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24 pop culture Easter eggs featuring your kids’ favorite characters: Parenting win!

If your kids are looking for their Easter eggs to have a little more personality this year, we’ve found tons of ways to make some fabulous pop culture Easter eggs, all representing some of kids’ favorite characters. While it’s always fun just to dunk eggs in dye or color them with markers, these ideas just might keep your kids decorating the entire day. Or…us. (If we’re honest about it.) However while some of these pop culture Easter eggs require a steady hand and some pro skills to make them come out just like the photos, you can also use these ideas as a jumping-off...

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Sponsored Message: Flare Play gaming platform streams kid-friendly video games and educational content, right on your TV

This is a sponsored message from Flare Play Kids love video games, but understandably, parents can justify the gaming time better when kids are actually playing something educational. That’s where Flare Play comes in to make everyone happy. This new gaming platform gives kids a huge variety of age-appropriate video games, with lots of parental controls and no clutter of discs or cartridges. Be sure to enter the giveaway below for a chance win your own gaming console!  With more 150 educational games and interactive ebooks designed just for kids from LEGO, Disney, Pixar, Warner Brothers, even Hooked on Phonics, the compact Flare Play console easily plugs into your TV’s...

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Feelings, nothing more than feelings: Inside Out now available on DVD and digital download

If you missed Disney Pixar’s Inside Out when it came to the theaters, perhaps you thought that getting kids to watch an animated movie about “feelings” would be about as exciting to them as one of those hour-long health movies that they have to watch in school. And yet, after laughing and crying through the film together — even my picky young teen — we can’t wait to do it all over again in the comfort of our home with the release of Inside Out on Blu-Ray/DVD. Just in time for a long, active weekend with family, when a little quiet time in front of the TV might be...

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Web Coolness: Breastfeeding confessions, celebrity dads on fatherhood, free printable crafts

Every Friday we share our favorite links that we’ve found around the web. Here they are, and we hope you like them too!   Must buy:  Mike Boon’s Pixar Alphabet. [h/t whatanart] Must see: The worst apps for kids. Beyond what we could have imagined we’d find in the App Store. Must read: How one woman got over breastfeeding in public. Must watch: Hank Azaria’s new video series on Fatherhood featuring every awesome celebrity dad. [h/t blurbomat] Must look: London photographer Chino Otsuka‘s amazing series of her..with herself as a child. Makes you think: Adoptee Brett Hunneycut’s memoir of meeting his birth mother...

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Pixar’s animated shorts collections will make your little movie lovers smile

I still remember the very first Pixar short film I ever saw, way back in 1986. It was called Luxo Jr. and told the story of two lamps playing with a ball. Such a simple story, from the little start-up animation company that grew big. Fast forward a whole bunch of years, and Disney PIXAR feature films are now among every kid’s favorites, but the short films are no less compelling. Which is why this new collection makes a fabulous holiday gift. Pixar Short Films Collection 2 pulls together a dozen animated shorts for your family to enjoy in one...

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Yes you can, kids.

What happens when an artist from Pixar and a designer for the Gap meet, marry, and combine their talents? Tiny Teru tees. And the results are inspirational and awesome. The designs in this line of babies and kids’ shirts are inspired by classic children’s animation–so adorable (my daughter especially loves this baseball tee)–aand are all originally hand-drawn in pencil, mixed media or water colors. But what I love is that each sports a very important message: “I am able.” In fact, every design has some variation on the word “able,” like unforgettable and huggable.                                              ...

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Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure – yes, it’s all that

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I take my Disneyland fix quite seriously and I love Mickey Mouse. So, you can only imagine my excitement when I was invited to check out the grand opening of the new Cars Land area of Disney’s California Adventure. I must admit, my expectations were high. Sky high, actually. And let me tell you, Pixar delivers. Imagine that you are sitting down with your wee ones watching Lightning McQueen on the big screen. Now picture yourself walking through the flat screen TV into that world–that’s truly what Cars Land is. Radiator...

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Pixar’s Brave review – A princess movie without a handsome prince

It’s kind of hard to believe that Disney produced the wonderful new “princess” movie Brave. After all, there’s no handsome prince, no fantasy dance scene in a sweeping gown, and no dead mother. What there is is a strong (super strong) female lead, and a lot of big bears. Also, boys will like it too. Seriously. My girls, 5 and almost 7, simply adored Brave and so did their mama. It’s beautifully produced, funny on both a kids’ and an adult level–something John Lasseter is pretty awesome at–and dramatic enough to keep you interested right through the very end....

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