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A reusable tablecloth our kids can draw on? Yes, please.

With family picnics and outdoor parties on the horizon, I’m loving Jaq Jaq Bird’s Chalk Board Table Runner that gives kids — and adults, if we’re being honest — a creative canvas on which to doodle while they (cough) patiently wait for their food. It’s a much better way to keep kids occupied and in their seats than playing with their utensils. At 6-feet long, this portable table runner offers ample space for an entire group of kids to draw side-by-side. Or, hang it on a wall for some space-saving art opportunities. I even love that this table runner can be used to deliver...

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The Happy Mat that saved mealtimes

My toddler seeks out new ways daily to make mealtimes all stress and all mess. Food on the floor, “non-slip” mat thrown in the air, liquids everywhere–you name it, he’s done it. It’s more than the OCD in me can handle some days–okay, most days–and it raises the question: do happy mealtimes really exist? Well, I have good news, my fellow neat freaks. It’s called the Happy Mat, made by a company called ezpz. (Get it? Easy-Peasy?) Created by Lindsey Laurain, a mom of three young boys who I know understands messy mealtimes, the sturdy, high quality silicone mat truly suctions to...

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Learning dishes for kids and other educational tableware that sneak some brain food in with the vegetables

Mealtime is the one time my busy kids sit still for a little while, so I love that smart people are creating such interesting learning dishes for kids, educational placemats, and other housewares that let kids do more than doodle at the table. Or uh, play Candy Crush. Whether or not your kids will actually review math facts or practice cursive over the mashed potatoes, they’re likely to absorb some of the information presented in front of them, which I think is kind of neat. ALPHABET PLACEMATS For little ones, Brinware’s brightly colored, easy-to-clean silicone alphabet placemats (above) make for a...

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Silikids new silicone drink covers and table accessories for kids brighten up spring

Our readers recently went nuts for Sip Snap lids, silicone drink covers that stretch to fit over any glass, turning it into a sippy. Well clearly it’s a trend because now CMP favorite  Silikids has just released new silicone drink covers too, along with some other fun products that keep mealtime colorful–and a lot less messy–for families. When my youngest turned three I went on a rampage, determined that we would be a sippy-cup free home and my children would know how to drink from a regular glass, darn it. But there are times that visiting friends’ kids come over, and I...

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Will they stop teaching cursive? Not in our house.

With all the talk about getting rid of cursive handwriting in schools, this writer is a little panicky. Fortunately my kids are showing the inclination anyway. Which is in part why I’m loving these awesome personalized placemats to help them do that very thing. We fell in love with the awesome kids’ personalized placemats from Sarah + Abraham a while back–my kids still love sitting down at the chair where they see a likeness of their faces staring back at them. Plus? The placemats show no real sign of wear and tear, even after everyday use for more than...

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DIY Thanksgiving Placemats for kids: almost a shame to cover them with food

I am not the craftiest of the bunch at Cool Mom Picks, so when I see something that looks like, “Hey, we could do that!” I’m all over it. And this kids’ Thanksgiving table craft that you can do super easily fits the bill perfectly. From our friends at NYC’s Moomah, the wonderful family art space turned online “do it together” magazine, this idea is so wonderful: 1. Print out this cornucopia printable 2. Print out these collage shapes (or find your own from printables on the web, magazines, or old greeting cards) 3. Print out the “I am thankful...

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Pop art placemats that pack a punch

Ah, the poor humble placemat. Sure, placemats serve a noble purpose: to keep spills and mess (somewhat) contained. But have you ever fallen in love with one? I have. I’m totally smitten with Pop Placemats. These puppies demand attention with their hip styling and personalized pizzazz. They scream: “I am functional and fabulous, KAPOW!” Their old-school cartoon flavor, reminiscent of my favorite Batman episodes of yore, make me so darn happy…and that’s before coffee. Bold graphics keep young Warhols-in-training inspired, and 100% easy-wipe polyester (with no-skid bottoms) keep mama and papa smiling at all the, uh, mealtime art all over the table.  -Eva...

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International Mat of Mystery

Merely a place mat for children? Perish the thought. It can be a hat, a brooch, or a pterodactyl. Or just a handy color-your-own disguise kit for a messy kid who needs a mustache. The Paper Disguises Place Mat at My Sweet Muffin is a fantastic addition to any meal or party. Not only does it keep your table tidy, but it also keeps little hands busy and on the right track, if that compass is as accurate as it looks.  Each pad includes twenty-five big mats printed in the USA on thick, high-quality paper. The disguises can be popped...

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Adorable kids placemats that put the newt in nutrition

If you love animals, alphabets, good deals, and clean tables, we have the deal for you. But you have to hurry. These adorable silicone ABC Placemats from Brinware are on sale at Fab.com through Wednesday only (or until they run out) and they’re 43% off the regular price. We fell in love immediately. They wipe clean, look great, and they even stick to the table to keep your little monkey from tossing them to the ground. You get two in a pack and can choose green/blue or orange/pink, all with the same charming alphabet of creatures. Including a quail...

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Making a holiday table look like a holiday table

I know that starting tomorrow I will admire my family members’ beautifully adorned holiday tables and think I should really do more with mine. And then I will start virtually shopping online for gorgeous linens and flatware and other pretty things. And then maybe this year, I’ll actually hit purchase instead of just imagining it all magically coming together in my dining room somehow. The new tabletop items from Chilewich are right up my alley. The pressed dahlia placemats in gunmetal grey or gold can make a table sophisticated, not flashy, something tough with metallics.The lace openwork is so...

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