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24 wonderful DIY Father’s Day gifts, crafts + printables to fill him with love

DIY Father’s Day gifts are always so special, especially from the youngest kids. (Once we hit voting age or so, those handprint mugs just don’t really cut it in the same way, huh.) So for our next installment of our 2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide, we’ve put together two dozen of the most creative, sweet DIY Father’s Day gifts including crafts, cards, and printables — some new and some favorites from years past. We hope these become treasured keepsakes in your family. Except maybe the food ideas. Those we’d suggest you don’t treasure or keep for too long.   More Father’s Day...

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The perfect modern keepsake baby gift for photo-happy new parents. Hi, that’s all of us, right?

In this photo-obsessed world we’re living in, we’ve seen all kinds of ways to document and share a baby’s first year in pictures — some of which are sweet, some of which are wow, you really had time to do all that? Striking the perfect balance in the middle: The new My First Year baby photo frame from our friend, mom, and talented artist Kerri Lee-Sensiba, of Tree by Kerri Lee. Related: One-stop shopping for the cutest baby gifts from small designers. I think the lovely, fresh handpainted wooden designs (choose from a cute elephant or a more hipster camera...

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5 gorgeous photo gifts for Mother’s Day that are worthy of the photos

We’ve always said that some of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts are personalized, and well, you can’t get more personalized than photos of your own kids and family. Of course, not all photo gifts are created equal. (Sorry, badly printed photo mugs.) That’s where Artifact Uprising comes in, a wonderful small company that we — and our readers! — have truly loved even before they became our newest sponsor. And we are so thrilled to continue to support them. These are folks who are driven by the belief that everyone has a story to tell, and we couldn’t agree...

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How to refinish old picture frames: the best tips from around the web

If you’ve ever tried to refinish old picture frames you know the look is so gorgeous. As for me, I am such a fan of the distressed frames from O’Brien Schridde, whose frames I now own quite a few of, and more recently, the stunning array of refinished frames above from The Art of Chic on Etsy. That said, my inclination is generally to buy great frames from artists like these, since I don’t always have the time to do major DIY projects. But if you want to refinish old picture frames yourself, here are a few resources to help you...

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Personalized picture frames with extra pop (and pow and kaboom)

Whether you need an awesome sibling gift, something bright for the grandparents, or just the perfect picture frame to go with that superhero bedroom, we think this one brings a lot of POW-BANG-ZOOM for the buck. We love Psychobaby because it’s a small, hip, mom-run business that doesn’t dabble so much in cutesy stuff. And their personalized picture frames rock the house just like we’d expect. This sturdy, wooden Pop Art Picture Frame has got a bit of a glossy shine to the front, plus an easel back for easy propping up on shelves or window ledges.P ersonalize it...

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Frames that will inspire you to get out the camera

Summer is here – hooray! Something about being outside in the sun makes kids happy to be photographed. But instead of shooting all those photos and then just leaving them in a drawer (or on the hard drive of your laptop), I suggest you get some summer-worthy frames for them. We’re crazy about Obrien Schridde frames, which are understated and classic, with clean antique finishes. This summer though, those same simple frames come in a rainbow of stunning new colors — blueberry, tangerine, strawberry and grape — that will go perfectly with all those pool and beach photos of...

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Frames with flair. Fun. Possibly fuchsia.

DIY is great–no doubt about it. But those of us with a passel of kids and a craft room full of unfinished projects sometimes settle for DFY for now. That’s Done For You. Well these gorgeous DFY frames can help bring a pop of unique, vintage-y color to your walls, and all you have to do is shop the adorable store–and then take credit for having great taste. “Color is happiness” is the tagline for the amye123 Etsy shop, and judging by her wares, I tend to agree. The shop is a veritable rainbow of perfectly spray-painted vintage picture...

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Good things come in small packages containing frames

It may sound less than surprising, but I still think that a framed photo of the kids makes one of the single best grandparent gifts ever. At least if the photo is fantastic. And the frame is gorgeous. So I’m so happy to hear that Obrien & Schridde, whose spectacular handmade frames we discovered a while back, is now making a series that’s even more affordable. [don’t miss an awesome giveaway below!] The professional photographers behind the company have turned their attentions towards new petite frames. 11″ in diameter, they’re not really all that petite, and in fact impression...

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If you’re happy and you know it…or having a tantrum. Either way.

I can’t be the only mom who would sooner frame a picture of my crying, tantruming kid than the pretty, perfect one that looks like I bribed her with a lollipop. In fact, I know I’m not the only mom who feels that way since discovering this totally hilarious picture frame. [don’t miss a great offer after the jump] Whether you’ve got grandparents with a sense of humor or a pregnant friend who will appreciate a gift that stands out from the sea of burp cloths and baby blankets, this Happy/ Sad frame set makes me – well, happy....

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Framed! Framed, I tell you!

I still remember that excitement of putting together a little soft photo album for my babies. They’d gnaw at the pages and we’d convince ourselves that we were somehow imbuing them with essential social cues to put them on the path to heightened emotional intelligence.Gnaw gnaw gnaw. A lot of the baby-ready frames and photo albums we see these days are plasticky or kind of junky. So I was happy to discover the sweet eco-spun felt animal frames from our friends at 3 Sprouts. Featuring the same charming owl, frog, or pink elephant that appears on their toy storage...

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