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5 of our favorite Pinterest pins: Thanksgiving edition

Are you as obsessed with Pinterest as we are? Follow us! Then check out these 5 Thanksgiving Pinterest pins, plus lots more from our site and around the web.   1. If you’re heading out of town for Thanksgiving, you need this hilarious tote bag. So awesome, right? 2. A delicious gluten-free stuffing recipe. So helpful if you’ve got family with food allergies. 3. Sweet and very easy decorating ideas for your Thanksgiving table. 4. Smart tips for organizing your tech (aka hiding all those wires and cords) before company arrives. 5. Here’s a sweet potato pie recipe that we’re...

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Thanksgiving pies that deliver, deliciously

We recently shared our essential tips for how to make a homemade pie, but have a feeling that some of you may skip out on the baking this Thanksgiving. No judgments here if you’d rather place an order and have your Thanksgiving pies delivered. In fact, we’ll help you find the best mail order pies around. Bon Appetit is one of our most trusted sources for foodstuff and they recently did the hard work of tasting 75 mail order pies from around the country. Hard job, right? (I don’t feel bad for them either.) They’ve narrowed it down to...

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8 tips for how to make homemade pie perfectly. Or, you know, nearly perfectly.

We might as well call the holiday season “pie season” if you ask me. That’s honestly what it is—or at least what it should be. Who’s with me? Even if you’re not (and we’ll settle this later), Thanksgiving and the winter holidays create the perfect excuse to bake up a pie or seven which, despite what the saying suggests, is pretty easy to do. Especially if you follow these 8 easy tips for how to make homemade pie like the not-quite-pros but really enthusiastic home cooks that we are..   1. Start with a great recipe. It’s simple: A great...

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The best cookbooks for summer, way beyond grilling.

Summer is whizzing by and before you know it, the peaches, tomatoes and corn will be gone. Before summer produce makes its sad exit, you’ll want to be sure to get in all the great summer cooking you can. The good news is that summer cooking is all about a light touch. It doesn’t get all that intense, except maybe when making homemade pie dough. (Though pssst, every single one of these summer pie recipes can be made with store bought dough). The even better news is that I’ve got five awesome cookbooks for summer that aren’t your typical summer cookbooks–no grilling books,...

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5 gorgeous summer pie recipes to make right now.

When I first started writing about food, seasonal eating was mostly a concept for food geeks. The idea of summer pies was laughable to all but those farmer’s market shoppers and serious gardeners. So I couldn’t be happier that only five years later, there is widespread interest in seasonal food. Especially in summer and with good reason – because even the coldest parts of the country are teeming with ripe, juicy blueberries, strawberries, cherries and (mmmm….) peaches. When nature gives us all of that good stuff, there’s only one thing to do: make seasonal pies. Immediately. As in now. I hope these five spectacular summer...

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The best boozy desserts for St. Patrick’s Day and beyond, from Creme de Menthe Brownies to a Guinness Milkshake

Let’s be honest: St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty boozy holiday, at least here in the states. Given that a (small) Skinnygirl margarita can get me buzzed, I’ll probably skip drinking on St. Patrick’s Day and instead opt for one of these 6 of the best boozy desserts. It’s a bold move but, trust me, St. Patrick’s Day recipes never tasted so good. Oh, and they aren’t all totally inappropriate to share with kids. There’s some safe stuff in here for them, too. But if you’re pregnant or abstaining, you might check out our favorite rainbow recipes instead. Either way, hard...

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8 must-have holiday cookbooks for a super delicious season

With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving–and Hanukkah!–right around the corner, it’s time to start collecting culinary inspiration for your perfect holiday menu. There are, of course, tons of recipes online, but it’s tricky to know which recipes are reliable. It may be old school, but I say that holiday cooking calls for hitting the bookshelf. These eight awesome holiday cookbooks will help make your holidays special. And if you’re not cooking, well, maybe you need to buy Aunt Sue an early holiday gift: it will pay dividends to all! Find all these books at our affiliate Amazon or your...

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