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Tons of easy pirate party ideas, because every day should be Talk Like a Pirate Day.

There is never a bad time to throw a pirate themed party and look for cool pirate party ideas. Of course there’s always Halloween — and then today’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. (One of our favorites!) But it’s a cool birthday party theme all on its own, and it doesn’t even have to be all Pirates of the Carribbean themed either.  So thanks to printable decor and activities, crafty DIY shortcuts,  movies on demand, and clever but easy cupcake decorating ideas,  it’s possible to pull together a cool pirate themed party (or pARRRty) for your kids and all their best mateys in just...

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Talk Like a Pirate Day: Avast, me hearties, it’s time for the cutest pirate treasures for kids!

Ahoy mateys, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, one of our favorite should-be-a-real-holiday days of the year. And though my “pirate speak” is a little rusty, my ability to find some of the cutest and coolest pirate-related treasures is right on the mark. So keep reading for six of the best pirate-related gifts for the little landlubbers and scallywags in your crew. Hopewell Creek Designs’ 9-piece felt pirate set (at top) has everything to get your buccaneers started: a handy treasure map, a compass, gold doubloons, a bottle of Pirate Rum, and the Jolly Roger flag to fly proudly on the mast...

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It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day! Here’s a way for your kid to score some extra doubloons.

Fun fact: scurvy can make your teeth fall out, which means that many pirates had the same problems as our gap-toothed elementary school kids. So what a perfect little way we’ve discovered to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day! This ceramic Tooth Fairy Dish hails from CMP favorite mom-run shop The Brick Kiln on Etsy, and makes tooth-to-booty transformations cute and easy. Plus? How great to find one that doesn’t have a fairy on it for our sons (and daughters) who may not like such things. Even if they do like the actual tooth fairy.  You can personalize the name, hair...

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Ahoy! Plunder this treasure of adorable shirts for your favorite matey

Avast me hearties, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! And if you have a little landlubber who likes to plunder your desk drawers and yell arrrrrrr at all hours of the day and night, we have got the cutest little tee to add to your booty. The Pepe the Pirate tee from b. childrenswear features a kid-friendly design for kiddos with an affection for life on the high seas. I’d call the design “pirate lite” since Pepe looks like he’d be perfectly amenable to swabbing the deck a second or third time, instead of doing something truly lawless. If...

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Avast, me hearties! It’s a pirate rattle! And it’s cute!

Arrr! What could be cuter than a tiny pirate rattle? Why, a tiny baby holding on to a tiny pirate rattle, of course. September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day. But just because you’re too little to talk, doesn’t mean you can’t participate. For every baby who ever dreamed of being a boatswain and swabbing the decks, this adorable tiny pirate rattle is a perfect introduction to life on the high seas. From the scruffy beard to the embroidered belt buckle, this freebooter might just be the cutest pirate I’ve ever seen. And, shiver me timbers, there’s even...

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Pirates vs Ninjas, the final showdown

Ready to put an end to the old question about how one man can defeat 10 ninjas? Well if he’s a pirate in the hands of a very good checker player, it’s not only possible, it’s likely. The pirates vs ninjas checkerboard from Brooklyn artist Anna Donado of Goosegrease, is amazing both in concept and in execution. It’s all handmade and handpainted using non-toxic materials. (She specializes in cake toppers, so one would presume that she knows a little something about non-toxic paints.) Of course 34 handmade characters, the checkerboard, and a little muslin bag for storage doesn’t come...

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Shiver me slumbers!

Avast, me hearties and shiver me slumbers! This organic pirate bedding is the next best thing to being rocked to sleep in the crow’s nest. And even better, you can’t get seasick! Those scurvy dogs at The Land of Nod are in cahoots with Winter Water Factory to bring you A Pirate’s Bedding for Me, which is one of the most stylish sets of pirate bedding for kids we’ve ever seen. From sheet to duvets to shams, yarr setting sail in 200 thread count, machine washable, organic cotton. We love the cool blue and the subtle rolling waves, which...

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More than a dozen ideas for Talk Like a Pirate Day: YARR invited!

This  Monday is TLAPD. That’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, in case you were too busy getting keelhauled to check your calendarrrrrrr. We’ve been celebrating for years, of course and we’ve got the pirate underwear to prove it. But if you’re on board, we’ve got some great ideas for gettin’ yer grog on. Did a scurvy dog poke out your eye? You’re going to need an eye patch. And they even have hot pink. Or you can always get some from the party store and give the kids glitter pens and paint markers to personalize. Setting up a photo...

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The Dread Crew – What’s a summer reading list without pirates?

After falling in love with Canadian mom Kate Inglis’ writing at her personal blog Sweet Salty, it was no surprise to me that she’d write a book. But what I didn’t expect was that it would be the fantastically scrumptious morsel of kid fiction, The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods, now finally available in the USA. [see the giveaway after the jump!] The story begins with the pirates of the Dread Crew lost in the Maritime woods, with self-proclaimed pirate tracker, Eric Stewart, hot on their tail. We then follow his wonderful adventures, all of which are illustrated...

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Your peewee’s perfect playhouse

When I was a kid, a tent was a musty quilt over a card table, and it was heaven. Kids have it a little better today, and the magic of a secret fort lives on with the fantastic card table playhouses by Miss Pretty Pretty of Imaginative Play Toys. Check out the pirate ship playhouse (hardy har yarr), the firehouse, fairy house, colorful cottages,  super hero hideout, princess playhouse, and more. She’s got all the childhood obsessions covered, and also handles custom orders in case your kid just can’t live without a purple Indian princess and pirate castle in...

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