recipes. But if you’re planning an outdoor feast with no fire source, prep these easy recipes at home for a killer picnic spread. With your basket full of these picnic dishes, all you need to do is grab your pretty waterproof picnic blanket, portable speakers and, of course, the kids. No dinner clean-up required! Sandwiches are the obvious move for a picnic, but these Pressed...

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Play with your food: 11 awesome ways to serve a watermelon

We love, love, love watermelon season, and why not? Sweeter than candy and just  a wee bit healthier, here are some of the coolest ways to serve a watermelon at your next picnic or kid’s party, that you can actually do. I mean, I’m a mom too. I’m not going to invest in a suite of professional tools and three hours each day to make a lifesize replica of the Hindenburg. But some of these do get you close. Related: Turning delicious fresh fruit into smoothies? There’s an app for that.   Watermelon Punch Bowl: Any drink at all made...

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